Friday, November 07, 2008

The Eye Has Got It

The left eye has suffered three itches in two minutes that needed careful scratching, as I know what errant fingers can do when guided by malevolent forces. On the final itch, the outside bus noise came on, as did the faux water usage noise, as if it were streaming through pipes. This being the same noise that has followed me in four residences since being jerked back into this city.

It has been a dull day, save one trip out to the bank to get more quarters and dollar coins for laundry and bus riding. There was a profusion of red Goretex anoraks on the street, (note, a teflon compound that is related to the PFOA pollutants the perps like me to know about), all for the constant rain today. I was wearing my black Goretex anorak yesterday for the trip to the cancelled yoga class, and a black technical fiber jacket today. The perps have an obsession over many pollutants, and very possibly because I have them in me, even if I have worked in relatively healthy regions on the west coast of North America.

Then a lengthy wait at the bank all for me to observe the continuation of this red clothing nonsense. There was a staff cluster of four putting on a four minute gabbing together act, all of them wearing red to some degree. One white haired male was attempting a Santa Claus impersonation with a red shirt and white hair. Just when I thought I had enough of seeing red, why, my attention was redirected to a red shirted negro staff member some 8' away, and that I had missed. Talk about an atrocious color matching, but there he was, a newbie to me at least.

I finally got summoned to the teller in the commercial area, who served me with a swirl of odd men circulating behind me. Though, thankfully, none were in red as it seemed that this new location was for me to admire the same red-shirted Fuckwits from another angle. I couldn't get out of the bank fast enough, but lo, if a couple didn't arrange for themselves to be sharing the hair dye between them, each having unnatural fushia red streaks in their hair. Then more redcoats ahead of me for the next block until I got to the eyewear store I visit for replenishing my cleaner for my glasses. This is because my glasses get marked in the night somehow, this nightime scum "arrives" on them to force me to clean them up about half the time. And inside the eyewear store I was treated to a pretty blonde woman who had alternating blonde and brown hair in precision streaks, some 3/8" wide, with a decided striation, and not the typical blonde streaks or highlighting one associates with partial hair dye jobs. I have seen this hairstyle before in recent months, and in the same alternating colors and precision streak widths, though wider at 1/2" or so. She had a very nice jacket on, a deep burgundy wool color with a coarse grained whitish weave in it, very unusual, but interesting, though I could of done without the reddishness. I seem to be controlled to be highly sensitive to red colors these days, and the perps know this better than I do, and are looking for some kind of deep neural reaction to it. Anyhow, we chatted for a few minutes about new frames that were to go on sale, and while doing so, the perps arranged for a male skinhead to be seen outside in his supposed capacity in attending to a shredder truck outside. Then when heading back, why, if there wasn't a red plastic 5 gallon gasoline container placed near the truck, and the skinhead had to pick it up and cross my path and partially follow me with this strange item being there. At least another two male skinheads erupted when on the way back to my apartment, one giving me the stare while doing the most strangest of things, stopping at a corner with his back to the wall of the adjacent building after walking toward me. I haven't yet been exposed to all the street theatre, but having serious looking business dressed dudes circulating on a weekday is strange enough without them taking on new behaviours of loitering. I had another jaywalking gangstalker packing loose bedding in front of me, before I got back to my apartment and took the elevator, strangely, with no accompanying gangstalkers.

I reckon the above was all the action the perps wanted for the day, and it was most strange they didn't redirect me to the local supermarket when outside as I am out of chocolate, having had none this morning. I reckon some of the morning's gangstalking silliness was about me not having had their very favorite brown referencing substance to eat with my breakfast, that being this unaffordible chocolate "habit".

Armed with a new roll of quarters, I got onto laundry this afternoon, and again the routine was slightly changed. They had me doing bedsheets and pillowcases with added towels and jeans. With the exception of the latter item, all laundry items were without placement in the laundry bin, that being made of white colored plastic. The perps stole one white plastic laundry basket before, so it does not surprise me that they wanted me to do laundering without the use of the one remaining laundry hamper. The laundry was duly done, without linting no less, and the bed linens came out bone dry, but the towels and jeans needed another full cycle, yet another change up to the usual routine. And that was the most of the perp excitement so far today apart from a few provocations to start me ranting. One does not need the kind of "excitement" these assholes bring to any given activity.

An entire day without chocolate, and none for breakfast tomorrow either. Funny how those chocolate "needs" can disappear. I thought an eveningtime craving would come on as there seems to be more emphasis on me doing nightime grocery shopping, but alas, keeping me at my desk was more important.

And what a fascinating reading evening it has been; an excellent 9/11 site (Dr Judy Wood) that posits some kind of energy beam was used as the buildings (concrete and steel) turned to dust. I know plenty about energy beams from firsthand experience, and have difficulty getting a impartial perspective. As for my experiences at the hands of extra conventional energy beams, nothing similar has happened to me thankfully. I got my vehicle scratched up in advance of the 04-2002 harassment onset, but nothing like the vehicles that got toasted some seven blocks away from the WTC yhat you will see on the above site. I did get plenty of overhead pounding while looking at the pictures though, artfully arranged to be heard through my hearing protection even.

Time to call this one done, and count the hotrod noise events as the perp's supplied game in getting to sleep. If only if it were that simple.

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