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Glossary of Targeted Harassment & Nonconsensual Experimentation

This is a keeper blog for all the terms that I use, which may differ as to how they may be used by other TI's. For the most part, I try to be consistent with the majority of definitions, by my usage may vary per included notes. I try not to have my blog too acronym-ish as I feel it detracts from readibility for the first time reader.

Before Overt Harassment, the day that one came to understand that there was harassment and it was targetted at them, even if it might be covert to those nearby. Having a pain beam trained on one is an example of covert harassment, but it will drive the victim to madness as they cannot get relief except if near steel objects or inside a vehicle. In my case, it was all before April 15, 2002, the day of Over Harassment Onset, or OHO

Overt Harassment Onset aka, the Day of Infamy. This is when I had a high tech invason of masers and plasma beams for some two hours after being carried in on the shoulders of six men who put me back on the floor of my apartment. I was probably kept sedated for some 8 hours previously, and I have no idea where I was when I fell asleep about 0400h after being followed by some strange male dudes to 24Hr Fitness in Seattle. They came to check out my vehicle, they later broke into my locker to steal my medications, and then put them back at my apartment. In the meantime, my apartment had been rummaged through; all the clothing was shifted and moved to appear as if they had looked through all of it, blue ink was put on the office chair mat, PC cables were moved, the stole a research paper from my briefcase on the beneficial effects of certain stimulant medications, there were at least three males on a nearby apartment balcony at 2400h overlooking mine and looking toward me, and a few other oddities that indicated that someone had been through my apartment. Other oddities were that my penknife was put in my shoes, something I never do at my own place.

This is the term I use to apply to "happenchance" meetings, that occur among gangstalkers/perps inordinantly frequently in my proximity. That is, like the sitcom "Cheers", where someone would show up in the bar and invariably they would know someone there and strike up a conversation. I suspect these Cheers-ing stunts are arranged to have a cover for loitering gangstalkers, as well as whatever properties they are looking for in the TI's mind while listening to the banter. Not only human voice, but of course the content; topics like employment, numbers, paycheck amounts, are very common, but it could extend to mundane matters as well.

Chicken Run
As the perps don't let me purchase any other meat, and a cooked one at that, this is the event of going to the supermarket and purchasing a hot cooked chicken, often constraining the choice to be a half, or partial bird, and the exercise of bringing it home, removing the skin and then having a first meal directly off the bird without benefit of dinner plate. I suspect that this serves as a baseline to compare potential energetic contributions of the dinner plate ceramic (clay, a soil component, also of intense perp interest), fridge materials (styrofoam, plastics and steel), and whatever else "happens" for them to fridge stored food.

This is the act of setting me up for a stunt to ensure that I know I have been jerked around. It could be in the form of dashed expectations or other futile outcome, but normally involves stringing me along until they allow me to access my own perceptive faculties to then learn there was an extended game.

A too-cute name for the sickest assholes that have ever graced the planet. If they are as pervasive as I think they are, it is a sordid legacy of deepest turpitude and mendacity. I use the term only as a noun, and not as a verb for gangstalking, one of many things they do to me. Also called the SS for Surrepticious Sickos, Fuckwits, World Gestapo and various other profane expressions. They write the script that manages my every thought and action, and ensure there are many hundreds of stressing moments in any day; temporary and uncharacteristic befuddlement, foiling my grasp, dithering or smearing my vision, ensure "reactions" to their affronts are highly charged, plant obstructions and ill "fortune" at every turn, ensure my electricity bills have irregularly high charges, and a host of other impositions to ensure my life is living hell every last subsecond accounted for.

This is the event of scripting environmental intrusions at the precise moment that something comes to mind, assuming I have free choice, which has become rarer as the harassment is closing in on seven years, at this writing, 02-2009. The intrusions are in the form of simultaneous noises, plasma flashes, maser flashes, forced scratches of itches, vision perturbations, sudden pain, buzzing feet, and a host of other transitory perturbations. This can also be scripted at the moment that I accept a planted thought that comes to mind as being relevant and useful. So many of the planted thoughts are spurious, irrelevant or just plain wrong.

The event of scripting a noise, usually from a familiar subset, exactly when I generate or accept thoughts that are either mine or planted, or coincident with any other perp event of interest such as recognition, engaging with substances of interest such as plastics, paper wood and metals, changing in web pages, bookmarking web pages, Windows editing (select, copy, cut and paste), any financial transaction, changing walking direction, detecting gangstalkers or other facets of harassment and invasive mind fuck games, or other moment that has some kind of energetic change they are attempting to remotely determine. This term is often too narrow, and should be called "phenonmenon stalking", as the noisestalking will often be accompanied by simultaneous plasma, maser, forced farts, coughing or other introduced phenomenon.

Any seeming gangstalker who has his or her head shaved. Often they will will be young, and still persist in this repugnant "hairstyle". I don't get it, and the perps tell me this is to simulate alien heads for which I have subconscious traumatizations. I have no conscious recollections, and the perps are consumate liars, but have been relatively consistent in telling me, and highly persistent in showing me this disgusting "hairstyle". Once they put on a woman in a bald head, and to make things worse, she was a negro, another of the Unfavored demographic group. And in all likelihood, my "reactions" to these sights are managed and governed to be more reactive than I would be if left to my own predilections. There is no racial or political perspective intended in using this term in this blog, unlike broader societial vocabulary usage.

Meat aerial
This is an erection, usually applied in the night, with no sexual thoughts or intent, and is remotely created by a unique method of discrete surges which one can feel, unlike a normal erection. These can go on for an hour or more, and that too is another new behavior that erupted since OHO. What this accomplishes for the perps is unknown to me.

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