Sunday, November 16, 2008

Onto Activism

A rare break-out of activism erupted in sending an email to a certain Dr. Vaughn Bell who is quoted in Sarah Kershaw's piece in the New York Times. Here it is, and that is the entirety of the blog posting today. I am off to a First Feral Family dinner and a stayover.

Dear Dr. Bell

I read your opinion as quoted in the new York Times in an article by Sarah Kershaw, and I quote as follows;

"Vaughan Bell, a British psychologist who has researched the effect of the Internet on mental illness, first began tracking sites with reports of mind control in 2004. In 2006 he published a study concluding that there was an extensive Internet community around such beliefs, and he called 10 sites he studied "likely psychotic sites.""

I was interviewed by Sarah Kershaw for the article, and the only indirect reference to my experiences of been harassed by organized groups and that was the portion where she mentions;

"all of whom insisted they were not delusional, including one man who said he had been hospitalized in psychiatric wards".

I am assuming that the "one man" was me, as I mentioned this to her, and I also mentioned to her that the very same doctor who I regularly saw at the hospital (and for two years afterward) declared me to be "persecuted" two years later. In other words, he recanted his diagnoses in their entirety.

But I am not writing to enlighten you about the technicalities of my experiences in how Sarah Kershaw crafted her article, but to mention what I learned about psychosis is that it is a singular experience, unique to each patient. But if the deemed patients are reporting identical stories in all their details the diagnosis cannot be psychosis, as it isn't unique.

My experiences are very much the same as those in the community who identify themselves as "targeted individuals". The gangstalking, color arranged gangstalkers (vehicles or clothing), the extra-conventional gravitic harassment etc. are known in detail to all who identify as being harassed. Therefore, it cannot be a psychosis or delusional experience.

This, I learned from a Dr. Dorman of Kent WA, USA when I was living in Seattle and being attacked by some kind of head pain beam (always defeatable when near large metal objects such as inside vehicles), as he found disparate patients to be declaring the same "delusion", and upon further analysis, determined to his satisfaction that this was part of human nonconsensual human experimentation program, with mind control as a partial objective. If you are interested in pursuing the veracity of common claims of delusions, I encourage you to contact him as to his findings, as he has a perspective that flies in the face of what I consider to be a clinical rationalization of the status quo that Ms.Kershaw's article represented.

Dr. Dorman's website is;

I don't expect the public image of targeted individuals to change any by way of the above mentioned New York Times article, and my intent is only direct objective clinical researchers to further exploring what is the true reality of this experience. And if you want to study some more websites as to the presence of psychosis you can always read my blog postings at:


Anonymous said...

dude, get over it. you are delusional. so is this "doctor" that you reference. why don't you go to a few credible mental health doctors in your area and get a real diagnosis? i'm sure they'll tell you what you don't want to hear and you'll blow them off as "in on it". or perhaps you will finally admit the possibility that you do have a mental disorder and you can start getting the help you need.

just because "many" (very small percentage of total population) people experience similar (not "identical" as you state) stories does not mean that you are not suffering from psychosis. why don't you provide your readers with a link to a definition of psychosis that contains this "singular experience, unique to each patient" phrase that is so crucial to your argument.

also, you might be interested in reading about another nutcase who lives relatively close to you. he seems to know a bit more than you do about his tormentors though, he found out who they were(read sarcasm)!:

AJH said...

Dude, you don't know what is going on, and until you declare your clinical credentials and rebut my arguements in the FAQ, you can call this your last published comment in this blog. But thanks for the link.

gang stalking said...

Just a quick update on the New York Times article.

I have just spoken to Vaughan Bell, one of the key psychologists mentioned in the article and he was kind enough to clarify that he has never studied Gang Stalking.

The research that he did, fully focuses on Mind Control sites. He has never studied Gang Stalking or the Gang Stalking World website more specifically.

I think one of the things that Sarah Kershaw did in the article, that many people do is that she lumped in Gang Stalking, Electronic Harassment, and Mind Control, all together.

For the record I do believe that all three happen and are happening to Targets. I know about Mk Ultra, the experiments that happened, the law-suites for mind control. I am familiar with Electronic Harassment. How many times have I gone into the shower to have patches of my skin peal off from the burns of the night before?

I do however focus on the Gang Stalking aspect of it, because it comes down to what can you prove? Over the last two years, I have spoken to enough police officers, (who are no longer mentioned), health professionals, social workers, crisis centers, lawyers, Investigators, Human Rights, etc to find out what I could about what was happening with the Citizen Informants, and the programs that they are being used for.

I have enough people offline and online that I have spoken to, to know that I know what I am talking about with the Gang Stalking stuff.

Since the only psychologist thus far that I could find who mentioned extreme communities was again Vaughan Bell, he has not identified the Gang Stalking websites as such, since he has never studied them.

The article also does make it clear that in relationship to Dr. Ralph Hoffman, his patients have "told him of visiting mind-control sites, and finding in them confirmation of their own experiences."

So we have two named professionals, one psychiatrist and one psychologist, both who have not it would appear studied, or actually made mention of the Gang Stalking Websites.

It seems the confusion and the lumping together of the terms might be coming from the author of the article Sarah Kershaw, and it is an easy error to make, if you are not familiar with the three phenomenons. We are all Targeted Individuals, but just because you experience or are a target of one, does not mean that you are a target of all.

I just wanted to clarify this factor for anyone who still had questions about this article or how the conclusions came about. I might do a bit more follow up, on this article with at least one more person, but these are important details that I thought should be clearifed.

AJH said...

Thanks for the update Monika. I didn't hear back from him via email, but your reply/comment is a welcome response of a kind.

When I was interviewed by Sarah Kershaw she indicated the intended article was to be about "mind control", but as it was published, it was more about disparaging TI's by way of association with the clinical crowd who were articulating speculative comments about groups on the internet potentially "feeding" their psychoses. Never mind that they may actually be engaging in supportive activities, especially if they don't have psychosis.

Rachael O. said...

of course I am out of the loop..I only read this article recently. You know gangstalkings name? I am still confused over the fact that there seems to be two people called gangstalking on the web..

Anyway, who was that L-o-s-e-r who posted first..put your moderator on.

Who was interviewed..was it you AJH or Monika? Anyway, be very leary of media always. Unless you have a publicist these snakes will get the average person every time.

AJH said...

I hope I didn't offend you about being "out of the loop", wherever I said this, as it wasn't my intent.

It was me, per today's (12-05-2008)comments on your blog that was interviewed by Sarah Kershaw. Monika got to correspond in email form with Dr. Bell about further details of what he conveyed to Sarah Kershaw. (Dr. Bell never returned my email to him which was about the definition of "delusion", also referenced in the above mentioned comments).

I don't know Gangstalking's name.

And I let the "Loser" post for a little comic variety so I could then skewer him with my own comments.