Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pounding From the Ceiling

Yet again, and in concert with thoughts as I am reading the online news, the overhead pounding of 12" of concrete and steel floor/ceiling continues, perhaps creating a new subcategory of coincident events, poundingstalking, part of noisestalking. This time the pounding is very deliberately following my reading; anytime a new notion comes to mind, the noise and vibration start up.

Other action so far today has been an escalation of rage-ification games; about 100 crumbs "arrived" on my plate at breakfast, many of them leaping laterally by some 12" or so, or arriving on the table after I took the plate away. It is all about infuriating me today, and they have been doing a good job. And more obvious gangstalking weirds when I was out shopping at the LD store; an Asian man in a yellow jacket was staning some 5' from me for no apparent reason, in the middle of an aisle for chrissakes. Then wehn leaving the Rx counter, a fat dude arrives to blatantly block my egress, and then looks at me while I was waiting for him to make a move. I think some aggressive action is needed to put an end to this bullshit, as it was totally blatant in that there was a location for him to line up at the Rx counter, and he didn't. Fucking outrageous,

Now, it is all about hanging about for the rest of the afternoon and into the evening, fighting off greater amounts of typo sabotage. The perps have me in my rarely worn third pair of jeans, and perhaps that is what they are all excited about. There has been a recent increase in the number of blue colored gangstalking (vehicles and clothing), as well as presentation of shades of blue colors. And as my current pair of jeans is substantially lighter colored than the regular two pairs, it seems this just might be what is exciting the assholes. I also noted that when I was raking leaves at my brother's place today he had a visitor for an hour or so who parked his light blue metallic colored vehicle behing my brother's two vehicles, a silver grey pickup and his white colored trades van. Perhaps the perps are attempting to leverage their knowledge of white and silver-grey colored vehicles to that of light blue colored ones, and needed a longer term blue vehicle exposure.

A train of loud mufflered vehicles covered me while having tea and chocolate, and then again when doing the dishes with the faucet running. And they even put the noise on when I was standing up and returning with my second cup of tea; all too convenient for me to put the tea down and plug my ears for the excessive noise at that moment that "somehow" reaches up six stories and through closed windows. There is very little sound attenuation for some curious reasons related to ensuring I get perturbed by them.

I have also been getting the plasma flashes while bookmarking promising websites to look at later, just the usual goings on when it comes to that much stalked exercise. And the fuckery reached an all-time new low in terms of neural meddling and dithering today. I was writing in my journal, and a word had a letter "t" in it and another high-stick letter that did not need to be crossed. The perps fucked my knowledge and recall of which letter had to be crossed for a few seconds, something I never, ever have any difficulty with. So now you have some breaking news from the world of mind control; perps can fuck anyone while crossing "t"'s. Never have I experienced anyone so invasive/thing and insane as these assholes, and that takes the cake for now, and I am sure they will think of something stupider and more trivial before long. Just to think; I don't have the freedom to write out the words that I know in the style to which I am accustomed. The depths of insane totaliarism has found a new low.

Earlier, I did my laundry while reading the newspaper. This might not sound like much, but is the first time these activities were allowed concurrently. Which is to say, this represents 6.5 years of harassment and abuse progress. These activities were never coordinated together as newspaper reading was typically on Saturdays when I buy it, and laundry was on weekdays. The assholes allowed me to combine the two, though they did put me through extra hand washing to rid myself of the ink ruboff. I also got taken on a fake out, investigating if the laundry room's washing machine was free, and it wasn't as the machine was running, and lo, if the putative owner of the spinning laundry didn't arrive just then, putting on the staring mute act, all 5' of her. I don't quite know why the perps need to have Fuckwits stare at me, and nor do I know why they like to seed FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) by having these mutes not even reply to my question. I had enough of that bullshit in the summer on the daffodil bulb picking crew; there were always a few making out that they were mute, or without english language comprehension, and then blew their cover on the odd occasion. And all for me to notice that too, and I don't know why these "gimmes" are scripted. And too, they like to have short people looking up at me as well as flashing strobes or headlights from a low angle. A number of subgrade parking ramps facilitate getting beams shone at me from the lower portion of my vision, and the perps make sure I get plenty of it, sometimes with other members of the First Feral Family.

Yesterday's power failure was an example where some strobes were fired at me from a lower floor of the opposite residential tower. I learned that a traffic accident had wiped out a power pole, and that was the cause of the power outage. And some local hero pulled someone from a vehicle with live wires dangling nearby. The story is here, and it just seemed odd that there were no sirens when ordinarily they like me to hear them, and wouldn't miss a cover story unless they had to.

A slack day today, even for blogging as I didn't get into describing the freakshow when out shopping. There is always something odd, and yet I cannot recall very much, save the Asian man wandering around and standing 6' behind me for no reason. I am getting more of these assholes standing directly behind me, about 6' back, and it is most odd public behavior. Two days ago, someonw was walking close behind me, and I wasn't allowed to pick this up (hear, or see shadows) until they departed in another direction. It all adds up to closer surveillance and heighten rage-ification that has been going on. Also, a lot more outside noise, and the ones that "somehow" get through my hearing protection. I also became "demotivated" (read, imposed condition) about writing a response to the Nov. 13, 2008 article by Sarah Kershaw in the New York Times. I don't know if that is going to happen owing to these imposed dysthymic events.

I have been reading more of the Alien Jigsaw of late; the author ties abductions to mind control experimentation, and I would agree. It seems to be all part of this huge web of nonconsensual human experimentation that is going on, though mind control isn't the entire picture.

Other blog related events were copying email correspondence into the comments on yesterday's blog posting. Time to call this one done

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