Thursday, November 06, 2008

Tearing On Perforations is Not Allowed

It is a very wet day outside, and has been so all my waking hours. I headed to yoga for 1130h and lo, it had been cancelled without notice. The coordinator of yoga has everyone's phone number and chooses not to phone me when she had once begun this practice of informing us. Last year at Christmans and New Year, she closed down yoga for three weeks straight without notice, or even posting any advance closures of the class. All to have me turn around and set back in the pouring rain, and as it happened, N. bound on the E. side of the street, S. bound on the W. side. My gangstalker contingent was out in force, as were the color coordinated vehicles, both parked and mobile. And they put on a tire delivery at the tire shop I passed to yoga. One palette load of tires was "delivered" on my right side, and another palette load was on the street at the delivery truck ramp on my left side, awaiting to be towed across my path behind me. Both were wrapped in a shrink wrap like plastic, and I suppose this was important too. Both substances, tire rubber and plastic film, of are intense research interest to the perps. The problem they seem to have is that I, like anyone else, has ingested some of these substances as pollutants which interferes with the determination of their energetic interaction externally, say, in the presence of a large quantity such as a palette load. Judging from today's tire delivery ploy, I suspect the Fuckwits are at least two years from figuring out how these two pollutants interact with one's internal body chemistry and bio-energetics.

And if that wasn't exciting enough, the "Thems" have decided I am not allowed to tear paper on the perforated lines; e.g. paper towels, toilet paper, stamps, corners of my diary, etc. They began the toilet paper perforation tear dithering in 2003, but have increased this campaign of late. They also have messed with the cardboard chocolate wrappers so that the cardboard sleeve now has to be torn to open up the packaging. Talk about being anal retentive, I think that is a defining prank that says the most about the mindset who devote effort to these games with the God-like power they have. Might a better title for this blog posting be; Deranged Juvie Fuckwits Play God with Victim's Life for 6 Years and Won't Get Help? I tell them to get help all the time, but no doubt that is also a planted theme, as is the topic of mental illness is of interest to the Fuckwits as well. Enough said.

And so it is a special noise day today; the freeway like vehicular noise outside (in reality, a secondary two lane artery with traffic control at each block), has the swishing sound of wet tires on pavement, and it seems to be amplified from the average ambient level. As usual, if I go to the window and look out and begin challenging the Fuckwits as to what vehicle made what noise, the entire noisescape quickly fades away, and is replaced by a realistic noise that has actual causal events from the normally slow vehicle passage.

I finally spoke with the recruiter from yesterday who told be about a GIS Forester job in Calgary, Alberta. I told him at the time that there wasn't many forests in southern Alberta, and the location seemed odd, and to send me the posting in any event. He also told me this was a private confidential posting. As it "so happened", the job was in Manitoba, at least 1,000 miles away, and it was publically posted. I told him that he had got the job location wrong altogether and he didn't seem too concerned. That is, it was OK for him to look like a total fucking idiot. I got the "on hold" thing again, as nearly all my phone calls have this "happen", and by way of a few TI's in the past as well. I can only assume it is part of the graduated introduction the Fuckwits like to plan for me; emails, phone chase, more phone voicemail chase, speak directly on the phone and then eventually meet in person. Add another stooge, and repeat for as long as it takes to find some intrinsic energetics (psychic energy?) associated with the stooge du jour that are replicative from all the past stooges. Keep repeating until done, now six years of running abuse, as if I hadn't enough by their shils and quislings before. Now a siren cascade erupts.

I also notice that the perps had the yellow and white colored firetruck out for a cruise-by when I was walking back from the cancelled yoga class today. There was no emergency, just the dude-cruise again. In the past, they have had a Fuckwit from the fire truck come into the grocery store, do some shopping, and set it up to have the pseudo-fireman get a call to then "cause" him to abandon his shopping and run across the street to the waiting firetruck. Since when do the Fuckwit Firemen do their grocery shopping from the city fire truck? More plain silliness, arranged for some unknown purpose, likely for running a yellow colored large mass object past me in a vehicular gangstalking role.

And I see that I have become persona non grata on the job finding circuit. Even more in-town forestry related laboring jobs, interesting ones even, were posted and yet they don't phone me, a Professional Forester on leave of absence status. I don't get it, but this town has always been strange to find work, and lo, if I didn't find myself being persecuted by remotely applied harassment and scripted events set up for me to then provide clarity as to why this city is so employment impoverished, or at least, from my perspective.

It is to rain tomorrow, so I am sure that it will be another shut-in like day which often follows First Feral Family interaction days. As I helped my brother rake leaves yesterday, it seems they want me contained to study me some more, especially while yelling at them over the typo sabotage and attempting to read the keys in a strange darkening lighting situation.

Some reading tonight; the Doctor Within is worth a look, though TI's may not include themselves in his nutrition demographics as it seems that there is plenty of external manipulation of one's digestion processes, and likely too, metabolic processes. It is interesting material all the same, and will be helpful if we are freed from this mendacious imposition.

Time to call this one done, and ponder what relief from dulldom I will get tomorrow.

And for Rachael O., I have a comment reply to yours of the 11-05-2008 blog posting, and an earlier one about dietary advice, 11-01-2008 posting. The Doctor Within link (above) is very much about your positive suggestions. Thanks for the comments.

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