Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Combination Activity Day

The nonconsensual human experimentation research might be progressing; they are having me do multiple activities in one day. It was laundry, bathroom cleaning and before all that, a 25 min. round trip to get my hair cut at 0900h. Even my gangstalkers when outbound on my way to getting my haircut were still in place on my way back. The excuse for someone to be loitering for so long was that they were watching a big concrete pour at the construction site that began work in the summer. There were at least three full size redi-mix trucks, one lined up behind the other, and two abreast, and a full size pump to send the concrete up into the boom and over the fence and into the pour location that was still below grade. Regular readers will know I am routinely gangstalked by concrete delivery trucks, concrete pump trucks, cement powder delivery trucks (to the concrete plant), and other major objects of this industry. I wondered why my hair was growing faster than usual and it would seem that the perps wanted me to be walking past this major concrete pour job this morning.

I haven't quite figured out what the perp's obsession is over with respect to concrete, but they have put on many small jobs, and one whole nearby block of street bedded concrete, and many other proximate jobs for me to walk by when they are pouring. One was a 50 story office tower with the biggest continual pour in Seattle's history. They also like me to walk on concrete of varying ages as well. I suspect they want to fully quantify the energetic interaction between me and concrete which would then aid them in isolating other substances' energetic interaction, which likely includes the planet Earth itself. There has been plenty of recent garden digging to suggest they are attempting to isolate the soil component from this equation, and they even put a 4' square hole 5' from the checkout in the supermarket I frequent. (It was poured about a week ago). I also suspect the limestone in the concrete is a problem to energetically separate from limestone like compounds in our skeletal bones.

And I am sure that passing by the concrete job without my hair cut (outbound), and then again with my hair cut just might serve the perp's purposes in distinguishing the difference between the multiple sources of limestone energetics. And no, I will not ever wear the disgusting skinhead look that is all the rage in this town for likely related reasons. The perps had already set me up for a hurl-worthy negro skinhead gangstalker who obediently tipped his head forward the instant my eyes were directed at him, which also "happened" to be a shade to direct sunlight transition location. Again, I ponder why there is all these shiftless males wandering around who seem to lack a day job.

Another shiftless male gangstalker was dressed in a black jacket and white pants, and "happened" to be behind a construction walkway, but his blonde gangstalker companion was visible from afar. And so when I got closer, the dude "happened" to be revealed next to his blonde girl co-gangstalker. The signficance of this is that the Favored one is presented, (the blonde), and when closer, the Unfavored one (the dude in black and white) is revealed in the etheric penumbra of the blonde. I remarked on this in yesterday's blog posting, the auric co-opting of the Unfavored with the Favored, even for a short duration. And the white pants as viewed from behind is a particularly fugly sight for me, and I wonder how I got that subconscious reaction to that garment/color/presentation that the perps work at so assiduously and consistently in showing me. The perps tell me that these are to prompt elicitations of subconscious recall, which begs the question as to how these causal traumatizations happened, as I have no recollection of it. Because the white pants gangstalker act is so frequently displayed, I suspect that their story is for real. They wiped my recall clean from 1957 to 1959, ages 2 to 5, and their traumatization events/fuck-ups may have taken place then. It would of been far simpler to leave me alone that to spend over six years of attempting to elicit certain subconscious recollections that only they can detect. I didn't know I had them until this concerted gangstalking program, and I was functionally OK. But it seems that these subconscious aversions and loathings that I have are a problem for the responsible party, and moreso, something they want to correct without my permission. Just leave me the fuck alone, and fill up my bank account bigtime like you do for all the other shills and quislings.

Similarly, the male skinhead act is very common, and two weeks ago they even put a male Caucasian dude in front of me and my mother when at the shopping mall. Yet more shiftless males wandering about and putting their Unfavored selves for me to see. Today's negro skinhead would be another example, and this has a fairly high incidence for the few negros in this city. Regular readers will recall that about two months ago they put a female negro skinhead gangstalker on me immediately after departing the chocolate section of the LD store. Talk about fugly, that was worst one of the week.

Once I exited the hair stylist's they had at least four gangstalkers converging on me, a near swarm but not the can't-move ones they sometimes pull.

A run-up of street noise, mainly loud mufflered vehicles with extended sound decay as they "travel". Many of the road traffic noises are so silly that I suspect that most of it is faked by some sound projection capability. They like putting in Vespa noises (like a mosquito), then deeper mufflered vehicles winding out to high rpm as they seem to become more distant. The overhead pounding and rumbling has started up, and just before, they gave me a full body zapping with a simultaneous vibration through me to get me riled up and to then "cause" me to take the earmuffs off. It is the pre-mealtime noise flurries and harassment that I nearly always get.

And too, the fact that I am reading Alien Jigsaw , Project Open Mind, and the stories about military abductions is also interesting to the perps. The author, Katharina Wilson postulates that part of the abductions is about mind control experimentation. I agree, coming from the human nonconsensual experimentation side and being subjected to various never-before behaviors that spells mind control in the appalling absence of the clinical community and the paucity of evidence that they have to offer. We TI's don't get the luxury of any evidence, just our stories which are remarkably consistent all over the world.

It is also interesting that Katharina Wilson describes red haired "greys", aliens, and that the perps also have an obsession over presenting this fugly hair color whenever they can as part of the Unfavored. It does cause me to ponder the commonality of our experiences.

More exploration of the abduction and alien experience world until I was somehow cognitively dithered and made to quickly scan the web pages and get nothing out of it. As always, the perps prevent me from knowing what is going on until they later let me in on what they are doing to me. This is one method of activity redirection, though not the only one.

And for tomorrow's activity complexity they have me lined up to do yoga and a later dental appointment. There must be some intended downstream benefits for the perps after yoga, as it is a high gangstalked event, just merely walking the three short blocks to get back to my place after the class. And when living further away from the yoga practice venue in 2007, they put on the military personnel for me to see. I have never seen so many in town and all they were doing was shopping, standing around and smoking or some such bullshit activity. I rarely get the military dressed gangstalkers now, though the police and firemen might be substitutes in part, though not the same clothing color which is all important to my tormentors.

The latest; the perps won't let me listen to music online. All the videos are blanked out, and by "happenchance" when I clicked on the bounded empty box the video controls "arrived", and only spoken word ones will work. The music sites don't load, all for the perps to place more tabs and flickering windows for no useful purpose. It was bad enough the assholes cut me off of movies, but they have now extended this constraint more. It is fucking insane to be kept like this, and if you didn't know it, I spend a lot of my day dealing with my reactions (more like, planted "reactions") to this imposition. Imagine, spending six years of being violated up the asshole, even literally, and not have any recourse to the train of stress, sabotage and collateral damage. And the only reason I attempted to listen to music was that they cut me off from reading, per above cognitive dithering. Now to find another diversion online to pass the time.

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