Thursday, November 20, 2008

Getting Darker Before Noon

Some strange light level games are going on as my E. facing apartment is getting darker as the day progresses. I finally put on the lights to deal with the light contrast games that were coming off this PC display screen. And also, two forced pees this morning, both "happening" immediately following the conclusion of reviewing websites under one bookmark folder. It would seem, based on this and many other like events where I am noisestalked or otherwise subjected to phenomenon like masers or plasma beams, that there is something important the perps need to know about finishing something, be it a bookmarks folder, document, online session, dinner etc.

Other action the perps planned for today was the start of brown colored spelt bread and a new jar of peanut butter. Regular readers will know that my tormentors are obsessed over the color of brown, in all its manifestations, and arrange all manner of beserk coincidences to maximize the range of variables on this particular research theme of theirs. That I have not been able to take a shit without need of a plunger for over six years is part of it, not to mention the opening salvo when they planted a baloon down my toilet and modified my usual emnity toward anyone who fucks with my place or stuff.

Then, as a likely extension of the Fuckwit's brown color games, yoga class is next within an hour, and later in the afternoon, a twice per year visit to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned. No doubt there is much to be gained by the sickos with my mouth open for an hour, and it just might be related to today's changes in having breakfast this morning. Nearly all of the on-street gangstalkers have their mouths open, or otherwise reveal the contents of their mouths by spitting, eating food while walking, sticking their tongue out or into their cheek, chewing gum or even puking once, in public no less.

And they decided to enroll me in their mouth contents fucking games this morning by ejecting food from my mouth as I was about to take in another spoonful of cereal. They had the food eject across the tip of my tongue and onto the underside of the spoon and then fall into the cereal bowl in an elegant display of gravitic fuckery, all to aid their mouth contents (my mouth, that is), energetics assay capability by remote means. It is now over six years of this abusive litany, and I have yet to hear them explain why this couldn't of been done inside of six months of cooperative experimentation, appropriately compensated of course. No one could make this up as one of my TI colleagues argued, as it defies the definition of insanity to be so progressively and specifically logical and determined. Never mind the posse of nutters around me in public with their mouths hanging open like lost guppies without a day job. Who would of thought that a shadow organization would be so fucking sick to hound an inoccent citizen over the contents of their mouth for six years and not have the gumption to front for this beserk travesty? Not even James Bond gets this stupid and obsessed, as it just doesn't sell movies.

Other "warm up" action this morning was incessant back up beeper noise of no ostensible cause; it went on for at least five minutes straight and covered my while eating toast, new spelt bread with new jar of peanut butter and new jar of Ikea blueberry jam, while drinking coffee with it and then when eating chocolate with another cup of coffee. Can we say there was enough brown color variability passing through my mouth and call it done? Probably not, as they have been working on this for over 54 years, the last six in intensive harassment/abuse mode. And don't forget, they have yet to have me in the dentist's chair for teeth cleaning this afternoon, yet another activity that is unaffordable for the given means I get to live on, not to mention the curious lack of respsonse to getting even a laboring job, even from known reputable employers.

The overhead pounding has started up at this post-mealtime moment. Regular readers will know that I live in a concrete and steel apartment building with carpeted floors, and there is no way someone could physically make these noises by their own actions, not even if they were flipping a one tonne safe around. The magic correlative moment was that I had just finished up an email and sent it to a fellow TI. Any contact with TI's gets extra noisestalking and other simultaneous phenomenon. Now the sirens have started up after a protracted faint spell beforehand.

I was at the dentist earlier, and had my teeth cleaned. I got the usual extra wait time while the gangstalking dudes paraded in front; the suit, the gut strut (in a red shirt no less), the East Indian and a geriatric walker act (the metal frame with wheels). On the bus I also had my freakshow; the wheelchair act that "needed" all kinds of extra time to get out, the bright firey natural red hair, the "stand by me" (five vacant seats on around him) dude who "happened" to show up at the same bus stop and has been gangstalking me a number of times, most notably selling me the cellphone that "failed" and attempting to give me shit for not having the packaging. Funny how some repeat, and others don't. Another ridiculous elder-dude act came on board with shades on in the near rain conditions, he is also a seen-before. More infernal shiftless males wandering around without a day job. They had an absurd five gangstalkers placed around me at the bus stop, some doing the usual pattern of stopping, then departing, and then coming back again. It is rare for this many people to be at an outbound (from downtown) bus at 1430h. None of their acts made any sense for the ones that I could read as to what they were doing downtown. And when one Fuckwit from past gangstalkings "shows up", one has to be certain that all of them are on the life-rape project that has become my existence.

I am getting severe mouseball sabotage and will have to call this blogging off for now.

The PC mouseball sabotage forced an early tea and chocolate break, and it seems that someone else needed it more than I did if I am to rely upon the overhead pounding, sirens, clunkings from faux neighbors and other goings on during the break. I am also getting bolder displays of masers and plasma beams too; normally they stop the maser action if I see it in my central vision, and keep it going only when it is in my peripheria vision. Of late, they will let me watch these fuzzy grey balls or beam segments float past. Today's noise and maser action might be temporary as they may intend to leverage today's events; yoga and then teeth cleaning. That I had my mouth open for an hour at the dentist's office should be most welcome for the open mouthing gangstalkers and the rest of the vermin that puts on public displays of their mouth contents. At one time they were going to increase my dental cleanings to three times a year, and relented and kept it at twice per year. That seems odd in light of the open mouth games they pull on me, and increase noisestalking whenever I have brown colored food in my mouth.

I don't know the name behind Skewsme, but they offer plenty of relevant articles and links on the mind control world. Anything rational is to be applauded given the apersions that are unfairly cast upon this community of the dispossesed. And they will even get a listing on the reference blogs/sites to the right. I really should be making some link pages but have been uncharacteristically demotivated about doing this. It isn't like me to have my data in a mess, and here I am being fucked into so many behaviors that are not of my making.

Another "happen upon", the site of Dee Finney, who I don't know, but they are another rational voice in this ongoing travesty of being contained by mind keepers who have polluted and corrupted every contact and agency that I deal with, and most likely, it has always been that way when I reflect on long past events and the behaviors and looks at the time.

Other action when I was making dinner tonight was relentless planted notions about imminent cessation of hostilities, as in no more harassment etc. I have been through at least 20 of these spates of avowed termination of perp action in the past five years, and they have all proven to be totally wrong. I even get some of my Feral Family making similar remarks, usually about the time when the perps have put me through these sessions. I don't why the perps struck tonight, save some kind of tie-in to the above mentioned potential leverage in having me in the dentist chair for an hour, mouth open. It isn't going to happen, and I see enough loose threads of their objectives, e.g. red, brown, green, orange colors, shit games, Favored and Unfavored, bolder gangstalking and so many other methods that have escalated that there is no way the perps are done with me, and won't be for at least two years. That is my prediction, or at least the one that is reasonable and being fed to me. Of note, the noisestalking started up while typing the previous sentance.

Though one has to be careful about reading the perp activities; I have come to learn on the odd occasion that the perception/deception plan is as important as their plan for whatever is next. But given that I have always been correct in predicting continued perp harassment and abuse in light of these mini-recantations they plant into my mind, I will stick with my own track record. This torment and abuse has at least a year to run, and they aren't going anywhere, especially when masers are flying off the profusion of aerials and parabolic disks now installed in this town.

I am getting the cognitive dithering again, this time preventing me from reading online, an article about vitamin D, also of perp interest. From what I gather, the perps don't yet know how to fuck with the body's vitamin D production, hence the very short tanning time they allowed me in the summer, a whole 20 minutes before the clouds passed in front of the sun, and after putting my shirt on for the accompanying coolness, five parties descended upon me for gangstalking at the top end of the daffodil bulb picking field.

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