Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dusk Time Noise Action

The noises have started up again, this being the "silly season" part of the day (dusk onset) for the noisestalkers. And no less, on a Saturday, they have got the church bells ringing, normally a Sunday and a Tuesday practice night event. I recall back to 1966 when we stayed in Britain at my Aunt's place in Chester for three months in 1966 in a small village in Christleton, near Chester. The church bells went on all day for one Sunday, and more than one church too. I asked my Aunt why they were doing this, and she seemed to be somewhat contrite about answering me then, fabricating some reason that didn't make sense. I was 12 at the time, and because everyone of importance was lying to me about the arranged fuckery going on, I wasn't the best person about picking up on lies, but there was something conflicted in her body language that day which I haven't forgotten.

And there is a very long list of individuals in my past who seemed to be doing the knowing smirk, seem truth compromised, making up fallacious stories pointlessly, wide eyed in needless fear (as I knew it at the time) and many other facial ticks that spell lie, duplicity, covert knowledge, or chicanery. When the perps finally let me in on the fact that they had been covertly monitoring and surveilling me for my entire life in late 2002 or early 2003, (overt harassment begain in 04-2002), huge parts of my past all had to be revisited to recast the real truth at the time. And when the fuckery and harassment objectives were transposed as a new layer in retrospect, so much more of it all made sense. Then much later, in 2006 probably, they began to let me in on their memory deletion fuckery, going back to 1956 to 1960, as well of certain incidents when I didn't remember when normally I do.

I don't ever forget a face or a place, and there was one incident in about 1995 when I bought a camera off a guy who advertised it in the papers. It all seemed legit, and then when about to pay him, then I "recalled" that I had been to his place before, perhaps 10 years earlier, and he said no, I hadn't been there before. I was very sure that I had, as I had bought a camera then for my wife at the time, and still had it. He insisted that I hadn't been there before, and the cameras were later found to be legit, not stolen. I didn't make a big deal about it, but only when I retroactively applied the new knowledge of having been sometimes memory deleted did the episode make sense. There was no reason for him to insist I hadn't been there before when I had. And it was the same dude, just older. So it would seem that this highly irregular and egregious lapse in recall (to me at least) was some kind of test; they deleted my recall of being there before and talking to the same dude, and while in the process of purchasing the camera, they allowed me to know what I ordinarily would of remembered. Another mystery solved of the long past.

That is only one of many events that did not make sense at the time, and only did when the model of being remotely dithered with mind invasive technologies is applied. Needless to say, I have reviewed my entire life with this new frame of reference, of being remotely monitored and mind fucked, and so much fell into place, given the ongoing strange behaviors and perp objectives I have come to now know.

My now ex had some terrible memory lapses that just didn't make sense to me, especially when they were in new circumstances when one's recall is highly attuned. She always looked doleful when I would re-state the question about not recalling a specific event where we were both there. She too must have been given memory deleting irradiations, as the perps were still working on how to delete them to a finer level than before, per above camera story. And of course, she didn't want to tip me off that I was being targetted for remotely applied neural monitoring, an ongoing lab rat for the Surreptictious Sickos, the World SS. And since about 2006 the perps somehow gained access to all of my recollections and fuck me out of what I know in any circumstances. And now, they constantly provide recollections that I had long forgotten. In other words, my recall is "better" than it was as all manner of relevant thoughts come to mind in every circumstance. Not that there is anything more important, just more "recollections", supplied by another party with access to every recollection I have ever retained. Over the past year these planted "recollections" have arisen often enough that I was asking myself/them, "how could of I recalled that detail as I had long forgotten it?". Then a noise would go off, effectively noisestalking me as to how I knew what I knew and/or forgotten. In other words, the perps have now mastered remotely applied monitoring of one's self-knowledge, yet another step down the path to total mind control.

Of late, the perps have added more "phenomenon stalking", creating a visual or sensory intrusion at the very moment of me recalling something they hadn't planned for me, or else, in the mental circumstances of accepting or rejecting planted (I assume) thoughts. These are the kind of mind games that are going on of late, them trying to fake me into believing some of these planted notions, especially the odd or irrelevant ones. Andwhen I do question these planted notions, there will be the arrival of a flash on the wall, plasma beam, the text of this LCD will distort for all of a second, a sudden placement of animated dust or "dog hair" in front of me, or other like sensory perturbations of an unusual kind. The incessant noisestalking isn't the entire repetoire of being thoughtstalked any more.

Just as the earmuffs come off, on come the loud mufflered vehicle noises and an itch to the right ear that needs scratching, time without fail. Like I said yesterday, one's hearing must be especially sensitive after having noise blocked out for 15 minutes or more, as the noisestalking is nearly immediate. Even capitalizing on such short time intervals is never overlooked, and is probably managed for as earmuff wearing has increased much more in the past two months. Now jaw crackling noises are erupting, ostensibly the yawning, but as it hasn't happened before, I prefer the more sinister source, e.g. the World SS.

And after a peruse of the local job market there really isn't much that I find interesting. Sometimes I wonder if the job postings that I see are more about eliciting certain kinds of neural responses that are being sought by the tormentors/researchers. Nearly every business around here has advertised at least once, and many of the former businesses that I once frequented when I had my vehicle. I get some noisestalking or other phenomenon stalking when I encounter a job ad from a company I am familiar with. Just that faint signature of recognition seems to be what the perps are managing for in part.

Sometimes I see jobs that are almost arranged for the harassment games; one was looking for help to move a supply of boxes from a region of this city called Gordon Head to downtown. Well, it "so happens" that my parents live in Gordon Head and that I live downtown, and could it be all about replicating my once-per-week travel between the two locations? If it was, they didn't want me in on it when it seemed like a gimme for the perp's greater purpose in figuring out their brown color problem (cardboard color) and the geographic differences between the two locations, another perp obsession. And as mentioned in many past blog postings, the perps like me to be dead wrong in my speculations, and likely planted the notion that it was a gimme job in the first place. So far, I have had very few bites, and even the temp agencies don't phone me back. One even sent me a letter saying they don't have any jobs for someone with my experience. This is patently pre-emtive as how would they possibly know what jobs are coming in, and why didn't they tell me that at the interview? It is all too strange, and like I figure, there is a plan, but I am not allowed to know that yet. They had me on daffodil bulb picking for two months this past summer, and perhaps there are some energetic consequences they have not yet determined, and even a part time job would disrupt this process. Not my problem, so why am I constantly being blacklisted IMHO?

The PC mouse obstruction games are now erupting, for at least the third evening in succession. Only at this time of day does the Trackball mouse "go wonky" for whatever reason the perps have besides to enrage me. Perhaps I should get another one, which might be the real reason for this blatant fuckery. It is something I handle and touch for hours every day, and given that it is of plastic construction, it likely presents some specific challenges to the assholes who hound me in the streets with garbage bag acts, irrigation trucks packing 20' lengths of PVC and other plastics of interest to the Fuckwits.

And a noisestalked tea break is over, along with being rage-ified at least twice with highly provocative incursions. I have found that drying of dishes with a teatowel is a big deal for the assholes, as it gets roundly noisestalked each time I do this. For the most part I don't towel dry the dishes as they spend sufficient time in the drying rack to air dry. This has been the way it has for years, save the frypan which is towel dried each time and while doing that I am especially noisestalked. In 2006 the perps went as far as to break the frypan while it was in my hands, forcing the acquisition of a new one. And still, they get into a total tiz anytime it is dried with the usual teatowel, even forcing me to take longer by interfering with my muscles and hand grip on the frypan and teatowel. After some two years of this, they now seem intent on applying whatever energetic knowledge they have about towel drying frypans to cutlery.

And so another round of intense fuckery began, as this one 3" Spyderco knife doesn't air dry in the dishes rack as fast as the other dishes. So, that forces a towel drying of it, and again, it is a much noisestalked event. If I use the Spyderco knife within some 30 minutes of drying it and placing it in the knife block, the assholes plaster it with more water beads to force a second towel drying just ahead of using it, usually to slit open the chocolate bar foil. This little fucking game of rewetting the knife that was thoroughly dried the first time has been going on for some three months now, and they have me get into a rage-ified total snit over it. And normally, they have changed my voice such that there is nearly a different one each time ("reaction"), indicating they are prepared, and indeed, control my "reaction". This one is for the record, and serves as one of many examples as to how fucking petty, beserk and relentless the Fuckwits are. And I hope, as yet one more example of the sick assholes' beserk agenda that no one could possibly dream up, especially by someone who has never entertained writing fiction.

Here is an interesting four part article on colloidal silver as a supplement and the US FDA attempting shake down the owner of the business, Utopia Silver Supplements. It is just incredible as to what the FDA wants to do, and how they go about it; naked aggressive legal assault. The story contains one startling admission by a judge in his chambers to the owner of Utopia Supplements, Ben Taylor; the judge told him, "this system operates on fear and you're not afraid, that is a problem for us".

These kinds of administrative illegalities prompt me to wonder what is the real agenda, and if the perps are pulling some kind of stunt. It just might be that the ingestion of colloidal silver might interfere with their remote bioelectromagnetics surveillance they like to perform on certain people. In other words, they don't yet know how to model the effects of colloidal silver on one's system, and therefore, have a "need" to surpress this supplement. Or, it just might be the bad large pharmaceutical firms attempting to expand their turf and limit medicinal choices.

I got the perps dithering my facial shaving this morning, and only found out about a few hours ago; they had me "forget" to shave my moustache region, something I never, ever failed to do in 40 years of shaving, and now that they can disrupt long establised habits, they chose to do this for some reason.

That stunt follows a similar one where on Friday morning, I "noticed", or was allowed to see that my previous day's haircut had been extended in the night. There was nothing wrong with the haircut on Thursday, as I had checked in in the mirror. But yesterday morning, I notice that someone had shaved off more hair by my ears, taking a straight horizontal line from the top of my ears to the front temple. I was considerably pissed by this, and per perp fuckery, was led to thing it was the stylist, but upon reflection, I don't think it was. I see plenty of skinheads, mohawks and other weird hair in any week, and I reckon it was the World SS didn't like me doing the same thing to my hair each time I got it cut, and decided to fuck my hair for whatever sick minded purposes they have. Soo... another promise; I will personally bash the fuckers head in who did this to my hair if I ever find out. You have fucked me enough and go and life-rape your own kind for once. Sick fucking assholes, all because they lack the gumption to front for this life raping human experimentation they insist on keeping me in. GO FUCK YOUR OWN KIND; if that means ten times more fucking skinheads, mohawks and the rest of the sick fucking fright doll operatives, I don't give a shit.

I did some putzing around and came up with Alexa, a site that monitors web traffic and submitted this blog. To no surprise, I get one page view per week, or at least, that is what it said. But what was interesting was that this site's create date is;

" was first registered on: 31-Jul-2000"

Funny how that happened, as my first blog posting was April 18, 2006, titled, Getting Started. Could it be that someone arranged this in advance for me, planning the name and the association with Blogspot? It is most odd, and that I even found out, which must be a "gimme". That is, "send the victim on a little investigative tour by feeding him something which suggests covert intent". Something like that, and I have been on many of these little games, and am fed up with them. And a whole 8 site references, two of which seem to have anything to deal with gangstalking, covert harassment and the rest of the incursions of any given moment of my existence.

And I see the Gangstalking World blog is getting plenty of comments on one post, which makes me envious of the attention it gets. This must be a scripted envy session; my intent was to document the daily harassment games, no matter the readership.

A new round of street noise is getting through the earmuffs, one in conjunction with viewing plenty of blue and black colors together as pare of the Indigo Ribbon campaign, supposedly a reminder of being gangstalked and harassed. Time to call this done.

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