Monday, November 24, 2008

Too Much to Blog About

A busy day today, and I am only getting started now to blog about it, so it all won't get done, and I will continue this posting, or resume with story telling in tomorrow's posting.

I just had a meeting with a supposed local TI, the first such in over six years of making this vile life rape known. (And the sirens have come to join me while I blog, now on the third cascade.) I am not convinced she was legit, and there were plenty of oddities in her story, never mind having the perp's favorite portable color reference object in hand, a 9"x12" yellow colored envelope in her hand the entire time, unsealed even. It was about 40 minutes of conversing on a brown plastic wood bench in a covered courtyard, outside the public library which she said would be open, but wasn't. She gets aerial surveillance and some vehicular surveillance as far as I can tell, not the same level of my profound distortion of conventional reality and relentless mindfuck games. We were about to depart and go our separate ways when a blonde woman exited the adjacent building and "happened" to know the woman TI I was talking to. Another one of those managed "Cheers" events, which was a little too rich for my probability meter. OK, it was a setup, all for having me sit on brown plastic bench for 40 minutes at nightime, under glass and near plenty of red-brown brick, as a setup prior to me returning to my place and having tea and chocolate, albeit a much deeper color of brown.

She seemed to have a Germanic accent in speaking English, and was also slipping in plenty of didactic (noise of excessive street barfing from outside as I type this), statements about "you should do....". Fuck you, I don't need to hear this from anyone, especially a newbie who has at least an order of magnitude less harassment than I do. I got her didactic treatment for medications I take, getting a gaussmeter (been there, done that), become an activist by soliciting for TI's in this town (social isolation is complete, so why change it?), getting binoculars to see her aircraft borne harassors (not mine, hers), and a few others along the way. That must be straight from the perp manual on How To Piss Me Off. My perp abetting father is didactic, and I have no fucking time for anyone to tell me what to do if they don't collaboratively engage with my experiences. And who knows, perhaps there are deeper reasons going back to the lost years of ages 2 to 5, where there is no recall, (purged IMHO) save some sketchy recollections from living in Montreal in 1956 to 1957.

There was some limited gangstalking while we were talking, the most evident being a dude some 50' away, walking toward us, and he had a Caucasian skin toned brown toque on and had his head tipped down, displaying the top of his head. When I first looked I could not make out where his face was, as the touque looked skin colored, and I am sure the perps dithered my perception to "not recognize" what was really happening. So, after a few seconds of stunned gazing at this indeterminate being, he picks his head up and looks forward for me to see that he had a perfectly normal human face, all the more identifiable by wearing dark framed glasses. Just another fucking little game, a whole three seconds of fuckery related to foiling my ability to recognize a face from that distance.

I stayed at the home of the First Feral Family last night after watching Global TV Vancouver news, 60 Minutes, Doc Martin and New Tricks, followed by the CBC news and then the last half hour of a documentary about Tommy Chong, of Cheech and Chong, and his travails in jail. He got 9 months incarceration, and was the celebrity there with many of the inmates mugging for pictures with him. It made for good comedic fodder afterwards.

And I am getting aware that some of the above TV programs are becoming more "involved" or aligned with harassment themes and activities. Last week on Doc Martin they had a psychotic doing dangerous things until brought to justice in an unlikely scenario, and last night it was a septic pipe getting hooked up to the doctor's dishwasher and poisoning the patients owing to a new (blonde) assistant he had while the regular (sly) receptionist was out of town on a course. The shit theme is highly ranked as a perp obsession, related to their brown theme.

Instead of the regular Sunday night Chris Gailius anchor, Global TV Vancouver news had a blonde woman announcer (Anne Drewa) and a substitute woman weather announcer. Christe Gordon is the regular meterologist on Sundays, and is drop dead gorgeous. I could listen to her patter all day long, something that isn't lost on the perps who arrange my parents to be doing odd things when she is on or else having me miss most of her segment, or else only catch her with the mute button still on, or other combinations of sound, sight, TV obstructing (one parent lingering in front of the TV to obstruct my view), disrupting and other stunts that seem to be related to impeding me from fully engaging in her weather report. Last night, there was a substitute female weather announcer who I cannot place in the above link of Global personnel, and I swear, she was just like Christie Gordon in morph-over; only a slightly different voice but with the same patter and cadence, same inflections and emotional content and body language. I remarked on this unusual similarity to my mother, and she gave me some blow-off answer about them being trained the same. I just thought it to be very interesting that they were so alike except in appearance, even their height seemed to be the same. In all of my decades of TV news watching, I have never seen two announcers so alike in their style. Perhaps if I could find the Sunday news from 11-23-2008 and review it I could be better informed on just what was going on, and if it was regular station personnel after all.

Then onto 60 Minutes, catching it 15 minutes into the show because of a change in the channels not reported by the TV shedule, and of course, not finding the channel that lists the channel schedules. This is another perp arrangement, to disrupt the normal viewing times and seed imposed delays and other related fuckery. And I am getting mind-blanked as to what was on, though no major perp themes that I noticed. Then onto Doc Martin, and above mentioned shit story that was making the village ill, originating in his office no less. There is the ongoing on-off romantic interest with Louisa that he seems to quash with his inappropriate digressions into clinical terms. I won't say anything more about this one, as I think the perp themes, if there are any, are much more nuanced and subtle.

The show, New Tricks is about three retired male policemen who are brought back from retirement to investigate old cold cases. They are administered by younger a blonde woman who seems to be a good sport, but also a taskmaster when needed. Some episodes are cleverly wound up, others are left for an inconclusive ending, begetting a WTF reaction, not uncommon with arranged stunts and supporting gangstalker's and operative's behaviors.. Last night's show was about illicit military research into behavioral modification, and how it went wrong, (drinking alcohol at the pub), with memory loss of the three involved soldiers over a fourth man's murder, the latter being a negro. And if you are a regular reader you will know that this is perp heavy content; not only invoking the Unfavored negro and military personnel, but also the topic of behavior control, illicit nonconsensual human experimentation, medical personnel, memory loss and related cover ups. Last night's New Tricks was full measure for being perp themed IMHO.

Then finally, the CBC Sunday Night news journal, always an easy listen as the stories are interesting and seem even handed in their portrayal. I learned that the Canadian stock market and securities regulators are utter wimps, and had enough information to put Conrad Black and his crew of kleptomanical pals in jail, but passed on it, leaving it to the US SEC to begin legal proceedings. Again, no major perp themes I could pick up, so I reckon just the general ones like financial duress economic difficulties would suffice. Who knows what they arrange, be it the events, reportage, news personnel and story editing. It could be some of each, all the way to all of each, and I am the last to know. Though, I have noticed that whenever I have read much about Conrad Black's travails of the past two years, I frequently get noisestalked, and too, when I read his writing in the newspapers, such as one this past weekend in the Guardian.

It is time to call this one done for the day, and I will add more of today's perp and harassment arrangements into tomorrow's blog posting rather than add on to this one.


Anonymous said...

That's a great post. Did you know that memory loss can be treated. has plenty of methods and techniques that you can use to improve your memory condition. You might want to give it a shot.

AJH said...

Thanks, but my recollection difficulties have more to do with being remotely manipulated, usually selectively and to defeat my heightened awareness about everything and everybody. I would never of "forgotten" that yellow envelope the person I met was holding was nothing other than a total perp prop. I see the "envelope stalking" all the time, and somehow I "forgot" when I met them, and then engaged in a reasonable dialog about seeming mutual harassment. Only at the end did I "realize" that the envelope was their signature portable color prop. No photographic memory aids will help me, but thanks for the link.