Sunday, November 09, 2008

Thuddy and Thuggy Buddies

I get plenty of both thuddy dudes, the ones with the overly loud thuddy stereos, and the thuggy dudes, the thuggish ones on gangstalker patrol, often putting on a intimidating stance or walk, and usually wearing shades in the most absurd cicumstances. And as I write this, I am getting the thuddy noise augmented with heavy duty muffled pounding, from my faux overhead "neighbors" who alternate between having carpeted floors and then concrete finish floors, all depending on what kind of noise they wish to send through the 12" of concrete and steel that separates us. Regular readers will know of my contention that I don't have real neighbors, just the annoyance of projected noise that arrives as needed. One such moment is now, the post lunch digestion period where they go silly, presumably to track my digestive process and the color changes it creates, and thereby one's bio-energetic signature.

The sickos got me riled up for breakfast by dithering my long established habit of putting the burner on to heat the kettle up to boil. They have now learned to dither any kind of fact revisitation and thereby ensure that I don't recall while eating the first course. Seeing that they have pulled this fucking stunt at least 40 times in the last five years of "self" support living, it is high time they gave this one a rest and showed their faces to explaing why the assholes need to enrage my by pulling this stunt again. The real reason is to disrupt breakfast to have peanut butter and jam on toast without having coffee on hand. All to separate having two colors of brown in my mouth with the red colored jam it would seem. As far as I am concerned, if they want to study the color of foods in my mouth they need to do it in person instead of by remotely applied torment and deranged fuckery.

The only time that I looked out the window during breakfast was when three dudes were walking together side by side and doing the arm waving act, as if it were part of their conversational style. This might be true for Italy, but with nearly every gangstalker with company using their arms to converse, males and females, it get a little excessive to day the least. Three dudes, not dressed for church, walking abreast at 0920h, and the skinhead in the middle. I have mentioned my loathing of the male skinhead "hairdo" many times, and yet the perps keep bringing this on in varying skits; while I was speaking with an attractive blonde woman sales assistant two days ago, bounded by gangstalkers either side (today), and yesterday's first gangstalker outside, a running skinhead in a red jacket. Enough.

The afternoon tea and chocolate break is over with, and that was the focus of plenty of noisestalking action. The perps particularly like the moment when the tea is steeping, changing color to a darker green. This goes for some five minutes and all manner of extra noise erupts then, along with pissing me off with lateral flying drops, some 90 degrees from the stream that is pouring from the spout of the kettle. Great fun for sick juvies, flicking boiling water around.

I will be heading to my parent's place within the hour I suspect, so I will call this one done for the day, unless some bizarreness erupts beforehand. More plasma beams are "showing up", without any ostensible cause, and the perps particularly liked the red-orange after eating chocolate and drinking tea. A nice fat 4" wide band came over this LCD device for a second or so, followed by later smaller red ones. And too, my "reaction" is made to be hostile, all to arner more voice time in the variety they like to assign me at each utterence.

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