Sunday, November 02, 2008

Some Clocks Change

The crazy high contrast skies are in view as I write this; deep near black clouds with the adjacent residential tower and its courtyard lit up with sunlight. I have refrained from taking a picture as there is the drafting tape covering the threshold of the sliding glass door that leads to the balcony. It had to be put on yesterday to seal the sill from the wind and the perverse howling noise that erupted yesterday. I don't know what the perp's infatuation is with scotch tape, and other adhesive tape, but it has been consistent over the years. They had me chewing it like gum back before overt harassment, (BOH, 04-2002). Though I did read recently about a certain kind of scotch tape giving off intermittent X-rays, and as I have come to know, any anticipated electromagnetic disturbance in my proximity seems to aid their cause. And proximity can be variable too; from short gangstalkers passing me 2" away, effectively under my nose, to many hundreds of meters going by some of the redi-mix truck sightings that seem to be arranged for a brief sighting, often at a crossing street some distance away. And if the past hiking and driving is taken into account, "proximity" could entail larger areas, even 10's of kilometers. I have seen small point sources of light emanate from communication towers and stream toward me in a curvilinear path and taking a few seconds to reach me, usually pentrating my chest to minimal sensation.

The biannual clock changing didn't happen without incident; two clocks changed, and my watch cannot be for "some reason". I even had the manual out, and no dice. Last time I changed the watch no problem, all by myself with no manual. This recall and watch behavior dithering game goes on twice a year, and the local jeweller doesn't mind if I visit to ask him to change the time. Usually there is some gangstalking action going on in the store at the same time, and of course, getting there and back. And when making the time correction after looking at my watch when making a paper journal entry, the noisestalking started up with a few light flashes in the mix. Such a big event for simple minds, that of the deranged assholes who continue to inflict this hell for lack of the gumption to personally front for this ongoing nonconsensual human experimentation.

It was a laundry day earlier, another of the perp fascinations. This time I was left alone and didn't have a retinue of "tenants" ahead and behind me. An earlier toilet backup stunt this morning meant that one of the towels on the floor had to be used to clean up the perps's mess (my take on who created it), and then the towel was included in the laundry to then spread some lint on some of the clothing. If you have followed this blog in the past few months you will know that there has been a profusion of linting going on that mysteriously occurs in the wshing machine and gets worse in the dryer. There was no lint problem off any towels or other items until July, and now it erupts every laundry time. I had to get some articles drycleaned to rid the lint the assholes pasted on last month.

This will be a shorter day for blogging, as I will be off to my parent's place tonight and engage in the First Feral Family gangstalking around the CRT television. The perps seem to like us to gather and take the same news in at the same time, and even spoof it some by way including the recent Sarah Palin skits. I normally can figure out that it is Tina Fey at the outset as she does look a little different, where it takes my mother some 10 to 30 seconds to figure out that it is a spoof. My father has even less awareness of current goings on, even if he is faking the dementia act that has such unmistakable gangstalking consistency.

A change in plan; my parents are coming to pick me up imminently. All seeming planned to follow my tea break with chocolate, and have me outside, with Feral Family, and driving for that brown color reaction they seem to seek.

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