Saturday, November 01, 2008

Doing Time in the Dinge

It is a 90% chance of rain today but nothing yet. But is is so incredibly dark today, though I suspect some light level fuckery is going on. They also like to increase the contrast between this LCD and the ambient light conditions, to somehow annoy me. It would appear to be an extended version of the dusk onset games that go on, and mentioned in past blog postings.

I got out the the supermarket for newspaper and chocolate, and was plenty gangstalked at this was a rare instance of heading out immediately after breakfast and no online activity beforehand. This was enabled by having me awaken at 0900h for a 10 hour sleep. And some odd dreams as well, not to mention other goings on that I won't get into out of modesty. When heading out to the supermarket I had my crew with me in the elevator, one a near-skinhead, who was doing the cheersing with another party that happened to know him. This "happenchance" greeting nonsense has escalated of late, and I don't quite know what the deal is, but the bottom line is that they want me to know that it is contrived. I had the near-skinhead, of a brownish green tone to his skin, and then three Asians were putting on an apparent move-in, keeping the door open for me to exit. When coming back, they were still there understandibly, and there was an additional eight gangstalkers loitering around as if it was some kind of multicultural advertisement; a native Indian doing the wall lounge, a negro, and more Asians, - a brown skin tour if you will.

Given that I had just purchased eight 100g chocolate bars, I suppose there was some kind of intent to have me calibrated between the chocolate and the above skin tones. Something like that, and past blogs have detailed profusions of strange brown skinned individuals erupting after I was visiting the chocolate section, not even purchasing any. And I later noted, chocolate was the only brown colored item in the grocery bag as I got screwed out of picking up brown whole wheat tortillas that I needed. Funny how convenient these "forgets" are, and this bullshit has been increasing of late. And I suppose it wasn't any fluke that after the newspaper was read and put in the bag under the sink for recycling, that an afternoon cardboard chocolate wrapper was placed beside the newpaper in the same bag. No wonder I had my gangstalkers at 0630h on the street with these same blue colored recycle bags this past summer.

From reading the newspaper it became clear that there is increased perp focus on exactly when I start and end reading an article. And if forced to read the end first, and the begining second, a tell tale eruption of noise ensues just as I find the place in the article to where I began reading the end of it. Anytime I finished reading an article, they jumped on me with extra noisestalking, mostly from outside, and as if I had a freeway outside. Past photos can attest that is not the kind of street that is nearby, and is a secondary artery that peters out in a block to a residential street.

I am getting red plasma flashes as I type this, in the form of horizontal bars the same height as the text that a I am typing and overlaying them. There is also greater stunts "happening" around text size and font as mentioned in yesterday's blog posting, and the incidence of red plasma flashes has increased; small clouds in my apartment, beams and even pinpoint sources of red plasma, presumably as some kind of ongoing color testing, more aggressive than usual. And I suppose the recent piece on the news is that the color red on a woman attracts more men will serve as a winter's worth of excuses to have this color flashed out in public, more than it is already. I am getting typo sabotaged as I write this, time to call this entry done for now.

I am getting increased noisestalking as I read other TI's blog postings. That would concur with what I think is part of the grand plan; to identify the psychic connections between two or more highly studied victims in realtime. Then extrapolate this to include others that are less studied, and so on, until the entire web of human psychic interaction is quantified. Just speculation, but I did get an increased round of at least four noise sources (aka, noisestalking) as I typed this up. Funny how that is.

I finished reading about stereo equipment online before the evening teatime; I hadn't looked at this interest of mine for a least a week, and I made a few bookmarks of new interesting equipment, should I ever have the means to acquire it someday. Nearly every mouseclick I made in that endeavor was noisestalked, and even if I have my earmuffs (hearing protection) on, they put outside noise through them to be heard, or now engage in a new trick, creating noises in my head of no ostensible origin. One of these noises is as if something was ripping slowly, but thankfully, no physical effects. The imposed head and neck creaking noises have also increased of late, as has the mouth saliva noises even if there is no seeming cause (mouth and tongue are still). These internal head ripping noises are quite different in that they are more protracted and obviously get my attention because they are new, and even seem ominous, as if some head flesh were ripping.

And I see that the link to my interview with Gina Romano of The Edge radio in July 2008 has "disappeared", and the archives are inaccessible to me tonight. Try the Thursday night archives at The Edge to see if you can find my 40 minute interview, as I cannot get the link to it. My big moment in the limelight, and it might not be on the web any more.

Time to call this done after viewing some saved links from a few weeks ago. No music allowed tonight; curious in that they usually put a few of these days together before ending it for some weeks, now months.


Rachael O. said...

So when you get mobbed u forget what yu went in the store for is that right? I get this and I hate it. I have tried to go back to my making lists, but I am tired...its not easy becuz it seems everything we want to do is interfered with. Also, these instances are created to make us sound crazy. For how many perps have been in a whole group compared to a few perps in any given group a TI is in, then when it seems its just a regular group and there are no perps being obvious- The ? is always 'how many perps are here now and what is the game?'. Targets talking about this is not crazy..its an unfair thing the perps have done to Targets..making them paraniod and always wondering when they will be attacked next. Its psychological harassment and its real. Most people would not even know what u were talking them u just sound like you've gone paraniod mentally ill. That is why its important that TI's blog and try to hold it together. We need to keep in mind that these are all tactics and no two people can claim this is happening to them in such perfect order and repeated patterns. They'll probably try to make a disorder out of it if they could..TI disorder. You THINK you are smart enough to notice tactics and patterns and haters messsing with you but really u r just mental. If there were not so many people making claims they would try it I bet.
ANd as for psychic connections there is something in the internet I read a while ago..about a network in future that will allow people to mentally connect with one another via tech. Like pure psychic connection used to be. It would seem someone might be playing games with such a system NOW. It was on tv from some science show.
No one ever said that all psychics were good either.

AJH said...

Yes, I get dithered out of completing my shopping at grocery stores, though I have come to realize my "reaction" to the gangstalking is totally governed by the perp's mind control technologies and the script they have written for me.

In my case there is a very definite trend as to the colors of the food items that I am allowed to have in my shopping basket. Once is was only one brown colored food item, then milk as a reference color. Now, they are up to three brown items allowed; today it was the sprouted wheat tortillas, cashew butter and the chocolate they deem I must eat. (Once, for a week, they had me loathing chocolate such that I could not stand the smell of it).

Anytime I am out in public I am watching out for where the gangstalkers are coming from, what is the most protective place to sit, and the rest of the hypervigilant routine/life that I is my existence. It is called rational paranoia, as it is based on real circumstances as we both know.

My blogging efforts are all about exposing the shear improbability of what is going on, and build this narrative that is, in aggregate, a story of public persecution. (On top of the extra conventional gravitic and mind control harassment I get in private, and public too more often now).

I also try to keep down the "shop talk" and make it so that if anyone "drops in" and reads a posting of any given day, they will be at least intrigued, and hopefully not consign this to some kind of clinical state. Like you said in one of your (great) postings, and I am paraphrasing, it is too complex and other-worldly to assign this kind of existence to a clinical condition of an over active imagination. Something like that.

Thanks for the comment, and I hope that you can get better living arrangements soon.

Rachael O. said...

I have a suggestion for you. Try to stop eating all refined sugar and slowly go to just honey and some sort of sweetener you body can deal w/. (some people can use splenda and others say it makes them feel drugged or strange. There is splenda, nutrisweet or sweet & low. On the healthy side there are Stevia and others but they are harder to work with quickly. None of these are great for you but better than sugar).
2) stop eating yeast- in your bread mostly. Little bit in foods or wraps/tortillas is ok.
I think you will find your mental clarity improved w/ these changes. Also study cleanses for the digestive tract. Health food stores have some easy ones that are only 2 weeks long. They should be done in moderate weather seasons like spring or autumn.
I dont know if alternative health is of interest to you but its important. There are...other conditions that the perps foster in targets I beleive to make us more susecptable to what they do to us everyday. Weakening the health is a huge tactic of thiers for all of us.
All you are going for is to try to get any harmful things to die out or be made manageable in your digestive system and other parts of your body.

AJH said...

I do generally eat well, save the chocolate "fixation" which is imposed. I don't have any sugar to add, and mostly don't eat things that have it, with the above mentioned exception.

I eat one slice of gluten free bread a day, and I hope this isn't too much yeast intake as the bread serves as my vehicle to eat peanut butter and jam (sugar, I know). Splenda and Nutrisweet contain aspartame which is a neurotoxin. The little sugar that I do ingest via jam, breakfast cereal (in it, not on it) and the infernal chocolate probably isn't too great that I need to use apartame as a substitute.

There is an interesting web site called the Doctor Within that explores much of what you are saying. (See the 11-06-2008 blog posting for a link at the bottom).

I agree that a digestive cleanse would be prudent, and the site mentioned above offers some good advice. When I get the money to do so, I will. I would also like to explore enzyme supplementation as mentioned by The Doctor Within. I agree with your approach to eat healthily, and a recent research paper mentioned (no link) that one is less hungry and eats less as the quality of the food is increased. The essential fatty acids have a role to play in good health, and I tried them once per doctor's request (read, perps' request). Not only is it an affordability issue, but digestion of the EFA's is under intense scrutiny by the perps, and hence, constrained use by causing "forgets" as well as financial means.

Anonymous said...

If you are wondering about your interview, please email me at and I will see if the technical moderator can locate it for you.

The Edge was hacked into three times in one month and all emails, etc., were lost. The hackers did so much damage and gained so much access that The Edge had to move to a new server. Because we are revealing the truth, those in power find ways to delay our actions.

Stay strong. These stalkers will lose in the end. God always wins.

Gina Romano
Correspondent, Edge Broadcast