Friday, November 28, 2008

Two Hot Casseroles on the City Bus + rewrites, 11-29-2008

Either I haven't spent enough time on city buses, or else the crowd on them is getting suddenly stranger. Two Asian males, each with a hot casserole wrapped up in respective red or white plastic bags, were on the bus. The Asian male with the hot casserole in the red plastic bag sat next to me effectively replacing a female Asian who lasted three bus stops and then got off. I call this "warming up the seat", but in fact these prepatory surrogates are also used on the street, the most mentioned and Favored "warm up" (aka, introductory) surrogates being attractive Caucasian blonde women. The other Asian male stood some 6' away, even though there were seats availible to him. TI's will know that their perp harassors like to introduce either excessively hot or cold items in their proximity as it seems there is an advantage to this greater than normal temperature gradient. (Hence, frozen goods in one's proximity, gangstalkers at the supermarket freezer and cooler cases etc.) These Asian dudes were at the tail end of another extra frenetic bus passenger turnover with a few weirds in the mix. It was another crazy bus trip by my standards of past bus experience on that route, pre-overt harassment days. The bus was packed at 1545h heading into downtown and nearly stopped at every bus stop; it is absurd by local standards, and all the more so that the buses are running every 10 minutes on that leg of the trip.

On the bus the perps are kept me entertained with other themes related to their favorite colors; more red coats, one 3' in front of me for much of the trip, followed by a pink wearing gangstalker sitting in the same seat for the latter 10 minutes. In total, it was a 20 minute trip, and I am sure that some gangstalkers might have been recycled by way of being morphed over, appearing in a different form and clothing. I also noticed that white hats are the rage of late, especially touque-like ones that are tight to the head, essentially outlining it and casting it in an odd color. And there was a black and white touqued gangstalker ahead of two white hatted gangstalkers that came on later, one of them choosing the same seat. I noticed that there were more red colored gangstalking vehicles, as well as more tonal gradations of greyscale colors.

I spent 1.75 hours at my one hour job doing the cleaning at a Mazda car dealership. The man in charge says it can be done in 0.75 hours. I was somehow "time trashed" or something, but I don't see how it can be done, even if I was extra fastidious tonight. It will be about $400 month and will keep me from increasing my line of credit, and perhaps, it could get paid down some. Why the perps couldn't have me do this over a year ago is beyond me, but it seems that they are going for extra complexity in the way of color and gangstalker combinations. They were all over me on the way back from the job, putting on two couples both holding hands, one on lead-ahead mode, the other oncoming. Then a herd of at least four dudes outside the resturaunt that I passed by, and then a scary skinhead act, tracking me parallel for a full block, and then he "happened" to be ahead of me for the last 90' before arriving at my apartment building. There was also a herd of about 9 dudes ahead, preceding the skinhead. Then another dude came from nowhere to tail me through the door to the elevator lobby inside, and then another dude got on at the second floor to accompany us upward in the elevator.

On the city bus trip I described above I noticed there are more "plastic bag stalking" going on; Fuckwits packing groceries on the bus and taking every opportunity to plant them on the floor, even temporarily while paying the bus fare even. Then at this car dealership I was cleaning tonight, why, someone left a plastic bag of groceries from the local supermarket, presumably as some kind of portable reference.

The perps are making sure I feel kind of spent after working tonight, a reminder perhaps that they don't like me to work for long hours at a stretch. But they do like to put out all manner of red colored vehicles and clothing on the gangstalkers in the evening. And of course, a car dealership, why didn't I think of it before; they hound me all over town (and two countries) with vehicles, and they hound me all over the place for building egress, and here we are, vehicles inside of a building. Talk about a setup, never mind being surrounded by new vehicles, inside and out. They put on two slightly differently silver-grey vehicles in the shop where us two cleaners pass through for the entire evening, and they had three white new vehicles in the S. showroom, presumably in aid of the vehicle color games. The sparkling show lights in the showrooms almost make me want to buy a Mazda then and there, but that is getting totally silly. Vehicle ownerhip isn't in my near term future, meaning at least two years before the skein of abuse has finally been completed.

Other action today was a biweekly job search appointment; more positive potential bounty is on my head I learned. The employer can be paid for up to half wages while I am in training under this funding source. Not only will they cover training in advance of employment, but with the right employer, get half my salary paid. This intrepid employer notion, hypothetically finding a sponsoring "white knight" to engage with subsidies and with interesting employment prospects has to be planted by the perps. I am lucky if I get an acknowledging email, never mind an adventuresome employer to be. This town doesn't have that Silicon Valley drive, being a government town, and is far too staid with some positive exceptions. But there is a perp theme they like to expose me to, and that being some heroic character, or else being "rescued" by one. I don't get it, and of course all the Greek mythology I studied has vaporized from my recall.

Then in the afternoon it was the city bus freakshow N. bound to my parent's place where my mother was going out and my father in his putative dementia has to be "babysat" with a responsible adult there. That was my job, and in effect, get gangstalked by him doing his bullshit Alzheimer's act, and doing all the good things a perp needs; standing over the victim, walking in orthogonal directions from one side of the house to the other and then standing at the windows, babbling on semi-coherently with partial logic, but not at other times, then making annoying scraping noises by walking around with a dinner plate apparently scraping it with his thumb, and then adding a distance dependent component of ensuring the scraping noise is fainter while further away, and then the game of peekaboo, standing behind a doorway/wall and being partially obscured, then progressively more so in small 1" increments, and then locking the outside door on me that I had unlocked to force me to make a long round trip to get at the door from the inside again, this time wearing my gardening boots and some other long running bullshit dementia Fuckwit games.

I had intended to cut the remaining firewood while I was there, and was fussed over the usually piss poor options in finding the right tool at my parent's place. And lo, there was the very tool I needed, a crosscut Swede saw, laid out when I was expecting the usual vexatious toil in looking for it. A rare upside "happening".

Supposedly he is to be headed into a care home in the new year, though this has been put off for two years now, so I am not expecting anything to change. I don't think this portends any perp change to the plan, as he could be elsewhere when I visit, and then be back again in his house when I am not there. It is just another feint to elicit empathy, something the perps like to do for either real or staged events. There is an important psychic difference they are looking for between a real outcome, and one that is faked, staged or promoted without evidence as declared by the operative/quisling/Fuckwit. Likewise for empathy; they like to have the adverse travails conveyed to me of someone/something I might care about, and then too, others persons/objects that I don't care about, and also, some that I might elicit a hostile reaction so to have me revel in schadenfreude.

Yesterday, as part of a conversational segue, the Mazda salesman was telling me that the local Volvo dealership isn't doing well, and then suddenly we were interrupted by someone else. As it "happens", I liked my Volvo 245 until forced to sell it for economic reasons, and would buy a newer one assuming the build quality was still there, which I think it is. So here he was, planting what might be true, local Volvo dealership in peril- empathy as to the make of vehicle, and conveying its possible dire circumstances. What is it that the perps are so obsessed about this empathy theme they keep running these stories, true or not, be it about favorite vehicles, envied/respected persons, businesses that are in difficult circumstances, financial duress etc. This entire foreclosure news story might be concocted for the same reasons; inviting some kind of deep psychic empathy, though in this case, it is financially circumstantial.

And what is it about the trail of wreckage of some professional practicioners who I have long dealt with? My dentist had back problems and had to give up his career 10 years earlier than planned. Then I learned today my optometrist of some 20 years had a skiing accident that left him unable to continue his career, 15 years earlier than retirement age. Both these had to be players doing the perp's past work as part of the professional discharge of their duties, and presumably were compensated in some way (e.g. new practice location), and are now unable to continue in their respective professions. There are two ways of looking at this; as random events, or as I maintain, nothing in my life is a coincidence, not even the placement of dust bunnies, crumbs and the dog hairs I get. Or, I have got a bullshit story in each case, another one of those possible elicitations of empathy they often arrange for some remotely applied means to neurally evaluate to detect some deep psychic difference between a real event and a faked one, as mentioned above.

It is all too curious as to how the perps operate; do they have a frontline crew who do the scripting, stunting and compensating of the shills and quislings, and then a murderous or plundering crew who are largely unknown to the frontline crew who stir up more depredative outcomes to continue the remote psychic energy evaluations? I don't really know how it works, but there is likely many levels of the perps' operations, and one level may not be aware of all what is going on. As Richard Hoagland said, "the lies are different at each level". An interesting statement that, the de facto presumption of deceit ahead of truth.

I am not sure I understand all my ruminations above, and I always revisit the core precepts to test them again and ponder just what is all the harassment about, and at what level is it planned, and were the players aware of the script, or not?

It is time to ponder my way to bed, and hopefully get some sleep tonight. I haven't been the worse for all that I missed last night, a "new improved feature" of being overtly harassed, though mutable at anytime the orchestration master thinks I need to be disabused of the few percieved benefits.


Rachael O. said...

Ya know, it really is the intent that unnerves us, that affects us. I know what u r trying to illustrate, the comings goings and movements of perps on that bus. But only becuz it has happened to me do I understand. When I try to read it as an outsider wud, it just is too complicated or doesnt pan out as psychological warfare.
Well, some of the people u see might be what I call extras. They are people who seem to be perps but they are just awkward and fit in by accident, or maybe they are used by the perps to seem like they fit in or forbid, they are mind controlled to do some small thing--I mean its possible.
But if you sense them focusing on you-dead giveaway. And its this energy that is really what gets to a TI..what causes us to become ill and worn over the time...that and the tech we are hit with.
But the mind games on a person who has been sensitized is cruel and it gets very involved after a while. What amazes me is that so many different people know what triggers us or what we are sensitized to, how can so many different people be informed about something that is an ongoing situation that becomes so involved after so long?
Also u will find that the not tired feeling is maybe due to tech influence. I had this no pain thing going on-minimized pain, and I wud feel normal pain levels after 12 midnight, realizing my tooth needed to be pulled very badly. Please get rest, the purpose of this might be to make u feel better than u do and thus you are wearing down your health in the meantime. R-

AJH said...

Thanks for the comment and affirmation Rachael. The city buses are the weird show, now more than ever. I will fix up the posting to ensure that the oddities are more apparent.

I don't worry about the "sleep thing" any more as it isn't as ruinous as it was in the high harassment days of 2002. They had me sleeping 11 hours last night (11-28-2008) which is also plenty absurd, just going the other direction. I agree with you that sleep can be managed by some technical irradiative methods, and this is what it seems they are doing. It is possible that even the stress is managed in the same way. One feels and acts stressed from the harassment games, but the perps may be managing it from the physiologic level, ensuring that stress related biochemistry doesn't occur. If this were the case, it doesn't make it any easier as the stress is real to us while normally reacting to the stunts and jerkarounds.
Take care,