Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Slack Tuesday

I found another story of a TI online, this person from Sweden, but in good English. It is a one time read, not an ongoing blog of harassment, but well done. Nowhere is safe, and I do get the perps planting the notion that Sweden is the place to go, but not from relief.

I had a 1.5 hour nap in the afternoon, over dusk onset now that we are on Standard Time again. This should make for plenty of perp games until March or so when they revert to Daylight Time again. Napping was rare for me in the Before Overt Harassment (BOH) in 04-2002. Now, they will even mess with an alarm clock if I have it set for a short nap when they want me to take a long nap. This "happened" before BOH once, and I could not figure out why a reliable alarm clock did not work.

A dull day, and it won't get any more exciting tonight. Or at least, in a positive way. I was allowed out to deal with taking the garbage out via the elevator as the garbage chute is still "broken", and it was a big event for the "Thems". The elevator took extra long, a gangstalker "arrived" via the stairwell and entered the apartment opposite the elevator doors, and the seeming apartment manager was in the elevator when it arrived, and engaged in conversation. He had pressed the button for the basement, and just when I thought he was going to remain in the elevator when it stopped at the main floor for me, why, he tailed me to the front doors to meet another shiftless gangstalker loitering around in front. The pretense was that this was a business engagement, but he was not there when I returned 10 minutes later.

I went back to the dumpster which was 90 degree offset from its normal orientation, slung the double bagged garbage in, and set off via the E. parking lot that my suite overlooks. But I am not allowed two seconds alone time as a gangstalker on a curious route came through the stairs and crossed my path 15' ahead of me by 90 degrees, ostensibly on her way to a vehicle. Then when at the sidewalk, there were another two, and then at the intersection some 30' away, there were about 15 gangstalkers arranged including one clump of eight or so. This was post-lunchtime, before school dismissal hour of 1500h, and all the additonal number of usual adults was decidedly arranged. This is a residential downtown area, and "normally", as in arranged harassment level "normal", would only be a quarter of that number. The entire supermarket visitation is 10 minutes round trip, and there were yet more acts on the street, one of the most curious was the fat Fuckwit with two Starbucks coffees, one in each hand, standing behind me by 8', and yet made out that he was waiting for the pedestrian signal to cross the street. Two Fuckwits had already crossed the intersecion on the "Don't Walk" by walking between two stopped light metallic brown colored vehicles. They were cleared when the signal changed to "Walk", but the fat fucker, aka Coffee Corps, with the coffees stayed in place. I have seen this gangstalker before, but am not allowed to place him, or else my recall is getting spoofed.

Then onto the supermarket where some red coated woman got herself ahead of me and then slowed up at the doorway for crissakes. Who does that, and she had to have known I was behind her as she was coming from my usual route and angling toward me, making an effort to get in front of me. Then a yellow booted Fuckwit paraded around me, and he later "managed" to get ahead of me at the checkout and dither around for extra long and had his pop can on the plastic rest which could be used for check writing. The cluster of three cashiers then dispersed to open up other checkouts nearby so other gangstalkers could parallel my activities. And sure enough, another dithering gangstalker/customer managed to set off just as I was passing him by at the parallel checkout. I noted there was a significant row of leaves heaped on the street route that I took, and I suppose that it is all part of the perp's color action (yellow) they like to include me in. I didn't get my usual multicultural Fuckwit cluster at the entrance to the lobby on my way back, but there was the usual large five tonne delivery truck sitting at the curb to constrict the visual environment. Within a block of here, there have been three overhead scaffolding jobs arranged over the sidewalks, which appear to be an additional method of getting physical objects/structures closer to me directly overhead. They will often script boom trucks to undertake seeming overhead services maintenance along my walking routes, but these don't offer enough under-shelter time it would seem.

When I got back to my apartment, I saw that a mattress has "arrived" to be left in the hallway, and partially facing into my apartment. It is a metallic light blue color, much like the accompanying blue colored vehicles next to the silver-grey ones at the early stages of vehicular gangstalking this past weekend. It seems that this color, very much in the same greytone as silver-grey, is the next incremental step in the color sequence they put me through whenever I am out in public. As it "so happens", I had a silver-grey Volvo for 16 years, and prior to that, my parents had a light metallic blue Peugot for at least 10 years before they got their current Ford Escape in a brown tinged metallic silver-grey finish. I think we are a long way from done (harassing me) when they are planting mattresses around my apartment. Regular readers might recall that they planted a similar color of mattress outside my last residence, though further away, some 35' or so. It maybe in the pictures from then, I will have to look. Last week there was a mattress packing gangstalker on the sidewalk at the intersection mentioned above, and not seeming to belong to any kind of moving house activity. Another one of those all-time dumbshit stunts. They have also have placed a couch at the next intersection (Quadra and Yates for locals), under the same scenario, (moving house without apparent associative vehicles or activity/props), when I was making a supermarket trip some six months ago.

Earlier, I did my phone calls about employment prospects, and it seemed to me that there was a slight extra inference of the respondent sounding hopeless about it. Nothing stated, but extra dispassionate it seemed. Often, a tip-off of perp emotional intrusion is that they overdo the planted sensation, and don't yet know how to fully moderate it. I am proceding on the government funding for tuition payment, taking on the said 1/2" thick application process. My findings were that it was a 9 page document, and wasn't nearly the hassle it was made out to be. I phoned the woman who put on the discouragement three weeks ago when we met, but couldn't reach her directly, and only through her voicemail. All the other "disability" leads were found to be hopeless; the one this same woman suggested as an aternative will not have any funds until April, something she surely must of known at the time when she phoned them during our meeting. Obviously, this little game of hunt-the-disability-benefits has a long way to go before it reaches finality. A year or longer I suspect, as I am sure it will not be in place for January 2009 when half the courses begin, and I will have to take them in 2010. Just my suspicion, but as all things I do are of intense outside surveillant interest, including any financial activity (as noted yesterday), why not keep the bullshit running with extra pointless adversity?

Another perp objective theme is all things related to employment, and that includes no employment, which seems to be their focus since late September when the said-to-be employers all faded out and did not return emails or phone calls. Other prospective employers seem to be remaining incommunicado. One of the planted phrases that "comes to mind" when seeing the hordes of males (gangstalkers) without an apparent day job (har, har) is to remark on them by saying (per planted thought), "get a real job".

My thought-to-be friend of long ago when we lived in Nanaimo, had a long jobless streak before he found work in Ontario and moved back there where he still is. I suspect this might have been self induced to some extent, but that city is particularly hard hit for employment most of the time, especially with the shutdown of the Harmac puplmill, which got bailed out recently and is in restart phase. He manages a crew of subdivision services installers, laying down septic, water and conduit in the subdivision before the roads are put in. The perps' plastic PVC pipe themes and the ditch/soil digging interest may be part of his unwritten employment activities. (Acting as a surrogate for me).

Might this be a reason the perps have an obsession over sticky tape? I thought that the adhesives were the big focus for them, but if one can get X-rays emanating in the proximity of the victim who is bathed in high levels (I suspect, much more than the 200 Gauss of late 2002) magnetic fields, why not add some extra ionizing radiation? I still (4 days later) have the drafting tape convering up the sill of the sliding glass door to the balcony, so there may well be some residual effects of of the sticky tape in its present location.

Two nights ago when my father was doing his ever consistent stunt of standing in front of the TV, and me "reacting" to it, apparently fomented by his dementia which I think is an act, he said something to the effect of, "you just don't know", presumably a reference to the cast of thousands of operatives and quislings on gangstalking duty at any given time I expend in public. I said, "tell me, because I don't know", and he shuffled off without making a reply. He put a good little contextual statement together I thought, and yet blew me off by doing the walk-away-while-in-conversation stunt that I have come to know, though it doesn't play often.

I cannot get a day's rest from nanoparticles or "nano" anything these days. I see that such substances can be taken up into the body from the skin. This might explain their cautious late summer attempts to have me using sodden white colored gloves that took up soil particles for only a few hours, not the entire day. Nano particle uptake through the skin just might be another one of their "research problems" they have placed on my back. I also notice that one of the comments indicates that macro sized particles behave differently than nano sized particles, particularly with respect to UV absorption; both nano sized TiO2 and ZiO particles will absorb UV light, but not macro sized ones. And given that I get light flashes around me constantly, or lights trained on me such as the pitlamping games that go on, then these nano-level properties occuring inside one's body must be surely disrupting the perp's plans for total human body energetics interaction knowledge.

And while dispensing with some more links that I have saved, I see that there are sun-earth Flux Transfer Events that have been discovered, a magnetic portal that forms every eight minutes. I am no physicist, having found that out in high school, but it is interesting that the perps have been so very cautious about me having sun exposure since 2004, and to what level. Regular readers will know that the perps had at least five gangstalkers descend on me when my shirt had been off for all of 20 minutes in the summer, this taking place in a farm field while on the daffodil bulb picking job. I was attempting my first and only tanning of the summer, but was shut out by the clouds obscuring the sun. Given that I am being held in a densified magnetic field, I imagine that these "portals" of direct high energy particle transference from the sun to the earth just might be another factor in the perp games that I am party to, without my consent. Lucky me, another significant theoretical physics component/research objective added to the impressive list the perps are working on. Like I said, total remotely applied mind control of humans is not enough for them; they want to learn about all physical human/animal energetics interactions, which includes psychic/consciousness energies IMHO. If that wasn't a tall order, I don't know what it is, but it doesn't bother them any. Six years of relentless abusive rage-fication and life-rape is merely how they do business all the time.

I got some reading in about alien and military abductions and how they seem to be working at cross purposes at Alien Jigsaw. I was reading her new book online, I Forgot What I Wasn't Supposed to Remember, detailing her recollections of abductions and the circumstances since 1995 when she last wrote. The reason I read abduction experiences is that it closely parallels the Targetted Individual experience; nonconsensual and ongoing human experimentation with mind control research as part of the agenda. We, like the abductees, cannot go anywhere to get redress, let alone a decent hearing from any responsible authority. The abductees undergo greater invasive methods for shorter durations and usually don't suffer the intense surveillance, gangstalking and remotely applied extra conventional gravitic harassment. Or if they do, as is the case with Katharina Wilson of Alien Jigsaw, it is for shorter duration. What I found interesting as an aside, was that her depiction of some aliens is with red hair.

And regular readers will know that I have a particular loathing of red hair that the perps like to remind me of by planting this in my proximity as Unfavored. Even bad reddish brown dyed hair is of interest in the perps' presentation to me. In fact, one of the pleasant blonde cashiers of an grocery store I visited until mid 2006 when I gave up my vehicle has re-surfaced at the local supermarket with fugly reddish-brown dyed hair. She was even sent past me on the street for a couple of early mornings in the summer when I was off to meet the daffodil farm crew bus pickup, though she turned off the friendly front for these streetside pass-bys. Today, while shopping at the supermarket, one of the sometimes friendly cashiers with natural reddish brown hair "happened" to pass me by in the aisle before I got to the checkout where the aforementioned blonde-reddish brown hair color conversion woman was clustered with the cashier (dark brown natural hair, but no chin) at my checkout. This latter woman who crossed paths with me in the aisle, while normally friendly at past checkout experiences, was decidedly frosty while "happening" to pass me by on the street about a year ago when I was walking to the strength training classes I took. Then she was back onto charm mode today. Go figure; all this variable friendliness with the checkout cashiers; two of them "independently" friendly in the store, and unfriendly on-street, two such encounters each. Just to think; I have been shopping at this store over two years now, and they have yet to introduce the dudes and the rest of the Unfavoreds as cashiers.

I see that Obama has won the US presidential election, but I will refrain from any conspiratorial musings and keep them to myself. I sincerely hope that he can make the positive changes he hopes for, and repairs the trail of wreckage left by his predecessor. I am optimistic, but seeing how Pres.Clinton got bogged down in his second term with that vituperative partisan hacker in the name of Kenneth Starr and the rest of the cabal, I remain hopeful that anything like it won't dog Obama.

Time to call this one done for the day, and contemplate the chocolate sharing advances of my in-town brother when raking leaves at his place tomorrow.

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