Thursday, November 27, 2008

Unannounced Water Supply Shutdown

That is correct, this apartment building has shut down the water for four hours without notice, adroitly timing the shutdown over breakfast, ensuring that I had water for the kettle to make coffee, but none 10 minutes later for doing the dishes. And upon query to the supposed manager, it is shutdown for four hours, meaning no shower, shave and the rest of the morning routine. All timed to preced yoga later at 1130h, one of the perps very favorite times to lay on extra street gangstalking. A coup of a kind, as I have had many water shutdowns in all my apartments of the past five years, but always with some notice, even if they did provide it late. On with the show, as well as the extra offensive emanations coming off this LCD display.

Then it all changes; I get back from yoga, and there is a phone message for me. I call, talk to the answering machine. About 15 minutes later, I get the return call, and the cleaning job I applied for is offered; no interview, no references, just be there at 1745h, at the local Mazda dealership. It is a one hour per day, six day per week job, and amounts to about $400 per month. Enough to pay for the chocolate habit that I am stiffed with and a bit left over to pay my line of credit down. Not exactly riches, but enough to keep the wolf from the door and maybe a little extra.

I have done the training now, and I learn that the person I work for is disabled, and he told me that he applied for subsidized housing, and he pays $265/month, and was accepted in at age 52. Now we are talking; that would be a $300 saving per month if I could score that kind of rent deal. Which begs the question, why in the fuck didn't anyone tell me about it in the first place? My eviction record might be the reason, but now that I have been "good" (no one complained so far) in this place, now we are talking about moving up in the world, up the subsidy ladder for us disabled folks. And as I am 55 next year, so why not the "senior citizen" gig too? So it would seem that the perps have me suddenly motivated to move for a substantial rent reduction, finally cashing in on some of disabled benefits, har, har.

11-28-2008, 1130h
And I am being kept on the go even today with two more appointments. Last night they kept me awake for at least three hours before allowing a light sleep and then into some vivid and fugly dreams, though I cannot recall anything specific, save my impression. The noise campaign was maintained the entire time I was in this imposed wakeful state; bizarre processions of loud mufflered vehicles (hot rods, "performance" mufflers, ill maintained mufflers), heavy duty vehicles etc. But at least they kept the pretense of excessive bus service only until midnight when there are no scheduled buses afterward. Funny how they observe some decorum (conventional normality) and ignore other improbabilites.

I will post this now, and attempt an update later. I also got snookered last night when they caused my monitor display to go sideways, making it impossible to read. Visions, planted ones, of packing my PC across town to get it fixed came to mind, but a phone call to my ersatz techinical support came through with a simple Windows CRTL + UP ARROW for any TI's who get stiffed with this stunt.

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