Sunday, November 23, 2008

Short Post

The overhead stereo noise has just started up; it is the same music that has followed me around in other residence locations in this city. Funny how that happens. And the same music as always, and earlier today; it is a low thumpy bass with a beep tone added on to it. And "somehow", it gets through my earmuffs in its entirety, all of the tones, though it isn't very loud.

Earlier, I was applying for jobs online and as always, getting plenty of noisestalking with plasma and maser flashes, on-screen text morphing, forced burps and farts and the remainder of the directed phenomenon. Then, after all of them were sent off, a sudden "need" came on for me to take a shit. It seems these are also being tactically arranged, just like pee-ing has, per mention in the recent past blogs. And as it "happens" and with accompanying noisestalking, I got two responses from the four job ads, and both were negative. It is to be expected, but it is rare that I even get a reply, so perhaps the perps are moving me up in the complexity of interaction with others. One of the jobs was office cleaning for an hour each day which would of been a nice increment to my disability payments, but the position was taken. I have seen many businesses within a few blocks from here advertise for jobs, so I wonder if this isn't some kind of perp scheme to provide some "exposure time" for my neighborhood merchants.

It is getting to be mysterious why I don't hear from so many prospective employers, and as part of my grovelling for training money for next year, I am to conduct some employer interviews, just so that my case worked knows that I have jumped through all the required hoops. All to keep me spinning I suspect, even if the training budget grant submission will be in August 2009, with dispersements into 2010 no less.

Today was a sheets laundry day, and with me staying at my parents' place overnight, the sheets will get a full day in "fallow", a seemingly more important condition that is imposed upon me of late. They like to have things put into place and then not used for a time. This would include the new safety toed boots I bought in September and the half mask respirator for those "for sure" jobs that did not materialize. Neither of the two temp agencies has phoned me once, with one of them declaring that there is nothing they can do for me. Talk about absurd, but that is how it is, no matter how reasonable and adaptable I present myself.

One job had a three question come on line, the questions relating to working in a dynamic, leading edge business and being obsessive about quality, with the question at the end, "if you replied yes to the above three questions, then we have a job for you". And I did answer "yes" to the questions, and sent off my resume and got a message back saying they cannot find a suitable job for me. It is fucking bizarre for an employment agency to be so pre-emptively discriminatory, as it seems to me, and if anyone has such strange stories about employment agencies, I would like to hear about them. I will take this one to my case worker next Friday and see what she thinks about it.

Time to call this one done for the day, and I expect that I will be tied up all tomorrow afternoon raking leaves again, though I do get paid for it, and I am not complaining.

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