Friday, November 21, 2008

Street Hollaring Yobos

I am getting a run-up of noise while reading a TI's blog, leading with the bullshit street hollaring that has increased in frequency over the past month. That and dog barking, even if no residential properties in this neighborhood allow pets. If I went the window to look out for the hollaring source, it is likely that there won't be one, just like the vehicular noise that has also increased. My theory is that voices, dog barks and other animal sourced noises like the relentless seagull mewing are processed in the emotional part of the brain, the amygdala, and that is where the perps want to explore to then fully control all the neural energetics. The trouble for them, and by extension, me, is that it sits on the inside of the temporal lobes at the junction with the brain stem. Not my problem, so why am I getting harassed over it all the time?

I am not allowed to take a crap without wonderous events transpiring all the time, and the level of intrusion gets worse than that. The latest in mind fuckery is not allowing me to cross "t"'s when handwriting. Fucking sick.

My big outing of the day was to over a block away to a stationary store that had only part of what I wanted in total, to then force a visit to another one to finish the shopping list. One big issue last year was acquiring a diary for 2008; no store had what I wanted and then I "ended up" getting one online at twice the price and no covers as it was a refill. So today, the 2009 diary nonsense was started up, and something different; no corner page perforations to find your place, so I had to opt for one without. The corner tear-offs have become a big hassle as the assholes won't allow me to tear the paper on the substantial perforations, but instead, the tear wanders all over the place. This fuckery isn't too different to that of the ongoing toilet paper perforation fuckery that has gone on for over six years; the assholes won't let me tear toilet paper on the perforations no matter how hard I try and differing manufacturers that I try.

And for about the third time in six years, the perps gave me a whole two minutes without some fuckwit tailing me, or placed exactly where I want to go in advance. But of course that didn't last for long, and some brown dressed fuckwit arrived from outside with coffee in hand (more brown), to the checkout, crossed my path when I went to look for something I couldn't find after my purchase, and then he returned to the checkout for no reason, having come from outside. Thank you Staples, another agency of SS, (Sureptitious Sickos).

Then onto the stationary store that ripped me off for a box of pens last time to conclude the diary acquisition nonsense, and lo, if I didn't get the lead-ahead E. bound auburn hair gangstalker ahead of me for the entire half block, only to be replaced by an identical hair colored W. bound gangstalker who stalked me into and in the store. I got the usual cashier exiting the checkout in advance, then return before I arrived at the checkout, and a tubby dude at that. I have to wonder what all these freakshow acts think of me in knowing I cannot stand the sight of certain Unfavored demographic groups, and are placed as elicitation bait.

The big color for the perps in gangstalking today, for the entire 15 minutes of outing time, was yellow. The ever hikey-bikey acts like to put this color on, and I suppose it was coordinated with the journals that I bought which had yellow colored packing labels on them for the first time. These were substituted for the normal black covered Blueline A9 journals. The new journals were also different in color, a deep dark navy blue. So it would seem that this item that I hold and place over my legs when writing in it is due for a very modest color change to then expedite the perps' games in playing with colors in my proximity. This is the kind of progress they make after six unrelenting years of abuse. Fucking sick as it is stupid.

And lots of plasma games while typing up this blog posting; a yellow-orange horizontal line appears over the line of text where I am typing, and then it moves around and gets skewed some. And more text jumping is going on; faux "refreshes" where the LCD display hops up a quarter inch or so and then back to its orignal position. And I notice, they are timing the hallway noises, the pops, clicks and other transient noise to exactly when the text line hopping is happening. Not enough for the sickos to do it seems. Now, the afternoon darkening down games are beginning, and time to take a break from this nonsense.

A continuing parade of noise from outside mostly; its as if every other vehicle has a bad exhaust or muffler, or else has a "performance" muffler, all delivering the similar long trailing off noise but with differing sound characteristics. And for the tomemtors, this is a big deal; noise sculpting seems to be what they are doing; attempting to map noises with other noises for whatever gain in realtime neural research they are doing on me.

Applying for jobs online was their noisestalking focus it seemed, with a big run-up just before sending the email to the prospective employer. I even get tour buses putting on the vehicular gangstalking outside, at this time of year no less. It is all about what color it is, brown and red in this case with white roof panels. I would see this same bus on the city streets in the summer when waiting for the farm crew bus for the daffodil bulb picking work I did then. Funny how the same large vehicles keep cruising by.

Another arranged event is to have me attend to blog reading, speaking on the phone with, typing the person's name (copy & pasting multiple times) or emailing someone, and then I would be scripted to head out to appointments, or in the case of this morning, shopping. Then when back online after being out, they have me attend to the same person again, possibly catching up on some email they sent me. A split engagement it would seem; engage with a person in a direct or indirect way, send me out to be gangstalked up the asshole for 20 minutes with the freakshow and shiftless fuckwits, and then have me come back and engage with the same person again, directly or indirectly. As an example, I spoke with one of my quisling confreres this morning to ask if it was OK to use him as a reference, and he said it would be fine. Off I went to the two stationary stores per above, and when back on my PC I was placing his name into a document as part of a bid request, but noisestalked all the more. The perps likely have hundreds of these setups scripted for the next year or more. I also notice many more aerials installed in this town when the perps had me as a passenger in my ex's vehicle four days ago. Many of the aerials are flat panels, small dishes, or stylized trees with progressively increasing dipole length along the main beam. Given that I always "forget" to take my camera, there won't be any kind of pictoral display anytime soon in this blog. If someone reading this blog knows what aerials are for what, I might get inspired to get more pictures taken.

A short dinner of leftovers and a kiwi fruit, and then back to online activities, like reading blogs. I see one of my genuine confreres is getting hassled while homeless; I cannot think of a more cruel fate than that. I got at least one staring this week, but for the most part, I get the "look away" appearence, where they are looking sideways while walking forward when there is nothing of interest to command their attention. It is a classic move of the Fuckwits, and apart from the spinal twist they so much like to invoke, especially when they walk around corners, I cannot think why these fuckwits keep doing this.

What I did note when watching the Benazir Bhutto assassination earlier this year was that the deemed assassin did exactly the same thing; he was facing the vehicle, looked 90 degrees to his right, and then looked forward and pointed the gun at her as she was waving through the top of the sun roof, and then the bomb went off, enclosing the assassin in a cloud of smoke. If he was one of the Fuckwits, which I think he was, he could of been safely telported out there without harm. I don't get it from the conventional perspecitve; here the assassin is to pull off one of the most henious crimes in Pakistan's political history, and he looks 90 degrees away from his target before turning toward her and firing the gun. It was most odd, and I don't make a point of watching those kinds of icky things, but "somehow" the perps fanangled me into seeing the YouTube version. And as I am typing this up, I am getting the on/off-ing noise as if my neighbor has a very loud water noise from it running in the pipes, and then repeatedly turns the faux faucet on and off. They like me to notice their goings on and signature stunts, and likely control my cognition of just who might have been the real culprit.

I am going through a mock shopping exercise, likely per my tormentor's direction. I cannot afford anything extra, especially this month with the dental bill, and here they are putting me through the exercise as if purchasing much coveted items of at least 6 months past research. These are all PC upgrade items; more memory, a spare Trackball mouse, a 20" LCD monitor and a video card. As part of the perp's excitement in having me do this, they have added in male voice noise in the hallway and now some fake neighbor water-in-the pipes noise from the same general direction. I don't know what they get out of such an exercise, but at least it hasn't progressed as far as doing the ordering. The routine is selecting the vendor, bookmarking the relevant pages, scoping shipping costs, payment methods and then backing off thankfully. I have never engaged in "wannabe shopping" shopping before, and it is a tiresome exercise to say the least. The worst of it is that they have stopped me from getting a job it seems for the last two months, and of course, no means to afford these extra trinkets they have me covet. Going by past experience they can make one order something you don't want, and then have me toss it out after it arrives. I would never do such a thing either, but again, I didn't have much choice.

The evening time tea and chocolate break is done; the chocolate was fractured in many places besides the score lines, and it seems evident that they like to "explore" all the possible energetic nuances of it being broken up irregularly. This has been happening with other foods, where they break or spread along unexpected paths as part of the seeming effort to sample more of the internal faces than the predictable ones. Hence the above mentioned perforation tearing fuckery that passes for the imposed normal.

I am being kept in an activity slowdown; my reading cognition is getting dithered and I haven't anything else to do. Like situations have occured among past employers and I always wondered why these lulls in work had occured. Now I know; someone gets some kind of advantage in having me do squat, though I have no idea what it could be. Perhaps it serves as some kind of baseline benchmark, and then neural energetics of activities are added onto it as a comparison to being actively engaged. Who would ever think that a covert agency finds some kind of gain or advantage in their victims doing nothing much? The job shutout of the last two months probably serves the same harassment/study objective.

I got some reading in with the earmuffs on, and for once there weren't many attempts to punch noise through them for the past hour. But now that they are off, the noises have started up, which is common; one's ears must be more sensitive after being deprived of hearing sounds with earmuffs. Just another angle the perps consistently work on.

I am done for the day, and don't have much planned for tomorrow, save the weekly newspaper read they like me to do. But one never knows as the perps like to spring me with something unplanned for to take up an entire day.

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