Thursday, November 13, 2008

Job Talk

Late to begin a full-on gangstalking and harassment listing, but I was out today, on my regular Thursday yoga beat. I got the usual swarms afterward, as all the spine stretching is a big deal to the perps. When headed to yoga I got the wet walking surface treatment; the apartment elevator lobby had just been cleaned and was still wet, and again, about halfway to yoga, there was a streetworks project with a suck truck that was sending water down the sidewalk to the drain at the intersection corner that I stood at. I also saw that they were digging a hole in the road 20' further ahead in keeping with this "erupting" all over these days, including inside the supermarket that I frequent, less than a block away. And I see my ex wants to employ my services to do some digging at her place for placement of paving stones. In other words, no surrogates for me when they want to do some soil/ground interaction testing. Mind you, they also have at least one downtown construction site dug out for the foundations of a condominium tower about a block away.

I walked by this very site for the afternoon's meeting I had with the Opportunities Fund representative. This is the federal government fund for training us disabled folks, translated, upgrade of Oracle and Arc software courses after six years of being forced out of employment. And it "so happens" the representative phoned me this morning to tell me that the funds had been frozen and if I still wanted to go through with meeting her. I said yes, I need to start the application process, and lo, I later found out that one cannot apply until four weeks before the course starts. Which makes the entire application process moot for now, as the first courses won't be until September 2009. Sounds odd to me, making an unneeded deadline for approval in the summer months for government oversight review. More FUD opportunities I suppose, that is, Fear, Uncertainy and Doubt, a hallmark of IBM practice at one time, and certainly is a perp credo.

There is a provincial fund that does the same thing, and they also "happened" to run out of funds and cannot accept any applicants either. I am also keeping them in mind, and perhaps it will become a foot race of which government offers the fastest service (training funds) with the least FUD. Something like that. And here I was thinking I could get this done before January 2009 for the first courses, but will now settle for September 2009 instead, to be followed by more courses in January 2010. Never have I been allowed to plan anything so far ahead before, save college days at best. When an agency invades one's life such that planning one's underwear is not allowed, it is indeed odd that training courses are lined up so far ahead. I suspect other "factors" will "erupt" for another favorite setup of the perps, dashed expectations (aka, bait and switch). I don't know what they get out of messing up someone's plans, but as has become gratuitious for even one-of events, it is an important perp exercise.

But it was interesting to learn that this representative, now my federal government case worker, can act as an intervenor (for us disabled folks, har, har) and find out why I am not getting any interviews. Worse yet, there is one unresolved situation where I am inexplicably blacklisted by a recruitment firm for no apparent reasons. In the course of today's meeting I got to tell my case worker all my woe of no one returning calls and emails, as well as the other oddities of recruiter behaviors I have come to know, and I suppose eliciting me to supply all that information (about staged events don't forget), was part of today's meeting agenda. Recall that I look upon these as elicitations, not conversations. They like me to make statements about the strange things that are "going on", read, scripted adversity. And that would include typing up this little tale, as some overhead clunking noise (through 12" of concrete and steel) is getting through my earmuffs as I type this.

The earmuffs are making squeaking noises all by themselves, so it is time to take them off for this last spate of blogging for today. Earlier tonight, I filled out my Active Job Search Log, going through my emails back as far as August 2008, and also my manually recorded job listings in a Bookmark directory. A whole lot of shutouts to say the least, nearly all of them never communicating once I apply online. But it is the first part of this Opportunities Fund adventure, my attempt to score some $5,000 of tuition from 09-2009 to 03-2010. I also "found out" that there is a 3 to 4 month "dating" period in which I work with the case worker and do my job search logging, interviews with prospective employers, and like concientious efforts to look for short term and long term work. Only then, the application process gets into high gear, and is another aspect that I wasn't informed of. It is all too arranged to keep me clueless as to what the process is.

The above form filling got the perps excited to launch into a round of serial loud mufflered vehicles outside, overhead pounding and clunking and others. I don't know quite what the excitement was, but I did get some very bright orange and yellow colored papers from today's appointment, and maybe that was got the perp so excited.

Time to call this one done, and ponder what the action will be tomorrow; shut-in days have been frequent of late, but on the other hand, I have been getting the odd family request to do gardening and like activities.

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