Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sirens and Clunkings

A "perfect confluence" of noise is erupting, just before I set off to do some digging at my ex's place. It is for a walkway ostensibly, and in keeping with me digging holes at my parents' place, my in-brother's place, my out-of-town brother's place in 2002, and of course, two summer months of scrabbling daffodil bulbs on the farm lands north of downtown. It is the year of digging dirt for the SS, (Sureptiticious Sickos) and who knows what is the next bizarre offshoot they have lined up for me. Even shifting online tasks from reading websites to begining today's blog posting is an exciting event for the SS, let alone walking around in my apartment. They cannot get enough of the pedantic action, never mind the rest of the plasma and maser games that pass for the imposed normal.

Back to blogging after being out for the afternoon. It was another "victim tour", where I am taken to a certain location for rather nebulous reasons. It was the ex's turn to invite me over to her place to advise on the concrete pathways she wants poured around the property. Where to place them, addition of drainage, project logistics, who does what, etc. (No digging as it "happened"; it was all to have me take my day pack with me). Then I was to write down all the items while she was in the phone in the other room, and then take the same list and go over them at lunch out at a large realestate development called Bear Mountain. A tour in effect, and the lunch was overlooking a traffic roundabout with golf carts and vehicles alike going in looping turns, and the odd one even going against the mandated direction. All these vehicular antics are long familiar to TI's. The golf cart exposure was interesting as they have a certain size/scale in the vehicular array, and the perps have long ensured that I get exposure to certain vehicle sizes, usually in a flush or formation of them. I don't know what the gangstalk vehicle size nonsense is about, but suffice to say, the ridiculous (IMHO) Smart Cars are prevalent in this town.

And while pondering, the overhead pounding erupted with a simultaneous body zapping, all to get me riled up, given that I fucking hate this, and I will club any known Fuckwits who do this to me into a pancake.

I did an eveningtime shopping visitation to the local supermarket with the usual posse of Fuckwits and other gangstalkers of the Unfavored. The most hurl-worthy was the woman ahead of me at the checkout in a hippie outfit which included a way fugly touque in red and orange and a burgundy patch quilt long skirt. The red and orange clashing color combination is especially vile to my visual aesthetics, and the perps will do all they can to get this inserted into the freakshow in any public venue. The hippie woman ahead of me was joined by a equally odious loitering touque wearing dude who managed to arrive just as she was picking up her shopping bags after delaying her departure for more in-close time I assume. The hippie woman had another woman in black beside her when I first got to the checkout, one dressed normally, and it always seems that the perps need to have a Favored demographic group member with an Unfavored one, or at least at the outset of any close-in gangstalking, or moreso, for a new venue. It is a common etheric (aura) penumbra arrangement the ambulatory gangstalkers like to arrange, where the Favored demographic group member is immediately in front or behind the Unfavored group member. In more familiar circumstances they don't seem to need blondes as much as they once used to. Blondes are one of the most Favored demographic groups, and their deployment as gangstalkers in new venues is often very consistent (e.g. first week of the summer time daffodil bulb picking crew).

I notice the nightime street lighting is being modified for some kind of extra-conventional visual effect. The traffic, head, and street lights are all flaring with extra glow that has an ordered crackled radiating look to it. Hard to describe, but disconcerting to some extent, and I don't where the Fuckwits are going with this one. Other day and nightime lighting games are to put on extra red reflections, as if tail and brakelights were casting strong reflections, even on whole panels of vehicles, making their real color indeterminant until I get closer to them. Very often, these setups include red vehicles, and there was one outside the supermarket when at the checkout tonight. And lo, if a red and white tow truck didn't stop beside it with yellow light flashing as service vehicles often do. It would seem that this was an outside to inside red color comparison exercise, the above hippie woman providing plenty of close-in red clothing colors under different light conditions inside the store. There were at least three other dudes on gangstalking duty wearing red clothing and having it appear from varying shadows to brighter lit locations. Also, when walking toward me, they create distance dependent characteristics that they seem to be looking for.

I was also scripted for a nap earlier, for an hour before dinner, and not so long that I felt totally trashed by the experience. The perps have long had the ability to make me feel wasted after long daytime naps. I don't ordinarily need daytime naps, but when they come on, there is no resisting. In the long past of 2003, they would sometimes script a nap when I came back from the PC repair shop, presumably to access the internals to plant their partitions on and all the spyware. I have not been able to remove these partitions even with specialized software.

More online reading with the earmuffs on owing to annoying sustained noises. Every so often the perps put noise through the ear muffs and I suppose there is some advantage they are plumbing for. Time to call this one done for the day.

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