Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Start Yawns and Sirens

The noise flurries started up as I set to create today's blog posting; sirens and the addition of imposed yawning, never a random event as I have come to know.

It was another near sleepless night with some other strangeness that I won't get into; though in fact, the perps seem to like me to "know" it was a sleepless night, though I suspect there was some shut-eye. As always, I don't expect any later day tiredness because of it, as it hasn't happened for all the many hundreds of such nights I have had since the harassment went into overt form in 04-2002. It seemed to me that I had a dream portion where I was under the planted notion that I wasn't being harassed, and then suddenly a planted "realization" in the dream came on, and I was back in the real world again. Very curious this, playing with my sense of my reality in dreams, though it isn't too much different than other games they play then, testing the differences in bioenergetic responses and activity when presented with the same "facts" in one's dream and then one's daytime life.

And more Katie Melua listening last night; the perps know, or have created the situation, where I cannot get enough of listening to her music and adoring her looks, though going by the comments on YouTube, I am not alone in that respect. Other music listening involved male musicians, though for the most part I didn't find many that I liked. At first the perps started me out on NPR, but often blocked the download, so I was directed to more male acts than I wanted to listen to, and then they pulled a real stunt, playing a musician that was not selected, and for a time I was listening to two music feeds at once. I had no idea who I was really listening to for a time, "mixing up" selected female vocalists and male vocalists, per mind-control perceptual jerkarounds.

The bath night routine was scripted last night after I was duly mind-fucked into thinking it was the usual Wednesday when in fact it was Tuesday, nothing new there. Perhaps the perps wanted to follow up my Katie Melua listening with whatever downstream "auric glow" that undoubtedly confers. I suspect that bathing also increases the perps ability to remotely detect bioenergetic fields, and the recent increase of my mother taking baths on Sunday nights when I visit their place has not gone unnoticed. Also of interest is that her baths are timed after dinner, and that the bathtub is behind me through the wall when I sit in the living room watching TV. And that also makes for trickling water noise going off behind my head when it is drained, the same noise that "happens" when my faux neighbors take baths in this ever silly game of creating the noise overhead, and not from where their bathrooms are located in this apartment block.

More continuing bounce-around when attmpting to order a download for my antivirus software licence renewal. At least I was allowed to order a two year term so I don't go through this incredible fuckery in a year's time. Last year's licence extension was equally mysterious, and the confusion has a cover in that Digital River/Element Five has a role as the so-called provider. Only two days ago they blew me off and had me attempt to order this same "product" directly from software vendor, part of today's trial. And as soon as I complained to the representative about this runaround the perps gave me a left thigh muscle cramp, their signature intrusion as to a "hot moment" for their continuing games. Just maybe this stunt is over, though I am not so certain, as the perps have got plenty of mileage in putting red and yellow bordered Windows dialog boxes on my startup screen for the last week. These ketchup and mustard color combinations have to be one of their favorite vile color combinations, and placing them in front of me for every logon for a week is just too tempting for them to give this one up so readily.

After making and eating lunch with plenty of provocations to have me vocalize my complaints, the perps have settled into continuing the noise games, presently alternating vehicle horns through two cycles from each party. That takes coordination in my book.

And I note my above mentioned download software has not come through in the promised minute or two, and hence the games are continuing to extend this nonsense. But "somehow", the usual boot-up warnings about licence termination did not occur, almost as if this computer "knew" they were coming and magically loaded itself without telling me. Instead, I got some curious unattributable Windows dialog panels that came up about some cryptic event that was shutting itself down. Call it a "substitute dialog box", of different colors (standard Windows blue border colors) and a differing message in place of the threatening dialog boxes in yellow and red. Very strange, but that is the new norm.

The email interaction has dried up save spammers for the past 10 days, and not even the TI group mail missives are being sent, and even Ms. C's once per year emails are blocked, as is her intention to reply to the ones I sent her. I suppose the "big deal" is for my download order to arrive at some point, the highlight of the current drought of any personal emails. As always, every nuance of what I do and how I interact is under scrutiny, and that usually involves the next step of sabotage, often in the form of functional decomposition of every keystroke, glance, thought and action related to anything I do. Even signing a check gets a significant run-up of noise, phenomenon games, enragement provocations, jabbings and the like, as well as during the event itself, one that has been interupted countless times since the perps went overt, and in my opinion, collectively beserk given their past history of collosal ineptitude in fucking up access to what they want; 100% mind control and energetic determination of all psychic energies in my life, though it is hardly one of rich portent as they have fucked me with learning disabilites and scripted (and constrained) most of my life's interactions.

Another cycle of having a break, this time for dinner, eating brown colored food, and the onset of accompanying noise and activity afterward, undertaking some kind of brown food bioenergetics assay interaction it would seem. This repeats in near identical fashion from this afternoon when I had chocolate with tea during a break.

And true to form, the perps have not allowed my transaction to obtain my download of an antivirus software licence renewal to proceed. It all seems to be part of this continuing campaign to make this a fraught experience every step of the way. The red and yellow colored Windows dialog boxes to tell me of my expiring licence are now cominng up again upon boot-up; their cessation for one or two bootups was some kind of experiment. And so it goes; another round with that infernal Digital River outfit and the utter abdication of responsibility of the software supplier to know how impossible it is to order their software through them. And while I type out my complaints here, the clunking and clattering of faux neighbor noise has increased. Obviously this is a big game and and they won't have a chance to screw around on this particular front until next licence renewal, two years from now. Or maybe, the perps want to infect my PC and take it down; they did this to my ex's PC about three years ago, making a total mess of it. Funny that she got screwed this way when she has been one of their quisling operatives for nearly 30 years, as long as I have known her.

It would not be the first time the perps have bit the hand that they have cultivated and who thinks that they are free from getting fucked with on account of this cooperation. There have been a number or rashes of inexplicable automobile crashes in the past, and the pattern of the event fits the perp's agenda in figuring out the bioenergetics of people in travelling vehicles along with the racial component that is part of the harassment. In one case, no one has ever figured out why the youthful driver was so reckless as it was totally out of character. Keeping the lid on screwing the locals, or some of them, and having full citywide cooperation in this harassment agenda is quite the balancing act.

Even going back some 15 years when there was a child disappearance that no one could figure out, this taking place at a soccer game, the perps seem to leave some telltale clues. (The typo sabotage has just started up, and the enragement games are also being played per mind-control activity, repeating yesterday's blogging at the same juncture in the day, after dinner). The major clue that I detect from the Michael Dunahee abduction was that the 4 year old boy was taken away in a white van, as it was the only vehicle that could not be accounted for at the police's later crime scene re-creation. Well it so happens that white trades vans are the number one gangstalking vehicle in this city, and that the perps were running this city then, although covertly, and without the wide participation there is now. There is another personal angle related to the ex's family that I won't get into, but even the slightest coincidences of the time are usually highly managed IMHO. (And as I type that up, and deal with the perp's removing the name, and make the link, the assholes hit me with more typo sabotage to enrage me, then a forced fart, then more hallway clickings as if it were very busy out there, and so it goes. What is it that the perps want to know about me typing that up, likely mind-controlled by them in the first place?) In my experience, the perp's like to leave some clues; the 9/11 tragedy is a classic example, and even now, the perps appear to be hounding me with these protracted 9/11 coin advertisements on Canadian TV each time I go to my parent's place. Go figure, but this "clue dropping" is highly consistent.

I am getting my reading cognition sabotaged while reading this piece about the medical establishment, and each time I swear out loud at the perps for fucking my word meaning perception they script mouth noises at the same time. This squirting like noise would be an nonaural source while at the same time expressing my aural opinion of this fuckaround. Invariably the perps also have a run-up of loud-mufflered vehicles trailing off into the distance, part of the perpetual noise parade they have arranged in support of this mind-controlled yellings at these egregious mental incursions, and of course letting me know that I got screwed into the bargain.

In today's perp theme of treating me to near pornographic website "interests", I finished up with listening to Margret Cho on YouTube tonight. Very funny, and an astute observer of the political condition without being negative about it. Perhaps she is also scripted for as a profanity source, all to my my own use. I also noted that my chair got vibrated by the perps when she mentioned the Norht Korean dictator's name. Very curious that.

Time to blog off for the night and ponder what on earth, or even extraterrestrially, the perps have for tomorrow as their indoctrination theme.

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