Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Out to Get a Tree

It was an outing day today; my in-town brother came with his van for us to pick up a tree at a plant nursery some 10 miles up the major highway. As I don't have a vehicle, and usually have little reason to drive my parent's vehicle on the highway, it was a big deal for the perps to have me as a passenger on this route, and at higher speeds. The perps first started off with posting three vagrant "buddies" sitting on the asphalt parking lot some 20' from my brother's van which was sitting at the curb. The setup made me curious as to how long this had been arranged; my experience is that the perps like to have about 30 minutes of "warm up" time to acclimate an operative to the location, so I wouldn't of been surprised if they were all there for that long, the weather being conducive as it was. I also noted that my brother had a white coffee mug on the dash, with the remnants of the contents facing me for some curious reason. And funny how I "forgot" to remove that particular close-in color referenced object.

And even more devious was the red colored envelope that I was give to my brother, having come from my parents place two days ago. Having seen this before, I assume it was a color reference object; first at my parent's place, then passed onto me for two days, then passed onto my brother in his van with me present, and then later placed at his place. And of course it was totally needless for me to take the envelope to him as he was there today and could of picked it up then. And of course I was not allowed to think that through either.

There was at least 1,000 extra gangstalking vehicles on this outing, most often in color and vehicle type coordinated clusters. There were three tractor trailers in the crush of vehicles, one hauling concrete blocks for extra mass, and for testing of the perp's concrete research. Apart from the referencing colors the perps use, white, black and silver grey, the perps put on many red vehicles, in a clusters of three to five, and expanded it to greens, mid-tone greys, and then moved into green/blue variations. At one location they had three blue-green minivans that differed only by minor hue variations in a three lane wide configuration, and then moved them all in file in the rightmost lane while other colors were introduced. Navy blue seems to be very popular as a more complex color reference, and then they brought in orange and brown colored vehicles, working up from a light metallic tan color to deep browns. This is the first time in over 5.5 years I have seen the perps get serious about putting on deeper shade brown colored vehicles around me.

As always, there are the cyclists on the parallel secondary roads to the highway, and nine of nine of them were wearing yellow on this outing, and these cyclists were not part of a team in any way. Only later in the day did the perps back off on putting on so many same color dressed cyclists. (And odd too, that I was reading an online story about someone outfitting themselves for winter cycling before we set off). There was no need for raingear either, a weather condition that often enforces limited cyclist garment choices and colors, as it was sunny with no hint of inclement conditions.

Once my brother and I got to the front entrance of the plant nursery, having just talked about the sewerage pipes being put into the adjacent street into my apartment, he suddenly needed to go to the washroom, and left me to do the asking at the desk as to how to get the tree. Upon inquiring, the purchased tree would be brought to the front, and I was to wait. Which is code for sending in more ambulatory gangstalkers, especially since there were at least a dozen large brown boxes strewn about in some mock re-stocking effort. One large brown packing box contained an acrylic sink, and it just so "happened" that my parents had a recent replacement of an acrylic sink at their house. And as the need for a residential bathroom fixture is very limited at a plant nursery, it was extremely odd that such a box had been placed by the front desk where I had to wait. And lo, if there wasn't brown skinned gangstalkers parading by, and lo, if they didn't come back in a few minutes without any purchases in hand. And lo, when my brother finally showed up some 5 minutes later, if he too didn't walk through the field of brown boxes littered about. I suggested to him that he could run around the aforementioned acrylic bathroom sink packing box to "help his friends", though he didn't take me (or them, who planted the notion) up on it.

Then my brother was headed out of the store again for some flimsy excuse, the nursery assistant brought the tree around. After dealing with the paperwork from the green hooded assistant, my brother picked up the tree and hefted it to his van after I had put a black plastic bag around its pot and roots. The tree would not fit in his van pot first, so he had to reverse it and have the branches lying between us over the transmission housing and onto the dashboard in front of me. Given the perps interest in all things of vegetative origin, and their abiding need to have me near or even touching them, this was a golden opportunity for them to conduct whatever their research agenda is in this respect. And all the better the tree was essentially horizontal with the branches close by me, their Number One Guinea Pig/harassment victim.

Once at my parent's place it was more "brown time", i.e. coffee time. Regular readers will know that the perp's ambulatory operatives are constantly toting coffee, holding it out in front of them like some hallowed object, even if there is no rational logical location where they would of obtained it. And of course I could not resist the brown chocolate covered cookies on offer that were left over from Christmas. And even more daring from the perp perspective was that they were in a brown colored plastic tray, and additional challenge for the assholes who have been chasing me for over five years with all manner of plastics.

The talk at the family table over coffee was the goings on of various medical doctors, and bringing up the associated topic, and high interest perp topic, of who died, who is alive and so on, as both my brother and mother have vocational hospital associations. I thought it interesting that the "doctor" topic was discussed, which also suggests that they were attempting to impinge upon long ago traumatizations of mine related to the medical profession in my developmental years when they were possibly conducting procedures related to this current harassment vileness they have involved me in.

And while at the family table, having coffee, my brother goes to his van and puts on a black fleece jacket with mid-brown trim and puts it under his navy blue colored jacket. Get this, he leaves a warm house to then go outside to his van to then put on extra outdoor clothing for inside. I say bullshit; it is another color reference job, like the thousands I have seen as ambulatory gangstalkers, the modern MIBs.

After some 20 minutes at my parent's place where my brother seemed relatively relaxed, he sudden got the "busy signal" as I call it, when he then declares that he is short of time and needs to go. After some more games in loading some items into the crawl space, not far from underneath of where we were sitting, and pulling out the furnace air filter, we headed off to downtown where I was to be dropped off. My brother always takes the slow pokey route, a little odd for someone who claims that they are pressed for time, and lo, if it didn't cover a good part of the road that I was to walk later in the day when going to gym class and back. And much of the road had been "sprayed" or the appearance thereof, for road salting purposes. Though I have never seen this method before, laying down parallel striations of white, grey and black asphalt for us to drive over. More color games of the perps.

On the way back from our parent's place, this is where the freakshow began (the Unfavoreds); male pony tails, red hairs, deep brown dressed males, a vagrant playing guitar with his shopping cart full of plastic bags beside him, and a foursome of males in two ranks like soldiers where no one walks for any business purposes. We also encountered a concrete pouring job, one that I passed by heading to gym, along with the redi-mix truck departing an hour later. Regular readers will know that the perps are totally fixated on placing me around concrete of varying age; hours old and just set, to weeks and years old.

I have just finished dinner and the post-mealtime noise that is currently predominating is overhead tapping, as if someone is tapping on a bare concrete floor above me, when it would be carpeted like my suite.

And the ongoing loud mufflered vehicle noise continues almost serially, as if the commute is still on, which it isn't. And these vehicles cannot be actually seen, it is projected noise only.

Earlier, I went to the gym class and got my gangstalking and freakshow. Two class members were on a decidedly low key sighting arrangement. Mr. Ethnic Gut, mid-eastern, near bald and overweight was in his bright yellow shirt again, and he lingered in my peripherial vision for the most part. He was first viewed in the mirror, and then he disappeared for some 15 minutes before he came to parade past me when I was on the stationary bicycle. Then in the floor exercise room he came in some 10 minutes later to walk past everyone lined up at the wall doing exercises. He later waited until I put my mat down and was settled before he planted himself in my peripheral vision.

The other freakshow member, the new skinhead transformation dude, also kept himself fairly discreet, and only "showing up" on his parade-by some 20 minutes into the class. He also came late to the floor exercise room after everyone else was in place, which I take to be metered introduction of only having one freakshow member arrive at one time, and after a period of "settle in" time. The perps have me on a behavior that I find his skinhead look even more disgusting than last week when he first introduced his new look, having brownish hair before that. When it came time to do the floor exercises on the mats, he was three classmembers away and out of my peripherial vision. Regular readers will understand that this is all in conformance with the Unfavored demographic groups from which the perps draw from to "feature" (show off) their selected freaks at the right moment, and for the scripted gaze duration.

The class also had the two of the Three Large Blondes, the largest two today. There has only been one for some three weeks, and both came today, and did some parading around in front of me for a limited duration. Mostly, they stayed out of my sight, and that is fine by me, as they are each way too large to be anything other than members from other Unfavored groups, the obese. I thought it was interesting that they both could not do some of the exercises, and had to sit some out, both standing at the wall like sentries it seemed.

When I first arrived at the gym workout area, I got an Asian sentry woman standing in one place for staring off into space for some ten minutes, about halfway between the windows and the far wall, where I was at the far wall, and allowed to put in more than three workout exercises together with the free weights for the first time in over four weeks. I didn't get the horrendous number of gym members infilling around me, only two who were humpfing and clanging weights. I did get a smaller cluster of do-squats further back doing nothing but sitting there, some 10' away, especially noticeable once the Asian woman departed.

Other strange goings on at the gym included street dressed members in black down coats arriving and immediately starting on the thigh machine, one which I was to use in five minutes. Then they disappeared after that. I expected more invasive shenanigans at the gym based on this morning's outing games, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Perhaps the perps didn't need to send in their clowns because I was dressed totally in black when at the gym. This seems to be their favored color for me to wear for benchmarking purposes, and then they attempt to replicate this with other colored clothes.

When walking back from gym class the perps put on a little mock (almost) traffic accident for me. The net result was that a red and white vehicle made a right turn in front of a bus that was leaving the bus stop, and while they didn't contact each other, the drivers made out as if they had. It happend while 100' away, and for the few minutes it took for me to walk toward and past this setup, they had the red and white vehicle parked broadside in front of the red and white bus. And just for this event, the perps had over 15 gangstalkers swarmed around this "event", some putting on the stunned look, who were in fact acting in the long familiar capacity as sentries. Nothing stunning ever happened, and while the bus had to brake sharply, there was no actual accident or vehicle damage. It was all about arranging 90 degree offset vehicles in close quarters, giving me a longer exposure time to see/energetically interact with these juxtaposed red and white vehicles, and getting the respective drivers out for gangstalking reasons, also a very common arrangement. No big deal, except for the perps who put out a whole platoon of operatives; at least four were on lead-ahead gangstalking duty beforehand, and then another foursome to continue ahead of me. One party was spitting out the contents of their mouth onto the sidewalk about every 12' as part of this "extra coverage" that they wanted me to have.

Other street action included having a municipal boom truck out "working" on the functional traffic lights at a particular junction I pass each time I walk to gym class and back. They were working on the traffic signal light, with the boom situated precisely overhead of the sidewalk I traversed. One man in orange coveralls was looking busy looking up while the other man in orange coveralls was overhead in the boom platform, some 10' overhead.

This wasn't the only oddity; the nearby street rip-up job has impinged on the sidewalk width by some 3', but that wasn't enough of a constraint as there was still 8' of width. What is a perp organization to do? Why place an electric vehicle (golf cart) to constrain another 4' of it to leave a 4' gap for the oncoming ambulatory operative packing 6" of flattened brown cardboard boxes on his head to pass through this manufactured sidewalk constriction ahead of me, effectively "brown sweeping" it before I passed through the same constriction. And why would a golf cart be there on a construction site, and why would anyone be walking around on a commercial street with flattened cardboard boxes on their head? Don't ask me, I am the last to know, and am only allowed to report on these planted oddities courtesy of my mind minders.

That is all the excitement for today, having two outings, which is a big deal for the perps who most often keep me down to none.


Fractal Waltz said...

I am a target myself. Recently convoys of new cars, and lone gold-coloured cars have been doing their stupid little dances at intersections around the car I am a passenger in. Lots of people walking dogs and baby strollers -- the bastards are involving children in animals in their perverted little games. Keep up the good fight.

AJH said...

Yes, I get the odd gold colored vehicle swarm as well, My theory on the kids and dogs is that they are placed in the victim's proximity because they are more sensitive to psychic energy. The gangstalking objective seems to be having the target's energy mix with the operative's energy, and evaluating the interaction.