Monday, January 28, 2008

Brain Pressure

The perps have me on a head hurting regimen it seems; they are creating some kind of internal pressure on my forehead which is temporarily relievable by running my hand over it. Within 10 seconds or so, they are right back at it. This particular fuckery, now the new "normal", has been going on for a week or so, as has the instant on jaw left pain that is also a recent perp favorite. Just what they are doing in the name of realtime brain energetics research I don't know, but they had me covered with ambulatory gangstalkers in a full out freakshow for a ten minute outing to the mailbox and the supermarket.

They even put on faux elevator dude to accompany me down from the sixth floor to the lobby. I got the stare from him when I got in the elevator, and then when I returned, he was also on stare-at-me duty while on his cell phone, presumably his "buddy" that somehow managed to continue the tapping noise while travelling with him on my way down.

This absurd tapping noise started up about 10 minutes before I left my apartment, and continued while making an online payment, and then when the PC was shut down, it continued while I was writing out a check and putting it in the envelope. I was noisetracked with this same tapping noise from my apartment, to the elevetor area on my floor, and all the way down the elevator with my accompanying gangstalker, aka "elevator repairman".

What is seems is that the perps want to track the same brain region across differing venues; it is a wonder that the noise didn't continue outside as well. It was a full on freakshow when I got out; the Man in Brown, the wheelchair act, the vagrants, the swarm of about 10 of them coming toward me, and I was the only one E. bound, and one who was determined to get in my line of sight on seeing the mailbox. Immediately after mailing the letter, a large glass bashing and breaking noise went off from an nearby recycle garbage truck. That noise, or something like it, continues to "erupt" anytime I do something.

And it should be noted that the perps won't let me pay one bill online; the Mastercard account cannot be found on my online banking payee list, another forced imposition. All other bills are now allowed online payment except for that one. It is rare that I pay anything with my charge card, and the perps are all over me when I write the check, stuff the envelope and put a stamp on it. The plan, it seems, was to have me pay three different ways in close succession; online, by mailed check and then with my debit card in the supermarket. Just another day of being under the microscope, dealing with this depraved entity focussed on the functional decomposition of my every thought and action.

I am also getting more deliberate external control of my scroll bar in Windows of late; the perps "freeze it" to keep me looking at what I find odious and/or ugly, which would of been planted by them in the first place. The same goes for the Page Down, and mouse clickings; the perps will even re-display a webpage if they see fit with no mind-controlled manipulations from me. And they do like me to see bald heads with a reflective sheen, and anything that replicates this, say a picture of a smooth ball, a picture of the moon etc. is often used as a surrogate. This continues their games in showing me Unfavored subjects and appearances, as they keep drilling dow on showing me select pieces of these objects/beings.

The perps also like me to encounter new expressions and terms I learned earlier. When reading the term "bed hair", relating to just out of bed hair appearances, they put on extra plasma beams on and off this LCD display in white horizontal lines 1/4" apart. To them, that is exciting. To me, it is another sign that they are totally deranged and obsessive over everthing I do.

I had a teabreak with chocolate; instead of the all-quiet for chocolate, I got a left and right side noise assault. From the left was the faked "neighbor water use" noise, and from the right, voices and door pounding from the hallway. Mind you, it was quiet for the preceding half hour before taking a tea break, effectively reversing the usual order of arranged events. I figure that eating chocolate is one of the perp's big moments of the day; a pleasureable brown colored substance in my mouth, the one region the perps cannot fully model, and it would have a direct energetic interaction with my brain, less than an inch away. And as the perps traumatized me long ago into me loathing the sight of the color brown, they have an even more problematic issue in their realtime neural research they are conducting on me. Not my problem, I am fine as I am and do not require some psychopathic party to effect amelioration.

All that to deaf ears of course, and it is likely a perp planted rant they have me go through, not unlike their verbal plantings, swearing the same way with a few stock phrases. And as I type this, more hallway ructions are erupting outside my door. Funny how that happens, though not to the degree the putative rooming house of my former residence. I suppose I should be fortunate for my rent subsidy to stay in a self contained apartment downtown.

Now squeaking noise from the right side.

Now an overhead vacuum cleaner noise, except that the noise is coming from only one location, as if it were running in place. That takes talent or else fuckery to pull that off.

I had an phone interview with Gina Romano of The earlier. I thought it went well, and she is planning to have a follow up interview three months from now. The perps kept me in a "detail space", not appropriately allowing me to summarize some of the story. This has been done before, and I was even polished at making better summarizations when the perps let me before going into overt harassment when one cannot plan on being one's self over the day, never mind day to day. This interview should air in March she says.

And her story is quite incredible as per the link above, as she is a TI herself. The abuse that is going on in the name of perp research is astonishing, never mind the disasters and catastrophes that happen where there seems to be a perp hand behind it, albeit speculation on my part.

A four time repeated hang of my Firefox session; the perps like to pull this stunt for the Mindcontrolforums website which they frequently block to have my PC hang. I have never ever had this problem before, and it is some strange ritual they like to put me through. This time I was allowed to recover the session without losing my open tabs, and not re-hanging itself. Imagine, a webpage that can hang a PC.

The perps just blocked a in-blog search I wanted to do, to find the Indian Point Project posting and the links to put this on the template for the links you see at the right. And what was the purpose of that bullshit besides having me rant at the assholes over such a petty prank.

Some more template work and troving to find the Indian Lake Project, largely because of a planted mind-fuck into "thinking" it was the Indian Point Project. Even the lastmost word of "Project" took a few minutes to "arrive" into memory, the perps only letting me on a partial name first. Nothing new there; they really like me to get names wrong, or not even know a person's name at first when speaking with them.

I am getting the impression that I am a pariah amongst the outcasts, the TI community. I submit more links on nonconsensual experimentation and wonder why no one mentioned anything in Mindcontrol Activism. Just part of the social isolation, and it can be easily accomplished when the entire community is scripted, or close to it. Then after my interview I get a disparaging email from a TI. It is strange company to say the least.

Time to blog off after making some changes to the template for this blog, tediously separating out the books into their own section to the right.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for interviewing with me on The Edge. You did a great job and were very informative. Your website is amazing and I look forward to following up with you in another interview.

Thank you, again, Gina, Edge Correspondent (

AJH said...

Thanks Gina; it is always refreshing to talk with someone with sincere empathy about the travails of being harassed like this.

Anytime that you think I can help the TI cause, let me know.


Anonymous said...

To anyone else reading this for the first time, it would seem like you are nuts. But to me, EVERYTHING you say here explains in detail what is happening to me over here in the states. And believe me when I say I try to keep my mouth shut about it, not even my closest friends/family believe me! Kudos for your blog, I've got a novel on the way we should trade sometime. ^_^

AJH said...

Thanks; which is why I have the Essential Introductory postings to the right, as this world that I have been cast into is so very unusual. And there is plenty of more supporting detail should I want to bore anyone further, so I try to keep this blog on the light side.