Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Tactical Pee-ing

It has become quite apparent that taking a leak has become very much a perp tactic owing to its timing with other activities. The third pee today was scripted just before beginning this at the start of a new session immediately following a quick lunch. Yesterday, a pee was scripted five minutes ahead of a follow-on mega-poo, and normally both are accomplished at once. Then I needed a shower to clean up, and lo, if that wasn't just before I went out to the grocery store. Very often, a pee is scripted just before I head out to walk to yoga or gym class. And given the noisestalking while I pee, it is clear that this is some kind of color reference, and the pee color is highly variable as well, sometimes a near lime green, the first that I have experienced. Enough on this topic, this is record of what is going on, and I am sure that the perps have many other victims they are testing, covertly and overtly, and this must be part of the latter's regimen as well.

And more anti-virus software notification boxes are coming up for no reason, usually timed to when an unbidden and uncontrolled thought comes to mind, usually as an aspersion as to the state of the perp's minds to be so sick as to harass me over taking a pee, grasping objects, what colors I see, what words I use, the degree of typos as I type, and on from there. Even this paragraph on the LCD display is bathed in a horizontal yellowish plasma band, and only the lower portion where I am looking to see that the words are not misspelled.

It is a cold feet day today; the lino covered floor portion was extra chilly at breakfast, and now, even with the thick wooly socks on, the perps have decided my feet need to be cooled.

The "coincidence rate" has increased of late, and it applies to web browsings, web news, and those who I meet in person, though the latter has been highly constrained over the past three weeks. As mentioned yesterday, the First Feral Family get-together was lacking substantive dialog, more than its usual moribund state. One coincidence topic has been winemaking; it was a hobby of mine for some 20 years, and I even won amateur prizes when I could get quality grapes. Last night, out of sheer boredom, I was troving through the websites of the grape brokers that I used, looking at the 2007 crop's numbers, e.g. acidity, pH, sugar content. Then today's web browsings "happen" to have at least three articles on grapes or winemaking, one with a picture of the grape pommace, the spent remains of skins and seeds.

I have experienced this "coincidence management" on this topic before; the day after an evening of looking at wine making equipment online, not that I can afford it or could make use of it, a dude arrives in the elevator lobby with a home winemaker's corking device. This, inside an apartment block full of bachelor (aka studio) suites, about the last place anyone would consider making wine. Bizarre to say the least, but I expect the grapes and winemaking theme to continue for a few days longer. And at the First Feral Family gathering two days ago (01-06-2008), everyone had wine, and there was some conversation about it, and this past September's road trip to visit wineries. I am sure there is more to follow, though in fact I rarely drink it, like any alcohol. And I am sure the deep red color is of huge fascination to the perps as well, inside and outside the dark green bottle. True to form at the family dinner, a wine glass was spilled, and the wine was trapped on a fabric that did not allow it to pass through. There is about a 50% chance that wine will be spilled at family gatherings and it is not always the same culprit/cover story.

And I am getting plasma augmentations to what I view outside; the grey painted concrete expanse outside was treated to a banded green color, nothing unusual in that, save the scope of it. Very often I get small green, red, or brown spots for a subsecond exposure, necessitating a re-look and it is gone. This is a huge game that goes on all the time, and the first look at anything cannot be taken as fact, as there is often a plasma color testing in progress.

I was given some strange dreams last night; being in a rowboat with a shark plainly visible and lurking about, and then swooping in on some unsuspecting sea otter. And it "so happened", I read a short shark escape story yesterday, another managed coincidence. The perps have been big on treating me to nature shows in the past month, the wolves eating live prey and the like. Another story being that packs of wolves have attacked humans out jogging has also made the news in the past month. All part of the theme it seems, though how that applies to me I don't know, as I have never eaten anything that is alive. And I am getting excessive beepings and outside noise while I type this, so it must be of huge interest to the party that makes all these arrangements for me.

Listening to music on my PC comes with certain dangers; like the perps putting up a useless Windows box and then slamming my ears with a loud beep at the same time. I was screwed out of taking the headphones off immediately and suffered a second beep before allowed to counter this aural assault.

The gym was busy today, code for a high gangstalking level. I got rooked at the lockers again, no retrievable key after depositing the coins, so I was obliged to put my coat in the cubbys outside the change room, the usual side being all full up. So I turned the corner, retracing my tracks when headed to the locker room, and there at the first vacant cubby were the gym class coordinators, having "just arrived". Meaning, they were there for the "big event" for me to put my coat away. We exchanged pleasantries, and I turned to go back, and another gangstalker was on me, coming around the corner. In other words, a swarm around me all over putting my coat away, with a 90 degree turn in the aisleway as part of the arrangement.

All my usual equipment was busy and so I was obliged to do free weights with a couple of other dudes clanging weights nearby, and doing perp posturing, turning 90 degrees and going through the same motions. Finally, I got one dude hanging over me almost, putting on the dithered act, as if he didn't know to go foreward or backward, planted on the spot. End of that routine, and so off to do something else.

The perps kept up the busyness around me, and swapped in Mr. Ethnic Gut, a large gutted male of Middle East heritage who is regularly planted around me. He first "showed up" in the mirrors when I was using the free weights. He was in his disgusting loud yellow shirt today, but he must of been under instruction to give me only a few exposures, and wasn't dogging me like two weeks ago when he was all over me.

At the warm up area I took on a new exercise and there was two gangstalkers planted around me, and lo, if a third dude in a grey shirt didn't come within 2', sit down and hang around and do nothing but gaze into space beside me. Ten minutes later, this same dude came for a "cruise by" in front of me, and here he was wearing a green shirt instead of the grey one. I ended that routine, and moved onto something else, which too became problematic. Each time I approached equipment to work out on, a gangstalker would scoop it just ahead of me, three times in succession. A few minutes later, through the temporary absence of the signee, another dude had privelege to use the bicycle over me, as he had signed up. I signed up for the remaining bicycle and lo, when I got there, it was out of service. In total, it was four times that I was fucked out of using the equipment I intended to by arranged circumstances. Additionally, I aborted two other routines because of gangstalkers hanging over me, 2' away, doing nothing.

On another piece of equipment near the windows, the perps had someone standing behind it (pre-stalking it), beside the window, who then exited ahead of me getting to the equipment. The demographic make up of today's gangstalkers was approaching normal, no major freaks that I could recall, save the one member of our class that skinheaded himself last week and who then "featured" himself in front of me. He was there again today, with a string of red welts across the back of his neck, artfully laid through the ridiculous 3" diameter solid dark green tattoo he has. The copycat game was also on, having nearby gangstalkers on free weights nearby, lifting them at the same moment as I am, copycatting. Fucking tiresome that the perps haven't grown up on that stunt yet.

When doing the exercises in the floor exercise room at the gym, I noted that there was a white plasma toriod sitting in front of my chest, detectable in the mirrors. This isn't the only plasma and maser action in this room, but it is a little more obvious than the usual flitting photonic and magnetic phenomenon. I have also noted these same plasma emanations coming off the instructor at yoga, more of a bra-like shape with holes where her nipples would of been. Quite bizarre to say the least.

The red colored Oak Bay municipal fire truck and two ambulances came to put on a light show opposite the recreation center, all the red and white lights were flashing, the huge ladder truck being part of the show. This was before I went to do the class exercises in the separate room. And when I departed some 40 minutes later, the firetruck had moved 100' down the road, now parked mid-street, and the ambulance was on the other side of the road, facing me as I walked out. In other words, this "emergency" went on for 40 minutes, and all the vehicles were moved to the opposite side of the road. Not one firehose had been pulled out or other sign of genuine activity. In addition, a yellow school bus was also stopped in mid-street, yellow lights flashing. Some emergency. As this is the fourth time in some 8 months that the Oak Bay Fire Department has come to gangstalk their vehicles outside the gym, I wasn't too surprised over this development. All because the perps lack the gumption to front for this depraved nonconsensual experimentation they have involved me in since birth. As part of it, the perps appear to be remediating the traumatizations that they seem to have inflicted before I was six years old. I never asked for any remediation, so why am I being forced to go through with this extenuated vileness?

While walking to the gym, I got my street gangstalkers getting ahead of me; a weird pair I passed at the bus stop, and some 20 minutes later, they had got off the bus, and were walking ahead of me. This rarely happens in real life, and if it happens to me, it is not a coincidence. There was the usual 600 to 1,000 mobile gangstalking vehicles swarming the streets as I walked along; there were foursome clusters of reds, silver greys and black colored vehicles. I also got the paper carrying ambulatory gangstalkers; the Post Office is a good cover story, and there is one en route, but sometimes it gets absurd. Near the Post Office, this one dude had just got out of his vehicle some 6' from me, and then he puts this white envelope in front of his crotch and holds it there in some kind of temporary sentry duty mode. Within a minute, two other proximate ambulatory gangstalkers were packing white envelopes. There seems to be a big deal about the perps planting objects in, or in front of, their crotch.

Time to call this day done, while listening to Karen Matheson on YouTube.

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