Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ear Pops with Simultaneous Mouse Clicks

The overhead tapping has started up for the first time today as I begin this blog posting. It is a Thursday, meaning yoga with a later gym class, and this is the short interval between them. And what I note as I websurf is that the infernal planted ear popping noises of no ostensible cause (cue more overhead noise), is happening at the precise moment my mouse clicks are. And who is going to call that a coincidence?

Yoga was a little more energetic today thankfully; there was the usual strong complement of maser and plasma beams flitting about, and the perps put on some blatant ones when I shifted my attention, something they cannot yet totally fuck with yet, only partially. I got my parking lot hang-around dude "showing up" via and internal building door for the yoga class; somehow he delayed his arrival about 10 minutes after I saw him hanging around. The usual entrance door is directly from outside, so this must of been an alternate route/room entry test. And I notice that someone sprayed black ink, or something like it on the white ceiling in the yoga classroom, matching the pepper like markings on by brown colored cereal flakes. (Except that my cereal also comes with both black and white flecks when it didn't before).

I had my usual posse of gangstalkers when walking there and back, the dynamic freakshow, though nothing too strange except for a blind person, something else that the perps like to plant around me. I thought it was interesting that the Indian Lake Project detailed and linked in yesterday's blog, also had blind children as subjects. This would eliminate the visual cortex energies, and make the perp's comparative energetic assay work easier. It is interesting to note that my in-town brother lost an eye when he was two years old, and regular readers will know that I accept nothing as a coincidence. And just to think, he is a shill for them, as are my parents, who likely didn't know this was coming, and still shill for the asssholes.

I even got my blondes gangstalking me; two young woman trolling along in front of me, one in a brown down coat (no one really needs one here), and one in black with the band of her red sweater hanging out below the coat, standard gangstalking dress; layered, with all layers hanging out for direct visual cognizance.

At yoga, the perps put on a 6'x5' flattened cardboard box facing the class, as if there wasn't enough brown color in the room, as the walls are painted brown. And lo, if there isn't two large cardboard boxes with black print on them outside, in view, on the street rip-up job site, about 120' away.

I also noticed that the above mentioned infernal clicking noise that the perps introduced while seated at my desk is now being applied to me when I am walking, especially when setting off. This clicking is not related to jaw movement, and usually starts up in my right ear area and is coordinated to occur just as I put my right foot down when walking. This is similar to the faux shoulder joint cracking noise that has gone on for some 6 months or more, that has now been introduced at gym class, where it had not "happened" before.

I had my gym class earlier, and was duly given the freakshow parade, in a muted version. The two central freaks are Mr. Ethnic Gut and Mr. New Bald. The first is a short male with a large disgusting gut of unknown ethnic origin, a green-brown cast to his skin. He was back in his loud yellow shirt, and even made a pointless back and forth sweep all to lead me into the floor exercise room. His gangstalking role was limited today, but he put in at least 6 "features", where he ends up in my gaze. Mr. New Bald put himself in view at the outset, standing at the far end of the central aisle, and I had no choice but to walk toward him. His new bald pate is as shiny as ever, and he makes a point of "featuring" in my view. As well, there were two other skinheads to ensure that if my gaze missed one, I would surely see another. There were the usual "stand arounds", sitting about with gaping mouths, and other loitering dudes who were decidedly slack in wanting to exercise. It was just another gym class, and relatively low key in terms of annoying me.

Other freakshow games were planting more chinless males; at the gym and then the lobby of this apartment block, the latter on "stand there" duty, faking interest in his mail as a ruse to miss the elevator. Though the perps were all over me when I headed out to the gym; a pair of conversing Asian males were in place for "voice noise" at the elevator area on this floor, and then two more arrived one floor down, one of the fuckers parking himself 6" from me when there was more room. That he was in a black suede (flat, non reflective) jacket told me he was ready for his gangstalking role. Leather jackets are very common with the gangstalkers as these garments have metal salts in them as part of the tanning process, and appear to be extra energy reflective in some way. Perhaps I should get a leather jacket, and it is interesting to muse that I never had one, something that tells me it might be effective in foiling their light and electromagnetic games.

Another freakshow member is the Chinless Blonde from my gym class. As with Tuesday (01-22-2008), she reprised at the same location, about halfway back after gym class, and with her same posse of three dudes. Today, her hair had red streaks in it, rather than the green streaks of two days ago. She was so fugly in gym class that she was pulled after a week and never came back, and appears to do "special assignments" currently. The perps planted my reaction to seeing her today as an abortive barf sensation, too small to be seen or heard by anyone thankfully. I have never had any such reaction to anyone, no matter how unpleasant they look at anytime in my life, save today. Another imposed never-before behavior that comes from somewhere else.

Other freakshow enhancements have been a sudden eruption of ambulatory gangstalkers reading books while walking, seated at a bus stop (two at the same bench today), or at the gym where at least has a cover story. Related to this is the eruption of gangstalkers packing paper in their hands, as standard envelope, and the larger envelopes that are light brown or yellowish. I reckon the above mentioned cardboard box games fit into this scheme in some way as well.

Other action in the afternoon was that the usual 600 to 1,000 mobile gangstalking vehicles were in place for my 30 min. walk each way. The parked vehicle contingent is likely as many because there are some large parking lots on my walking beat. At one point the perps put on two white vehicles, followed by two silver grey vehicles, then followed by two same red vehicles, which were finally followed by two more white vehicles. All these were in file, and equispaced. Anyhow, I don't ever "remember" (read perp manipulated recall) to take the camera anymore, so no pictures.

The perps put on a plastic show for me, putting their dudes on the marquee sign for the OB Rec. Center, and having the 6'x5' plexiglass down and facing the sidewalk portion that I use. As the perps appear to be modelling the electromagnetic effects of plastics as pollutants in me, this large scale and distance dependent plastic testing is not new. The dumbest thing was that they put their red-orange stringer colored ladder in the middle of the sidewalk and blocked all pedestrian egress. I had to go on the street and walk beside their white trades van.

The "neighbor noise" from at least two suites has started up as I detail today's freakshow sightings above; I had at least one male sentry standing at the intersection corner for no reason whatsoever when I first set off to yoga, before gym. I assume these operatives are placed to look so totally stupid and orchestrated for distance dependent energetics testing. The geriatrics had their turn on "stand there" duty, now the dudes are on display.

There was a minor concrete pouring activity en route; the fuelling station upgrade poured the curbs on the ashphalt today, and they were all in place by the time I walked by, no redi-mix truck gangstalking today, oddly.

I noticed that there was a new display of masers firing at me today; I was walking down hill, and these magnetic black colored beams would originate from the sidewalk some 180' distant, and fire at me, parallel to the sidewalk. I don't usually feel anything in this situation, and today was no exception. I see maser beams where I spend time; yoga, gym class, and my apartment, but until now, rarely as I was walking between venues. There are many maser or plasma sightings when I am outside, but usually nothing so obviously directed at me.

More overhead pounding erupts when the perps force a word "misperception" while reading, occured exactly when I detected the error. Just a normal day in psychic hell.

A steady and soft pounding is taking place, ostensibly from upstairs. I haven't been exposed to this kind of annoyance, though many of the regular noises have been reduced in volume of late, some to very faint levels, especially toward the end of a harassment run-up, just before mealtime as an example.

A sudden dash to post this for today, excuse the unedited form of this blog posting.

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