Monday, January 21, 2008

On the Buses

A mention to a person who left a recent comment that was relevant; I checked it off for "Publish" and somehow, the comment just disappeared. Funny how this happens now.

The title is a reference to a English comedy about a family who were bus drivers and conductors. Though in my case, there is no comedy, just relentless pursuit and stalking. There were seven others at the bus stop this morning at 1037h on a weekday, patently absurd at the second stop from the route terminus, and far more than the usual one or two that I get.

But as the perps had already infuriated me while my parents were out, and then had me take a crap and "somehow" block the toilet for the duration of my shower, and "re-injure" and re-bleed (no actual contact or cause) the right thumb knuckle lesion that mysteriously sprouted two days ago, daubing my blood on a towel and a cloth on the bathroom counter, it was time to increase the gangstalker count from the perp perspective. That would include another 15 or so on the bus when it arrived, also patently absurd for that route at that time of day.

Sure enough, the freakshow of the Unfavored were in place; redheads, Asians with red dyed hair under black hats, Goths (male) with an Asian girlfriend 2' shorter playing huggy games in the bus aisle, the paint daubed dude (feigning a commercial painter -everywhere now), male ponytail acts, the bus aisle view blocker, the spread wide crotch dude with bright blue pack facing me, the sentries standing at the rear door but not getting off when there are plenty of seats availible, and maybe one or two Favored blondes. The Asian dude beside me in the brown jacket did his little throat clearing coughs timed to any uncontrolled thoughts I had and would pop up off his seat by 2" or so, exactly what my father does, and he could of been a morphover of him. Normally, the perps don't give me much brown skin exposure time, and pull these from my immediate proximity within minutes. This dude rode with me nearly the entire trip, and could well of been someone I know in normal form. Their compliant shills and related sickos that I know are of prime demand for gangstalking me it appears.

And it was amazing as to how many "passengers", read gangstalkers, were taking short trips of only a few minutes and then getting off. Their trip duration and journey termination did not make any sense, often getting off in the residential areas. A big part of the perps testing on the bus seemed to be about inter-racial seat use; and Asian gets up and a Caucasian sits down or vice versa. There was also a profusion of on-bus passengers swapping seats to never-before levels. One evasive dude (avoiding my gaze) at my bus stop was some 8' in front of me on the bus, and I was directed to look at his crewcut head, and lo, if there wasn't a 4" x 1/4" horizontal bright blue plasma beam centered in front of the back of his head for about 3 seconds, long enough to leave no doubt as to what it was. I have no idea why this dude's head was so "featured", and there was no corresponding clothing color on him or his immediate proximity.

I also got the derigour copper colored handbag in close proximity, some 4' away belonging to a woman on a cell phone. I take this unusual fabric color to be part of the perps' copper color/metal fixation they regularly visit upon me. The many hundred of hours I spent re-wiring on house renovations in my pre-overt days, and the assholes have the temerity to press this aspect of their agenda. It pisses me off that so many of the pre-overt harassment games are still being played on me and that they don't have the fortitude to front for this nonconsensual human experimentation.

For all the emphasis on brown skinned gangstalkers there were no East Indians or negroes on the bus today. Though I did get a final short negro gangstalker in my apartment lobby, also sporting an massive and disgusting gut for me to notice. About half of the negro gangstalking, rare as it is, is in or near this apartment block. There is more I could write about this topic, but I will refrain as it is such a hot button for flaming, and given my past experience with online forums, there will be someone who will miss the point altogether and get into some tangential flaming match, even a TI sometimes, or a purported one.

The pre-teabreak sustained noise has been followed by much the same post-teabreak noises; "neigbors" fan, heavy duty equipment operation and the odd transiting heavy duty vehicle passing by. And when I had my tea I also had 100g of chocolate with it, and that is of huge significance to the perps, placing a pleasant dark brown substance in my mouth which is just underneath of the prefrontal cortex of one's brain, within an 1". And I have blogged extensively on the perp's brown color fixation as well as their inability to model the contents of my mouth, hence all their gangstalkers with open mouths, playing with their tongues, chewing gum, yawning, eating food, drinking something, as well as the Coffee Corps subgroup, the plethora of gangstalkers walking with a coffee held out in front of them, the best mobile color reference going.

But while the teabreak was on and when eating chocolate, the sustained noises were turned off, and there was only the more transient ones, passing heavy duty vehicles, loud motorcycles, buses, and loud mufflers, all with some 3 to 10 seconds of trailing off, or noise decay. Why they change up the noise characteristics when eating chocolate is unknown, though it seems that they like to piggy back noises on top of each other, alternating sustained ones and transient ones. I take this to be an effective strategy on accessing parts of my brain, as this entire jerkaround is all about attaining mind control, and then some. I might of been incorrect at 2007 year end in thinking that they have 100% mind control, but it is so close that it is difficult to be sure. They seem to jump on me with coughing and throat clearing gangstalkers for some thought related to what sick assholes they are, a disparaging character summarization type of thought, usually after being jerked around. I also note that they plant more thoughts in mind and I find myself rejecting a substantial number of these in any given day. Now the hallway vaccuuming noise and activity has joined the sustained noise.

One activity I did at my parents was to plant the tree my brother and I delivered from the plant nursery last week. This was a golden time for my supposed to be demented father to "help" and constantly fuck up in attempting to unload the wheelbarrow. It was almost like being married again, having an abiding fuckup at hand that I cannot get rid of, though I did finally. Past readers will know that the perps have a fixation on plants, soil and the entire soil ecosystem, and that this hole for the tree was dug in 10-2007, and the tree acquisition was delayed since then by a "

The perps dark hand in delaying this project was evident, as was their interest in the soil contact with plastic film. The soil had been removed from the hole and put onto three piles, each on plastic, wither blue or black. There was plenty of father fuckups in attempting to get the plastic pot off the roots, and my mother went to get a knife, only to be seen by me brandishing this machete some 20' away about the time that I succeeded in removing the pot with the shovel. As it so "happened", later on the news there were Kenyans brandishing machetes in the same way due to the current unrest in that country, which was also mentioned, or more like, overmentioned by my mother earlier. I care not for Kenya, or even Africa save the animals, so what that is about I don't know, but there have been far too many of this repeat imagery going on to be a coincidence. (And as I re-read this paragragh, and the "K" word, there was an overhead pounding timed exactly for that moment; this is somehow pounding some 8" of concrete as that is the construction material for this building).

Anyhow, back to the tree planting; in brief, plenty of feigned dementia by my father when insisting on being helpful, and of course, placing the load of soil in the wrong place. This process of tree planting took some 30 minutes, and that included handling bonemeal (brown), fertilizer (white), and finally peatmoss (brown). Again, this would be touching objects of colors of intense interest to the perps. There was plenty of plastic shaking time to extract the most of the soil, and lo, if my father didn't "help" (read, fuckup) by grabbing the plastic that had a hole in it so a quantity of soil could fall through it. As we planted the tree, the noisescape gradually started up; aircraft noise, then the neighbor's dog yelping, then the same neighbor's children were screaming, and "local" lound mufflered vehicles were also put on duty. This cacaphony extended for the entire tree planting time, and is consistent with past gardening efforts that I have undertaken at my parent's place. Just another day in Fuckville.

I was allowed to sleep for most of last night, though it seemed that I was kept in a light sleep for much of it. There have been too many sleep jerkarounds to count since the harassment began in 2002, and I never had a problem before that. Also of real curiousity is that I sleep 10 to 10.5 hours per night, when I slept 8 hours per night before the perps went overt on me. One aspect of these later sleep-ins is to time me for the sun angle in the morning at breakfast; the perps love to have the early morning sunlight streaming through when eating breakfast and passing the food in and out of the shadows to my mouth. They have even arranged graduated cloud cover over multiple mornings, adding a little more each day for three days total.

The dusk time perp silliness is upon me; nonstop backup beeping sounds with a added countering beep at a different frequency was enough to make me put on my hearing protection, but lo, after some 5 minutes of protection, this faint noise "somehow" entered my earmuffs and was heard directly.

For some diversionary reading, here are some anecdotes from other TI's that have written to Eleanor White's website. Most of these events have happened to me at one time or another, save the bad rumor games most likely as this harassment has been city wide for over 5 years now, and any tall stories would wear thin and would cast apersions upon the perps who need compliance from the entire city population.

On another diversionary note, here is a semi-bizarre story that actually happened, and whether it was perp arranged or not I would not know. Take this one straight, but it is typical of what would happen to a TI where one is constantly tested as to the logical congruity of all things. The perps want to understand how we (or, me firstly) arrange our logical universe determinations in our minds.

The pre-mealtime pounding and rumbling has begun overhead; time to have dinner and put an end to this idiotic noise flurry.

My leftover tortilla dinner is done, replete with the orange colored olive oil that now "leaks" from the tapenade base, a mixture of ground olives and tomato. This new olive oil leaking happens only when the tortilas are out of the frypan; so far, the perps don't want to mix this color with the frypan as they are still noisestalking me whenever I clean or dry it, and therefore are not prepared for the complexity that this color would bring to their remote analysis games.

Here is something taken from a TI website where one member corresponded with an authority about Canadian crime statistics reporting, and this is what the authority had to say;
"There is no need to add a new field to the national Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) survey to collect information on multiple harassers, as a field already exists for the identification of multiple accused persons for all criminal incidents reported to police. As an example, of the 10,756 incidents of criminal harassment reported to police in 2006, 1,429 of these (or 13%) involved more than one accused."
The debate is that this applies to "simultaneous multiple harassers", and is it legitimate to apply this to mean gangstalkers. Stalking is one form of harassment, belonging to the crime of Criminal Harassment in Canada, and I am having an imposed difficulty in thinking fully about other forms of harassment that might belong to this crime category. More grist for the mill while I do time at the behest of my mind-keepers.

I have not reported any of my being gangstalked to the police as they have loudly declared their cooperation with the perps at least three times so far, not counting the special parking lights only driving they also do at dusk time, their "hanging around" gangstalking or siren shows that they put on. When I had my street assault event last year, and I told them about all the incidental stalking activity, they didn't seem too moved, and kept the script tight to the assault event. Victoria's finest, all bought and paid for, and for many decades I would imagine. It is plain sickening what our tax dollars are expended for.

More games with creating an indent, also something of great interest to the perps. Nearly all my web newsites have ragged indents, a seeming randomized arrangement when once they had vertical indents for their news items.

More noisestalking, the putative neighbor's clunking and the on/off water usage. The earmuffs are now co-opted to deliver faint crackling noises to my ear, usually the right side. Never before has hearing protection been so highly variable and/or noise prone of itself. The perps like to punch regular transient noises through them every so often, and I suspect that the choice in putting them on is not mine, but a planted notion.

I am listening to a 52 min. show on Sibel Edmonds and her claims about the FBI language translation bureau being compromised by foreign agents. There is no such thing as being allowed to watch a program in perpland; the perps have de-synchronized the audio and visual portions by a second or more. Now it is a radio show effectively; the perps drive to functionally decompose all that I simultaneous percieve continues. There are many mentions of Turkey as a country in Sibel Edmond's claims, something near and dear to the perp's hearts in their geographic themed harassment. Thought-to-be friends of mine toured Turkey twice between 1991 and 1996, neither of them Turkish; it could of been a coincidence, but as I contend, there is no such thing in my life.

More YouTubing, and lo, if there aren't freezes on the visual, and now, a cessation of the audio portion; fucking tiresome. This followed a fruit fly "assault"; a fruit fly that materializes out of nowhere in front of my LCD display and drives at me in its usual hard-to-catch fashion. They don't come any other way any more; out of nowhere and crazy trajectories. NOw mini-zapping of my left arm on my chair's armrest, the latest intensified harassment.

Time to call this one done; a shut-in Monday following arriving from my parents for the Sunday First Feral Family gangstalking. So just who was that dude one seat away from me on the bus doing harumpfs and sitting off his seat momentarily? Could it of been one of the First Feral Family in morphover who is known to do the exact same thing on the same cue- when an uncontrolled/unplanted thought comes to mind?

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