Sunday, January 06, 2008

Glass Bashing In the Hallway

This must be a key moment for the perps, about 40 minutes after lunch, as they have taked their glass bottle bashing noise past my doorway, and then turned 90 degrees in the hallway to continue this noise as "someone" carries it away. Given that glass is to be recycled here, one has to wonder why this particular event "follows me" from one residence location to the next. The lastmost residence location was fraught with this noise, and I would assume it is for real, as the perps put it on elsewhere (e.g. at my parent's place), and the consequent vibrations must be part of the effect they are looking for. Similarly, crockery gets the same treatment; my mother bashes her crockery all the more, begining about a year ago. And there are at least two outside regular sources of the same noise; a recycling depot a block away, and a liquor store half a block away.

Today was a laundry day, and for the perps, that spells excitement for whatever reason. Apart from noisestalking me from my apartment to the laundry room and back, there wasn't a big deal to the event, save jerking me around and creating a 20 minute delay in attending to my washing finishing up in the washing machine. This forced delay was the same as last week. The folding an putting away of clothes is a big deal, and there was plenty of noisestalking over that. Another game is to pull the garment from my hand while manipulating it while folding. I also notice that the perps have varigated the single grey color workout shirt that I have; they have varied the grey colors as if it were a camoflage job instead of the single grey color it has been. Maybe it is time to toss the shirt instead of playing more games with them, though I suspect I will "forget", and it will be business as usual.

Another of today's cute coincidence timings was getting phone call from my mother while I was changing into my clothes in the bathroom after my shower. I ignored the first call, letting it ring for the answering service to pick it up, and then was forced into picking up the original jeans on the bathroom door for no reason whatsoever only to put them back on the hook. I then went into the bedroom area and put on the new pair, and was about to return to the bathroom to transfer the pocket contents to my fresh pair. And lo, if the phone didn't ring at that moment, and it being easier too, being in the same room. It was my mother, re-phoning, claiming she couldn't leave a message as the call was interupted by a "network busy" signal. She wanted to set up arrangements for later today. As it so "happens", my out-of-town brother is visiting, and no one told me. Another First Feral Family event, nothing new for the sick slimeballs, never mind the depraved crew that feeds off this fuckery.

The overhead rumbling noise has returned today; it will follow me in the bathroom, kitchen and now back overtop of my desk where I am typing this. The perps even scripted this noise while eating lunch, attempting to make some kind of correlation with this noise to me having brown colored food in my mouth.

There have been plenty of other jerkarounds today to keep me riled up, a frequent precursor to other events such as meeting my visiting brother later. It is not hard to figure out a pattern in all of this, and these would be the ones that I am allowed to percieve. Nearly all of my knowledge of the perp's behaviours and stunts is governed by them, invariably leading to greater harassment as they can plan the stunt exactly to their specifications, which invariably includes yelling at the assholes.

Last night was a classic; after torturing me with knee torquing games (as blogged), they then pull this same stunt when I first laid down to bed. And they made sure I exploded each time; in other words, having a significantly greater "reaction" to this incursion than is normally the case, as they seem to have backed down on the consequent pain, which should of made my reaction less than usual. There is no way to win in this game, not when they have been on me since birth.

As if the imposed voice-morphing wasn't enough harassment, the perps have modified my sneezing to make a longer lingering trailing off sound, not unlike the bus noise they plant outside my apartment. (Just the noise, as there is rarely a bus there when I look). The new modified sneeze noise they have imposed on me is comparable to the "choo" sounds from others who have agreed to have their sneezes modified. It is fucking sick that I cannot be left alone to sneeze how I normally would.

The afternoon ambient light dimming games are upon me; this is that "special time" when they put on these games to then have me put on the artificial lighting earlier than normal. The outside vehicular beeping and the inside hallway noises of clicking, coughing and voice have also been scripted for the past 40 minutes or so. This LCD display also gets a yellowish cast at this time and plasmic banding images also come on. There seems to be an all-quiet order in effect, save the church bells. And now, the perps have drawn my attention to the fact that they have put a police vehicle in their favorite visible street location with flashing white, blue and red lights, tucked deep into my peripherial vision. Funny how that location is a total hotspot of odd vehicles on a street that is dead-ended by the street ripping project.

I have just returned from a visit to my parents where my out-of-town brother was visiting with his wife and their daughter. It was the usual avoidance arrangement of obvious matters such as to who is running the plasma beams that are flitting about, and the rest of the harassment games. The degree of interaction was governed down it seemed to me. Like as before, there is a wholesale departure of everyone at the table after the first course, leaving me by myself and wondering what had caused this extraordinary event. There are plenty of squalid details as to my niece being planted exactly where I needed to walk next, though that was also true of my father, pulling his usual gangstalking games. They were all over me when I was eating the chocolate praline treats, and couldn't get close enough to me when eating them. Someone even brought them to the table from the living room to have them in front of me at a new location, and closer for longer. There just isn't enough brown things the perps can plant around me. A perfunctory family do, and fucking tiresome to have them parading about doing their entrances and exits like a farce.

Time to call this done for the day, and ponder what is going to be next, as Mondays are normally half busy from my Sunday stayover at my parents. As the trend has been to keep me contained in my apartment, I am sure that will be the predominant theme.

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