Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Half Chicken Run

For the second consecutive week there were only half chickens cooked and ready to go, that being my major protein source for a week or so. The strange orange colored powder/sauce was on the skin which was all duly removed, the everytime routine that I, or more like, am controlled to, perform. All my gangstalkers were out for the Chicken Run, an advance pair, one in a brown colored coat who had a shoelace "problem" that caused him to stop in mid-sidewalk, and the squat, waddling, two-tone blue coated woman with the fugly reddish kinky hair taking over sole lead ahead gangstalking duties. That is four strikes on her for Unfavored demographic characteristics; fat, waddling, red hair and kinky hair; none of which I care for, but ordinarily don't really notice, except that I have been forced to notice these more and categorize them as part of the Unfavored demographic group as it seems that I developed these preference proclivities on account of developmental age traumatizations in various scenarios, one being clinical. These traumatizations cannot be explicitly recalled, and that too could be a result of recall depletion traumatizations, hence the daily zapping I get from the perps, usually with overhead concrete floor clunking or pounding.

Then a nonshopping threesome exited the store just after I entered it, and lo, if two of them weren't re-entering the store as I passed that doorway on my return. I had plenty of other gangstalking action; the ubiquitous stocking carts (three at least) were out in the aisles, usually unattended, and stacked with plenty of brown cardboard boxes, the color being of intense interest to the perps. And too, there were the red coats on me, usually a red color variant I cannot stand, and the walker act as well. One blonde who was ahead of me at a checkout line then came to follow me at the checkout that I had selected. The checkout girl was on the hefty side, but was reasonably conversational. Their inclination to converse or be sociable is entired inconsistent, and this also extends to encountering them on the street, presumably walking home from work, though I doubt this.

I was out of there fast enough, and had my "doormen" waiting outside my apartment on the cell phone, pacing back and forth and dressed in dark brown. I also had an Asian woman and a child with her, oddly departing the apartment building, another form of brown (skin) for which the perps have a related and intense interest in.

And I was totally perceptually fucked with when attempting to enter the building; there are two locks, and either one can be used, the one in the directory dias, or the one on the door, a later "addition". I was going to use the one on the dias as it is convenient for one handed door operation, and instead was totally mind fucked into "thinking" that I was using it when in fact I was using the in-door lock. Only until I was screwed into using it incorrectly was I allowed to know that I was using the unintended door lock. I was fucking pissed, and still am that I am not allowed access to my own perceptions, but have these overidden by remote means that is totally confusing and not what my intent was. I have never, ever experienced this degree of perceptual cognition confusion, and it better not happen again. If that doesn't spell mind control by remote means I don't know what does. All over unlocking a fucking door.

And I was duly prepared for the 10 minute outing the grocery store; the perps forced me to have a shit after two hours of websurfing time, and lo, if it wasn't a three-way jerkaround; plunging was needed, plunger cleaning was needed and a swapover of toilet paper rolls forced by overnight toilet paper depletion. It wasn't pretty, but that is how it goes, everytime I take a crap. The perps interest in me taking a shit just may extend to this four month project of putting new sewer lines for a city block, and the project will likely run as long again if it gets extended to my apartment building. As I seem to be the only tenant in this 140 suite building, guess who gets to use this multi-million dollar sewer line first?

A similar re-working of a gasoline station was undertaken on my walking route to the gym, all the tanks were pulled up, new space was blasted into the rock to accomodate new plastic tanks, and the project is nearing completion for this in-city re-development. The perps have a fixation over me and my energetic interaction with petroleum products, and it would seem that re-building a gasoline fuelling station that I regularly pass by is one attempt for them to solve their problem that they have involuntarily involved me in. This project has also been a good site for them to entertain their other fixations, those related to concrete and ashphalt and the same energetics interactions.

More head pounding generalized pressure on my prefrontal cortex area of my head. This started about five minutes of going online after doing the chicken preparation and eating some off the cutting board directly without benefit of plate. The perps seem to have a problem with dinner plates and routinely noisestalk me when I wash them in the sink. There is nearly always plasma and maser beams sitting over top of the dinner plate of them in the cupboard when I am about to reach for one to use, and this extends to after removal too.

It is as if I am being "locked in"; these constant rounds of head pounding pressure, all so they can resume this torture they applied earlier in the morning, just after breakfast. There have been three rounds of the apartment manager talking in the hallway since I got back from the above grocery store visit. Not bad for an apartment building that seems to be empty, save gangstalkers when I am outside. There are very few repeat "tenants" I see in the building. This is identical to the last apartment building that I lived in, only two blocks away, and directly behind the tower that I see from my apartment window. This alignment might be of strategic importance to the perps, having three apartment blocks on a E. - W. alignment, with me having resided in two of them, and one in between that I visited as a prospective rental.

I am also getting a stroboscopic flashing from this LCD display; this might be today's new harassment method, one never knows how much they are going to indulge in each on any given day. The perps also appear to be planting more mottled red colors in my view; either online, in newpapers or even on packaging in the stores. And for some reason, I find myself reacting to these colors, when I never did before. Another perp focus of late is displaying lips, and them alone; this became evident at my parent's place on TV two days ago, and is "showing up" on more news and advertising online. There had been a similar perp fixation on having me see human eyes a few weeks ago in the same distribution method. And no, I don't get to see lips or eyes close up and real. It is not allowed, human contact or connection in this virtual prison state.

The overhead pounding of the concrete floor/ceiling has started up, all time to the post tea and chocolate break I had after I got back from gym class. I had my usual pair of in-class fugly stalkers, at one time standing opposite each other in the aisle for me to pass betwwen them, and they went on top parade themselves in front of me, or in the mirror. Of the pair, Mr Ethnic Gut in his red and navty blue stripped shirt was the most prevalent, while Mr. New (and disgusting lokking) Bald was more circumspect, though he did make sure that I got a view of the tatoo on the back of his neck, a 3" filled-in star in dark green, and the line of red lesions that runs through it was still apparent. Freaking bizarre that he had a head full of hair three weeks ago, and essentially converted himself from Ignored to Unfavored. The first day he showed up with his bald head he wouldn't stay out of my sight, and was even on the cell phone during this "introductory display" game he was pimping. I also notice that Mr. Large Blond is creeping in closer to me in the floor exercise room, a proxy "sneak attack" of getting the Unfavored in closer to me for longer durations. We were between the two male coordinators in the floor exercise room, like bookends, and there is more familiarity with them than Mr. Large Blond who stays out of my sight for the most part.

Other freaks at the gym were the two negro dudes as last week, buzzing around me in three locations, and making me move on to avoid looking at them. They lasted about 20 minutes or so, and then disappeared when I was on the bicycle. I also got my granny gangstalker being paraded about for me to see; this granny is frequently planted in my view, and I had a break for a few weeks of not seeing her, and now she is back, and doing the same thing. Fucking tiresome and despicable.

When in the floor exercise room the perps' sick games of creating cracking noises when I moved my arms were started up. I nearly always got them when moving my arms in my apartment while at my desk when they started in earnest some six months ago, but never anywhere else. That selective arrangement of not putting the noise when in public was good enough for me, but now the perps have decided it isn't good enough for them so they introduced it today. The class leader remarked on it, and I got to say my scripted piece that it is totally unrelated to any joint action and comes with absolutely no sensation whatsoever. Anyhow, I, or more like, the mind-contolled me, got to tell them about this infernal affronting crackling noise that is planted upon me, and the class leader didn't bat an eyelid, the verbal exchange being totally scripted. But at least someone else has heard it and my hearing isn't being fucked with when these noises erupt as they so often do.

I got plenty of red plasma flashes when on the street, having just left the gym. The perps put on a lot of plasma and gangstalker action at this intersection, the first controlled one that is closest to the OB Rec. Center. And they even had a 40' school bus running a red light at this same intersection, just before the plasma exposures were evident. It is the rule of the road it seems; occupy the intersection as much as possible and reduce the intersection vacancy time.

I got the one time class member, the chinless blonde, who was way too fugly to look at, as a gangstalker when halfway back from my class. She was with two fat dudes both dressed in grey, and the three of them were walking toward me. This is at least the fifth gym class member who has "shown up" in this neighborhood, some before class heading the opposite direction (go figure), and some after class who somehow get ahead of me, only to also come walking toward me. (This would be doable by bus, as I walk for 30 minutes each way for gym class, but is highly unlikely).

I stopped in at the LD store on my way back from the gym, an always-on gangstalk venue, and this occasion wasn't any different. But what struck me besides all the gangstalkers standing around, was two of them with small bandaids on their faces, like some kind of differential skin tone reference. This is at least the third and fourth times I have seen this little act, but never in close proximity. One woman gangstalker was wearing a fedora, attempting to look masculine in some respect, as bait for the perps' gender research differences. The perps usually hold me up at this store, but this time they let me through a rare vacant checkout. It wasn't unattended though, as it became a magnet for a fugly customer who leaned in to speak to the cashier, and then became a lead-ahead gangstalker when I ready to depart.

It is an interesting coincidence that actor Heath Ledger died the day the Oscar Award nominations came out, not that he was a contender in this year's films. The perps were all over me noisestalking as I took in the news and came across this item in my long list of bookmarked cinema sites. And this news was knowm relatively early in the day, but I did not know until this evening, so it could well be that the perps re-arranged my day to find out later when they were ready, no advance knowledge neccessary. But regular readers will know my take on coincidences, and also recall that I live in a highly managed and scripted state, right down to the "crumbs from nowhere" that arrive on my kitchen floor for me to deal with in advance of cooking dinner; like a introduction, "we want you to meet your floor (energetically interact with it) before you work on the counter for the next 20 minutes".

There is an increasing crumb placement campaign going on of late; I am getting them under the dinner plate at the table, and around it too, with no apparent cause, they just "arrive". This is standard at breakfast now, and the crumbs will even arrive from nowhere when I am watching, becoming one of the most blatant remotely applied stunts yet. And the big deal for the perps is to have pre-installed "crumbs", actually lookalikes that are embedded in the surface and cannot be removed. They have these "permanent crumbs" placed on the kitchen and bathroom floors and on the table as well. Their big game is to seed some crumbs to be cleaned up by me around these "embedded crumbs" and then mind-fuck me so I won't know which is what (I normally can recall or distinguish which is a perp planted "permanent crumb" and which is transient, added by them). Then the perps have me attempt to pick up their embedded/permanent crumb along with the ones they planted. And at the moment of attempting to pick up the immovable "permanent crumb", the noisestalking goes off. This seems to relate to what is described in the book, The Dimensional Structure of Consciousness, where all objects and actions have some kind of consciousness (aka psychic) energy. As usual, the perps won't let me understand this book in its details, so all I can do is note the confluence of book and perp action and note the similarities. For those of you who aren't learning impaired, try this book out if you want to understand the perp harassment agenda objectives in detail.

The all time stupidest gangstalking vehicle was noted while I was walking to gym earlier today; it was one of those infernal Smart Cars that are the rage in this city, no doubt perp supported, and an apparent kitchen business advertised their company in part by having a stainless steel double sink mounted on edge, sinks facing toward me, and was slowly going by. I think this is as stupid as it gets, and it is a way to introduce an inside apartment/home item to the outside, presumably for the energetic interaction, just as all the gangstalking is for.

Another jerkaround in posting this last night; the forced "forget" stunt again, and there have been too many of these to constitute "forgetfulness" as I knew it.

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