Thursday, January 31, 2008

Forced Pee, Sirens and then Vision Impariments

All those things in the title followed sequentially and more. A faint sustained whine noise was reason enough to put the dark green hearing protection on, then in about three minutes there was a sudden need to pee, and while in the bathroom I "discovered" there was a post-shaving facial bleed (from a pore, not a nick), an 1/8" spot of blood that had been sitting on my face for the past hour or so, and I then cleaned up. Coming back to my office chair, I get the sirens noise, then the faked neighbor water use noise, then transitory vision impairments, overhead clunking, hallway door closing noise and the usual screen of plasma and fuzzy maser balls hopping about in my vision. Too much fun for sick minds, and they do like to take blood samples, and for the first time, they aren't bothering to attach it to my shaving activity, as if it were causal, which it never has been. More than a noise flurry, more like a designed phenomenon flurry, the new name for these concentrations of activity.

I just got zapped with a simultaneous overhead floor tapping, all the more curious that the apartments have carpeted floors. And I yelled at the assholes for this, and I likely didn't have a choice (read, mind-control). This is my 50 minute break between yoga and setting off for gym class, and they are also making a lot of rumbling noise directly overhead, a noise that followed me from the kitchen to my desk, a distance of 8'. It seems it is more important that the rumbling noises be directly sourced overhead as this will happen in the same way when in the bathroom.

The perps are likely cranked up about the fact that I wore my black fleece pants to yoga, and still have them on in readiness in walking 30 min. to the gym. Last Thursday, I swapped from my thin track pants to the fleece pants immediately before setting off. Changing my weekly routine, and having me wear certain pants for the first time at a regular event, extra harassment favorable fleece especially, is the kind of event that perps get worked up about. Not that they haven't done their usual games of pissing me off and gangstalking me when walking back from yoga.

The perps even posted some furniture outside this apartment block; it had a relocation context as there was a moving van outside and the door was kept open when I left for yoga, but the context is now gone, and the furniture is still outside in the same place. No doubt it will be there when I head off for yoga, offering outside energetics to inside items. Surely they have surveilled enough garage sales for the past 30 years to figure this one out, and don't need to mess with me. But no, they still are fucking (me) around, largely because of their past substantial mistakes and current timidity in declaring themselves. Not my problem.

There were no military dressed gangstalkers on North Park St. post-yoga, while walking back. This is odd, as they were very consistent at one time in planting this kind of gangstalker. Maybe it looked too stupid, these military dudes with white plastic shopping bags strutting around. Though stupid never bothered the perps any.

I got the usual "introductory plasma" at yoga, getting there 10 min. before class. They put on countless 1' to 2' spots of blue, yellow and green in front of me, and the instructor would of seen them too, but the perps buzzed me out so "I" didn't think to look at her expression, but I am assuming she was rehearsed for this. In the yoga classroom, the perps also put up a white board on the wall, and a brown corkboard as well, even if the walls are brown colored. I got my "plastic bag" people (gangstalkers with garbage or shopping bags) when coming back; the operative color was orange colored bags, and lo, if an orange 2' diameter colored plasma beam didn't accompany me for a few seconds while the orange plastic was visible.

It wasn't enough to pound the ceiling overhead to make rumbling noise; I just got a rumbling noise delivered directly to my left ear which was most unsporting. The in-ear pounding noise has continued, and has taken on the habit of most noises, "happening" in concert with routine Windows activities of select, copy, paste, mouseclick; nothing new save the audacity of planting a foreign noise in my ear without a cover story.

I have been to gym and back, and have finished dinner, such as it was, a rare "pate day". I don't know what the perp's fixation is exactly over eating pate, but they tried in on me in 2003 or early 2004, and after one use, they accelerated mold on it to cut their experiment short. Then, just before Christmas 2007 (last month), my mother picks some up while we were shopping, and she gave the majority of it to me afterward, claiming she doesn't eat it. It was duly eaten me in early January, and nearly four weeks later, they had me buy another local specialty brand. It was good too, and no doubt it will be finished off as a mealtime protien source while I am out of chicken.

Another more venturesome dietary change was the perps are allowing me to eat kiwi fruit, something they cut me off of in fall 2006. It was a regular daily item before that, and then it was over when I changed grocery stores. It seems that the perps have a long way to go yet before I am allowed a normally varied cuisine, something they haven't permitted since they mugged me for their overt treatment in 2002.

There were the usual 600 to 1,000 vehicles on vehicular gangstalking duty when walking to the gym and back. Equi-spaced clusters of red, white and silver grey vehicles, and then later, the odd light brown, yellow or red vehicle. They were all over me at the gym, and put on the male jocularity act around me; they like to have me around social males, or more like, the noise thereof. I am not allowed any friendships in this depraved purgatory.

The two regular class freaks that are paraded around me were still on "see me" duty; Mr. Ethnic Gut (stubby, large gut, mid-Eastern skin tone) was in his street clothes today, a light tan brown even. It is very daring for the perps to dress a brownskinned person in brown clothing. Mr. New Bald was also skirting around in my peripherial vision, looking freakish as he now does, head shorn since the New Year. There were at least two more skinheads on duty, and the negro dude from two days ago was back, sans corn row hair which I totally despise. It was a big negro gangstalker day today; some nine of them all told, some doing the dumbshit shill pedestrain act of pretending not to notice me and thereby threatening to get in my way.

At the gym they had two red shirted gangstalkers on atationary equipment, one on either side of me. Both took off their respective red garments and put them on the floor beside them. And when some minutes passed of this arrangement, another (third) red shirted gangstalker arrives to work out beside me. This is getting as tedious as obvious; these red shirted dudes hanging around me.

I also got a biker like gangstalker; the leather vest, shades, unshaven and loitering around and shooting the breeze. He even followed me to another location, putting on the posing act and I kept looking at the floor. He kept inching along, attempting to get into my peripherial vision, and I moved my head away some more. Eventually he gave up on this dumbfuck game and took off. It just shows how detailed the perps are over attempting to recreate scenes from past possible traumatizations. They told me telepathically that there was a biker exposure/traumatization in Quebec (1956-7), and my dislike of vagrant types stems from this as well. No wonder the Quebec biker gangs are in the news so often, its the perps whipping them up and ensuring it gets exposure. Not my problem, why am I being fucked with over someone else's blundering stupidity?

There was more wheelchair gangstalkers, at least three for the day and a few more with those dumbshit walkers. In the latter case, walkers weren't around in 1956-7 for that year I was in Montreal and where the traumatizations were likely created. The perps are jangling me in some way to react to things like wheelchairs when I never did before. It is the same for skinheads, and the perps had three of them on me in the gym today.

The big event for the perps today was likely the big concrete pour on mid-900 View St. pictured in yesterday's blog posting. They poured 2' thick of concrete slurry, street wide (30') for some 100' of street. This is the new street construction style I have learned, or at least around here, as it was done on another adjacent street. Then they will put sand on top of the concrete and pack it down ready for a final 3" or so of asphalt. The perps put on the negro laborer again just for concrete hose handling while the slurry poured out the pipe. This is the only time I see this dude on the job in over four months, when a concrete pour is on. He was on the inside of the street work's separating fence and lo, if the perps didn't put another negro gangstalker coming toward me on the pedestrian throughway, the other side of the fence. They put on at least eight gangstalkers while I walked by this street project, beefing up my usual coverage for this big event.

On another project on my Tuesday and Thursday walking beat, the perps dug out around a two week old poured concrete curb they had put it in, and in recent practice, had a white van parked next to it, as if it were some kind of support vehicle. Yesterday's pictured mid-street sit-there 5 tonne delivery vehicle is an example of using large white surfaces and/or mass to "gangstalk" the immediate locality. On the third street project, now completed, the perps put on a remant of Tuesday's goofy gangstalk, on "stand-there" duty, having him "take notes" (their paper fixation again), in the same dumbshit yellow jacket he had on then. And of course no municipal service vehicle was around to suggest where he might of come from, like Tuesday.

I had two almost-for-sure teleported gangstalkers today; I make one look down, or and intermediary obstructing vehicle passed through, and then I look up and there they are. I sense they are testing these teleported operatives as they would of come from somewhere else, and want to determine the energetics interactions of our respective localities by measuring the energy interaction between me and the gangstalker. As mentioned in past blogs, they have a fixation over geographic location, and this seems like the begining of another long haul of fucking around at my expense.

To end today's outing, a gangstalker was in lead-ahead mode, and with a dolly of brown boxes containing bedding, who "happened" to be traversing the street with this, and "happened" to be delivering this to my apartment block, and got in the elevator ahead of me, and subsequently got off ahead of me. There were also four loitering dudes in the apartment lobby, and this was the arranged gauntlet for me to pass through with this brown box act ahead of me. It doesn't get any more blatant than this, having a homecoming posse, right into the elevator.

Taken 01-31-2008, today. A special arrangement of vehicles for when I had the camera in hand to take the second picture; there it was, a red-green vehicle special formation. A fourth red vehicle was next to the one you see in the foreground parking lot; not visible in this picture, obscured by the balcony.

This is the top end of today's street concrete pouring; the concrete being the reflective surface for some strange reason, likely plasma games fuckery. Note the excavator boom has been relocated from yesterday's pictures, even when it was not used as the concrete pouring job was on. My only guess is the perps wanted to frame some of the concrete job with the boom. They sometimes put gangstalkers close in, but apart enough to frame a "featured" gangstalker sitting further back and only visible in the space between the close-in pair. The two lights seen against the brick backdrop have been "arranged" to be particularly bright and are on all day long. This is likely for the same reasons they like to "pit-lamp" me; having me in the headlights of a stationary vehicle. Today, they even had me double "pit-lamped", in two street side vehicles, both with headlights on in the daytime.

More reading from the early stage chapters of a developing book on Thomas Townsend Brown. A fascinating story. Of interest is the minor shop talk; the term "arrested" means all body systems have stopped, but the person can still be derived in some way. Another term is the "concrete world", meaning what we know as our physical universe, the term suggesting that there are others we don't know about. And that one real life character gets transported by black helicopter with another to provide support. Interesting stuff, and who knows, it may have connection to the present circumstances in some way, like so many past events.

It is time to blog off and comtemplate a Chicken Run tomorrow, always a big gangstalk event. The perps are constraining me to half cooked chickens now, and thereby increasing my shopping frequency.

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