Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sharp Things Under My Fingers

It is late in the day for starting a blog posting, but even if I have been mostly house-bound, "somehow" I did not get onto this earlier. That seems to be the perp prefered script.

One reality that I deal with every day, and all day, is the sensation of small objects, e.g. crumbs, under my fingertips or else they get jabbed. As fingertips are extremely sensitive and command a larger brain region to govern them, it does not surprise me that the alleged assholes who make my life utter hell all day long, find that sensitizing my fingertips is helpful for their realtime nonconsensual brain research. That's my brain being studied from a remote location for all its bioenergetic properties, down to every last thought.

Anytime I pick up paper or any other object with square corners, and my fingers are within an inch or so, I will get my fingertips jabbed even if there was no actual contact as long as I am not watching. Other like games include cramming cheese crumbs under my finger nails, or under my finger tips to then be placed between the grasped object and my finger to create yet more sensation. Given that the perps are so relentless on this particular jerkaround, I conclude it must be an important method to gain some advantage for them. Similarly, when in bare feet, no end of objects, or the sensation thereof, are planted underfoot for the same purpose IMHO. To me, it is fucking tiresome, and only one of a litany of harassment methods that goes on all day just to further the perps games while they sit in their control room somewhere and keep this act going. All because of their lack of fortitude to confront me directly with this macabre and deranged nonconsensual adventures in human experimentation. It is not my problem that the experimentation is conducted in the most adverse manner, i.e. with no active cooperation, so why am I being harassed like this?

That was my token given line of exasperation that seems to be so prevalent, and I will assume that the notion, if not the very words, were supplied to me by my mind-keepers.

I got a zapping when in the bathroom this morning; the rubber tipped pick for cleaning below my gum lines, such as they are for all the gum recession that has gone on (more than 2 mm below the margins of the crowns presently), was just placed in my mouth, and at that instant I recalled, (or was supplied with) the notion that the perps have been pulling off the rubber tip when the pick is in my mouth. Then came a sudden knock on the ceiling above me and a simultaneous zapping, for which I yelled at them. Past readers will know that I may have had substantial periods of recall blotted out in my developmental years, and electroshock treatments just might have been the method. This is speculation, but there are past perp games that support this abusive treatment and which the perps are attempting to re-initiate so to possibly detect and then remediate the psychic damage that was inflicted. And no doubt it is to benefit them, as I never asked for any remediation though there has been some, and don't want any. Not from a party that is as deep into abuse as they are.

Past remediation has been to my spine shape; I had a sway back, and they straightened it in 2003, changing my walking gait. And almost unbelievably, I look younger at 53 than at 47 y.o. when the harassment began in 2002. Not that I am complaining, but the price of eternal and unrelenting pernicious harassment has not been worth it.

A revised book on gangstalking has come out, a review at this link; titled Cause Stalking
ISBN-13: 978-0-9703092-3-5, by private investigator David Lawson who spent approximately 12 years investigating stalking groups in the United States and Canada. I read the earlier version, titled Terrorist Stalking in America and found it useful as a tangible corroborating source to describe gangstalking. He doesn't mention that one motive is human nonconsensual experimentation, and the possible measurement of human bioenergetic field interactions as I have come to conclude long ago. As far as I know, I am not subject of a rumor campaign and thereby "creating" a worthy target. After 5.5 years of being hounded in this city, the gangstalking over false attribution would wear thin. Other reasons for staring at the victim aren't mentioned either. (My take on this is that the perps are looking for a specific energetic interaction between the victim's and stalker's eyes, which radiate energy in some form). It is a book to mention to one's shrink, should one find themselves in a major uphill battle with that paid-for crowd.

More listening on YouTube; Sarah Harmer and then Buddy Guy. That is quite a span of music genres, but it fits my listening profile; melodic and authentical emotional delivery.

Time to call another dull day done and blog off.

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