Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Sand Theme

I finally "got it", really meaning that I was allowed to understand this new perp sponsored theme. It is about sand almost unbelievably. Today, there was sand "leftover" in the washing machine after extricating someone else's clothes, and sand placed on the dryer door sill. I did my best to remove it with my fingers, and then got on with laundry. Then, back at my apartment, I read about the tar sands of Alberta in the news. There was another lengthy piece about the tar sands yesterday from another source. And what does it mean? I don't really know, except to offer that the perps love to place fresh poured and curing concrete in my proximity, or to even walk upon, as well as grinding down high sidewalk slab edges in other locations. And sand is a big constituent of concrete. And the public works projects that I pass by twice per week on my way to the gym also use plenty of sand and gravel to serve as the road base before asphalt paving. And the new thuggy boy at yoga this week gave his surname as "Sanderson". Anyhow, I am sure there is more to all this, and it is curious that sand was adroitly placed for me to touch on the laundry equipment and dispense with today.

Onto other trivia and minutae. I might be an interview subject on the Edge Radio; there isn't a whole lot of mystery to reveal that cannot be discerned by diligent readers of this blog, but it is always interesting to evaluate someone from a differing perspective. It does make me wonder if this is part of the plan to create more "exposure", having me go public in a limited way, this blog being the first such venture. And that brings the thought that maybe I will make it to TV one day, though I am not too worked up about "getting the message out", as I see myself being totally contained 24x7, and I am not the type that seeks public attention.

I have already got my combination of zapping and thudding today; the simultaneous application of both, and of significance to the perps who seem to be fishing for having me not react to the zapping. It may well be if I read the past ECT promotions/planted themes of 4 years ago as "reminders" that I may have had my recall zapped in my early childhood years to attempt recall deletion of medical testing and other procedures. It is just that the perps fucked up as I can recall these in some unconscious way, and from what I read of the freakshow parade I get each time I go outside, this also is to serve the same purpose; instignate and reveal deep conscious recall of all adverse events, objects, colors and beings when being traumatized by the perps who were conducting experiments and procedures between ages 2 to 6 years old.

The latest games in freakshows has been to alter the color of someone's face; they did this in some way yesterday when at the social worker's office, possibly by plasma and light manipulation games, and then online when they presented pictures of rabid soccer fans who painted their faces with the team colors. Yesterday's YouTubing of musicians was fraught with ill lit faces, and in one instance, they graphically garbled up the face of one performer, making it look like a pixel manipulation error.

It is time for some blog posting speculations; given that I am hounded anytime I am outside, and that there frequent gangstallking/exposure events scripted for me in the following scenarios:
  • proximity or contact with concrete (all levels of curedness and age),
  • and similarly with ashphalt,
  • some 600 to 1,000 mobile vehicles in coordinated configurations passing by when I walk on main throughfares, and
  • many instances of (needless, IMHO) public work projects to relocate traffic lane lines, often reducing the lane count from two per side to only one lane per side, or else adding traffic "calming" islands, curbed with concrete,
it does not surprise me too much when supporting similar themed events "happen" in real life. If the perps have an "problem" with their remote bioenergetics assay work in detecting the difference between concrete and bone contents as I think they do, whether the victim is in a vehicle or walking, then it may be helpful for the perps to then try an experiment. Have an aircraft lose power and make a crash landing on the concrete runway, (British Airways recent event). In another experiment, have some raucous dudes drive a vehicle on a runway and then have them drive past the end and fly through the air and then analyze their bodies after the crash. All pure and idle speculation on my part, and I do not mean to be disrespectful toward either event in any way. Perhaps the theme of concrete is too broad for these to be considered as orchestrated. But what about the above mentioned sand games today? Hmmm.

I don't like to get into extrapolations and speculations, but judging from the sudden amount of noisestalking that arose while I was composing the above paragraph, I don't think I had much choice in writing it, read mind-controlled direction as to blog content. I get especially noisestalked when I put in the links.

Time to call this day done and blog off.

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