Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Thursday Double Event

I have been sufficiently riled up with harassment games while making and eating dinner, and then when cleaning the dishes afterward. I am hoping this blog entry, or more like, the act of keystroking, will not be sabotaged in the same way, or this will be one short post, even if I went out on two events today, per normal Thursday routine.

I had yoga after a five week hiatus through various means of fuckery, one being cancellation over the holidays without any notice. The impressive looking instructor will be heading off to India on a long holiday, and so there will be a replacement next week. Not only was she easy on the eye, but she is a great instructor, and is able to convey all the nuances of the poses with great clarity.

There was the usual arrangement of class members around me, one coming 30 minutes late to set herself up facing me, end-on, head to head or my feet to her head. It is a sneaky way of getting the class members in close to me, as coming late has all the appearences of being an expeditious arrangement, even if there was a vacant spot beside me. And there was some extra fugly colored chairs added since last time; the room is nearly ringed with steel chairs with navy blue colored padded seats and backs. This time, they had an insipid green one close to me, just to get some "ugly color exposure" as I see it, all part of the Unfavored demographics/objects/colors that the perps like to place around me.

It was a good yoga session, and the disruptive and flakey blowhard wasn't there today, as he usually hounds me from venue to venue. And it was sad to see the last of the instructor, but she needs a break, as I am sure that ongoing involvement with the perp's prearranged games takes a toll, and she had being doing this for some 14 months.

I got plenty of ambulatory gangstalking going to yoga and back, but I did not get the usual military retinue as I so often do. After next week the yoga class is going to a new location, and I am sure that this will be a big perp event, as they were all over me the first day I went to this present interim location. The perps' big deal seems to be all about me sitting on a concrete floor and then bioenergetically comparing it to me while walking on concrete sidewalks.

And the three civic works projects that I pass by on my way to gym are still the construction stage, or repaving stage, or have moved on to further along the street. In each case, there has been plenty of new concrete sidewalks or roadbase poured, and in one case, they have temporarily paved the sidewalk with ashphalt I noted today. The perps have been placing extra gangstalker coverage over these newly poured (concrete) sidewalks, so whatever bioenergetics they are looking for has yet to be determined. Surely they have had their operatives on "sleep over" duty above concrete of varying age.

The two large excavators are in view from my desk as I type, and both are yellow colored, and for the perps that is a big deal, as they are fixated on presenting this color to me wherever I go. They have been getting large dumptrucks to haul in the gravel with the same green cab color as that of the 30" PVC pipe that they are using. And lo, if the truck's cab wasn't aligned with some of the PVC pipe sections, so one was spatially adjacent to the other from where I sit. It is a huge job, and it has been extended to continue down the street, currently in view. And if I read the temporary signs correctly, the excavation is going to go past the apartment block that I am presently residing in. I would not be surprised if these weren't the septic system pipes, and the perps want to have me as the first "contributor" and then attempt to make some bioenergetic interaction between me and these pipes when operational, (re-buried, and carrying only my contributions). And then the plan would be to add more parties' (likely the First Feral Family) septic waste to the pipe, and quantifying that, then adding others (known gangstalkers). There appear to be many apartment blocks that aren't fully occupied in this area, and the perps' pipe laying project could well be as big as I have imagined it to be here.

And I would not be surprised if my First Feral Family members don't come by to use my bathroom in the coming months and thereby emulate what I ordinarily do. This is all too interesting, though I don't get too concerned about the construction and attendant noise.

At the gym this afternoon, I got the herding again, with only the free weights as an option to start with, same as two days ago. And it didn't take more that half a minute for them to have three male red dressed gangstalkers around me, one on the ridiculous ponytail act. (Ponytails on males are one of those Unafavored demographics/appearances). After the freeweights I went to a certain fixed exercise machine, and lo, if the barbell toting ponytail act didn't follow me and start his freeweight exercising behind me where there are other machines, unilaterally obstructing exercise equipment. It is the second time some bizarre asshole has set up shop behind me at this same location, and in doing so they are preventing other users (read, gangstalkers) from accessing equipment. But as this is all arranged, no one complains, especially if they can get a freak in close to me, e.g. behind me, visible through the steel bars of the equipment.

Mr. Ethnic Gut, a middle eastern looking class member who likes to "feature" himself, that is planting himself in my view, oftentimes the mirrors, was onto me again. He set up exactly behind me in the mirrors, and that was the end of me putting up with that copycat routine. The perps' big focus is to get their operatives lifting and lowering weights in time with me. Invariably, I detect this, and fudge my timing some or else abort the exercise altogether. Now they have got more gangstalkers, usually three lifting weights, at least one will be copycatting me at any given time. As "usual" there is a proliferation of males sitting or standing around doing absolutely nothing and invariably lined up in one cardinal direction (N. - S.). Mr. Ethnic Gut was in a red and navy blue vertically striped shirt today, and made sure that I saw him first upon arriving as he was lying on the floor adjacent to the stairwell I was using, visible through the glass partition.

Another perp move that repeated from last week was to arrange more of the classmembers around me when doing the floor exercises. I was pissed off I had these orange colored runners my my head last week, and it wasn't too much of a surprise to have two more class members with their orange soled footwear pointed at me. The perps have a total fixation on exposing me to footwear and feet, and this is just one more example, this time with a fugly color as part of the stunt. And if that wasn't enough, I had the way fugly smooth headed dude, aligned with his mat parallel to mine, even if we were to be in a circle. This was something else to for me to avert my gaze, as I didn't care to look at his disgusting bald head any more than I had to. I don't know what it is, but the perps expend no end of effort, now 5.5 years of it, to expose me to smooth headed males, about the ugliest "haircut" going IMHO. And here this was planted 6' away, crown facing me.

The perp planted notion is that this head/"haircut" emulates that of aliens, though I have no recollection of ever seeing any, though there are large memory lapses in my developmental years that are not accounted for, and which was likely erased. Which might be also why the perps like to put on male gangstalkers with wraparound sunglasses, an emulation of alien eyes. But they didn't erase all of my recall, as the perps are still chasing me down with the Unfavored demographics members in an attempt to recreate these long past traumatizations. All this is speculation as to past traumatizations and any associated specifics, though there are plenty of perp stunts which emulate these speculations with the ambulatory gangstalkers; e.g. 1950's style nurse, white dressed males, hospital like headgear, etc.

I am getting larger welcome and departure gangstalk parties each time I arrive and leave the gym respectively. The aisle section before the last 90 degree turn is usually populated with at least three of them, and today it was four, with a mock instructor session that I walked through (no other choice). Then the middle-aged male fucker was on me as soon as I turned the corner. The when leaving, there was a cluster of three gangstalking assholes at the 90 degree bend, and then another three 6' further, the brown dressed one on the cell phone (read, electromagnetic energies), just before the stairwell.

The rain had come on when I left the OB Rec. Center, so I took the bus back downtown as I did not have a rain coat. That was a mistake in some respects, as I was treated to a flickering stroboscopic overhead flourescent light, and of course the frequency was arranged to piss me off. Thankfully it was still light out and I could look outside to avoid the stroboscoping. The perps often flood me with stroboscopic lights, and this was the first in some time. I had four gangstalkers around me wearing red, and one blonde in an all brown coat.

I had a way strange dude with a fedora on getting off with me at the same bus stop; I haven't seen anyone wearing so much black before, or at least in this town. He had a full lenght down quilted coat, way too hot to wear here. I then got swarmed by at least five gangstalkers when I got off the bus; a "surge" of them waiting went to the bus behind the one I got off, and of course they never bother to look as to impeding anyone, as this is now "standard" practice. And lo, if they didn't pass a redhaired fucker (Unfavored) in close to me, dithering in my path. It is just fucking nuts that I cannot go anywhere without the potential of a gangstalker swarm.

I am now getting screwed around over opening windows in my Firefox browser; the wrong one opens up and the panel at the bottom of the screen won't display the browser session. Endless fucking with my life, right down to what key I press and when.

Time to blog off for the day; music listening has been my refuge tonight, with minimal fuckery.

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