Monday, January 07, 2008

Something To Do

I am at the point in the day when all my regular web browsing has been done, and I might attempt to find some new sites to include in my Bookmarks. This is the situation the perps like to create; being at a loose end with nothing to do. In the long past there have been some employer created "nothing to do" events that went a week long or so, and I could not figure out at the time how their personnel planning permitted this to happen. Nor could I understand why they continued to let it happen when I clearly told them I was at an impasse. I am not sure what these planned ruptures in purposeful activity mean to the perps, but it is clear that they like to organize such events.

A part of this activity constraint management would be enforced reduction of interaction with others; family (dull and incurious get together yesterday), email with other TI's (nearly none when normally I have a few on the go), and other social contacts that I have, or had. All under some kind of edit per the perps' directive it would seem. Even the office where I was helping out has suddenly gone quiet when they had an imminent large mail out two weeks before Christmas.

So this is how I get to spend most of my time, blogging the inanities of being harassed and surveilled, and pondering the associations the perps have with their noises and other phenomenon (masers, plasma beams, vision impairments etc.) with whatever else I am doing at the moment. This gives me a clue as to what they are after with these coincident events.

The street ripping has started up in earnest today, and looks to be another 4 month job to put large 30" green PVC pipe in the street, all for the perps to figure out my bioenergetic interaction with these objects, just as they like to plant other plastics around me. Also, the perps have a big obsession with showing me ditches and other dug up soil, the latter includes planting trees at both my parent's place and that of my in-town brother's place. More games for more continued harassment and gangstalking.

I went out to the local grocery store earlier, and got my gangstalking fill; big hats, dithering geriatrics, hop-a-long walkers, wheelchairs, big teeth, and a few others. As always, they had about 10 ambulatory gangstalkers posted at the location of the brown colored tortillas I always purchase, except that only one package remained, so I didn't buy it. I cannot figure out why the perps are so rabid about putting on gangstalkers in this store location. At least half of that number were lined up N. - S., and the routing is that I approach this line 90 degrees offset and then walk through an opening in the line to proceed to the tortillas.

The gangstalker placement often serves as a reminder as to shopping. One gangstalker was posted at the milk section, and lo, if I didn't need to get goat's milk only 2' from where she was standing. I did not get the olive oil stalking like I had in the past two visits, but it seems that the perps were ready by removing all items from an adjacent shelf, attempting some kind of reduction testing.

I am getting the sleepies again, a forced state by which I will be rendered sleeping momentarily while seated at my desk, or else bailing out and having a nap. No wonder my mother was going on about naps yesterday, it is a current theme word.

I finished my tea and chocolate, always a favorite perp harassment event, eating brown colored food. It is back to the Lindt garbage chocolate again, having the Villar's better tasting chocolate wasn't allowed for long (one week). I notice at my parents' place yesterday, the perps had a Cadbury's chocolate bar on the sideboard at the table, likely another brown color reference for the many brown foods I ate there last night; chocolate cake, chocolates, and like items. They never buy Cadbury's chocolate as it doesn't taste all that good in Canada; there is world of difference between the UK and Canadian chocolate flavor.

Now the fake burps are upon me; making my stomach go up and down without any gaseous release cannot considered to be normal for as long as I have consciously burped. Just another little jerkaround in this depravity of controlling someone from afar for even more nonconsensual human experimentation. Trashing someone's life for 47 years wasn't good enough for the sickos, so the went into overt harassment games, much of which is devoted to recreating the recall deleted traumatizations they generated in my developmental years. And still no email response from McGill University as to my inquiry about being a patient there. I am quite sure it was the perps' idea for me to send an email to them as they have been quite efficient at making me too lazy to do something. Filing a complaint with the Saanich Police being one example; I "missed" the two year deadline to submit a complaint as to their guided behaviors, another coup for the perps.

A minute log coughing jag erupts outside my door in the hallway; more of the never-get -better crowd with this chronic condition, har, har. And for that, the perps made me sneezed immediately afterward.

Now a sharp tapping noise from the hallway, made out to be someone knocking on a door with some kind of hard object. As if anyone goes five or more rounds of door knocking in a building with controlled access; if the "visitor" is from outside the building, they have to be let in by the party they know.

I am getting a persistent maser in my right eye in the shape of concentric rings. These are the maser variety that emulates "floaters", the optometrist detected conditon, though the masers don't act like unthethered objects as they often move in formation and perform zig zags. This particular maser with the concentric rings emulates the look of an eye, and is perturbing to say the least. Past blog postings have mentioned the perp's obsession in displaying images of eyes and that of those who speak to me at length (family) of waving their hands in front of their face as they speak.

The infernal knee torquing torture is being applied again; the perps can rotate my lower leg portion and in doing so, apply pain to my knee. The pain slowly builds up, and then I lift my knee or move my leg to abate it. Then another round, and so it goes for two hours. Sometimes the pain climaxes just as I read a specific word. The microzapping of my left arm is also being applied,- another annoyance.

I have been at a loose end tonight, somehow not starting ot listen to YouTube until too late..

Time to call another dull day done.

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