Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sirens for Bookmarking

The sirens were on for when I was bookmarking a web page, and continuance of the noisestalking, jabbing and vision impairments of past bookmarkings, one of the most frequent events that I partake in. My bookmarks are my database of all my interests and apirations, even if on hold which they mostly are due to overt control of all my activities. In 2002 the perps mind-controlled me to dispose of the disk drive they were on in a scenario of panic they created over there being some illicit content on my PC. There wasn't, it was the introduction to the perps who operate totally illicitly, 24x7, in constant criminality every operational moment of their organization. It just astounds me that this exists, but they are on me all the time.

This morning's jerkarounds so far have been reading "misperceptions", plasma beams on or in front of this LCD display, constant filamentous masers in my vision, putting on extra red and extra aversion "reaction" to their planted web page graphics, especially mottled red colors of late, and giving me a $24/month rent increase beginning in May. This notice "magically" arrived under my door, and the hallway light was turned on overhead at the same time, likely while I was doing the dishes. And they are making sure that I am extremely bothered with the red plasma beams that they are placing in front of me, it is still a color of intense interest to the assholes, as is the typo sabotage that is going on, also "causing" me to vocalize my complaints to put it in perpspeak. (Really meaning yelling at the assholes, what they really like me to do).

The rent increase notice must mean the perps want me to stay at this residence location for another year and not move me on like in past locations. This is the 10th location since 1999 when I moved to Everett, Washington for a new job. Little did I know that this was a means to get me out of town while they groomed this city, Victoria, for 3.5 years for my return. And the perps like TI's to move, and be able to separate the geographic location's energies from that of the victim. This is very common, and even the abettors like Thomas Townsend Brown moved an extraordinary amount, as noted in this blog posting.

It was supposed to snow here last night, but we got rain instead. This is a long extended above/below freezing spell, meaning icy roads in the morning, and wet streets in the afternoon. The perps like to play with extra normal temperatures as part of their remote energetics assay work, and having a hot chicken or a frozen loaf of gluten free bread in my grocery shopping basket is just fine by them. And invariably, they like to have a heater over the checkout area at this time of year, provinding plenty of infrared radiation just for more of their fucking games.

The new practice of scripting quiet in advance of a noisestalked lunchtime was in place again today, and may become the new "noise order". No bus noise all morning, and then one came while eating brown colored tortillas, the only thing I am allowed to eat at lunch and breakfast save the odd exception. Normally the bus noise is all morning, and in considerable excess than the schedule suggests. The perps like me to eat brown colored foods as they seem to have a bearing on whatever it is that they are hounding for me, now 5.5 years of overt harassment. Chocolate is the other brown colored food they like me to have in great quantity, 200g per day is typical. And it is the food item that breaks the budget every month, all for the assholes who created the problem in the first place, whatever it is, as will be the last to know.

And in true form, the operatives that break out in a run on the street now pulled the same stunt in the hallway outside my door. I assume this creates extra electromagnetic interaction, just as a magneto does, flipping a magnet past a coil of wire.

There has been constant ambient light changing games going on this morning, sometimes markedly within 10 seconds of previous major change in light conditions. I don't get much direct sunlight as this apartment faces east, so I cannot be sure what the cloud cover condition is, but based on my observations, the nature of the grayness of cloud cover is of extreme interest to the perps.

The perps are getting me "ready" for my outing to the gym later today; these colder temperatures mean that I wear my fleece tights instead of my track pants, and that seems to be important as well. Considering that the modern day MIB (Men In Black) wears black fleece, it is really all about wearing the same clothes as them. After my gym wear was stolen from the laundry room at my apartment when in Seattle in 2002, the perps had me "screw up" and purchase various replacement garments in 2003. And I would not of ordered fleece clothing myself, but from this order I got sucked into inadvertently purchasing fleece workout tights. I like them even, but it shows how far ahead the perps are thinking when I first wear them in late 2007.

I have returned from my gym workout, a 30 minute walk each way. I got my usual freakshow as well as 600 to 1,000 mobile gangstalking vehicles. After getting a heavy amout of red color exposure today from my web surfing, the perps were all over me with red vehicles. There were clusters of four same deep red metallic finish vehicles, and there was also a file of the same color, four vehicles long with the usual attendant white, silver grey and black colored vehicles ahead and behind. I also got my ears blasted with a four siren-ade, the entire Victoria fire department on a "call out" in yellow vehicles, and then an additonal backup "call out" from the municipality of Oak Bay with two more emergency vehicles, red colored. I noticed that on my return all the Victoria fire department vehicles were in their respective garage bays, so it likely wasn't a real emergency. They also pulled this on 01-24-2008, five days ago in the night at the highrise residential tower opposite. My mother said there was a fire there, as it had made the newspaper. I did not get up to see the action, and they may have had their ladder truck there for more games, as there are a huge number of ladder bearing trades vans that pass me by as part of the vehicular gangstalking swarm.

At the freakshow at the gym, I got the negro with the disgusting corn row hair hanging over me, that caused me to end my exercise, and as soon as I got up to end it, there were an additional four male gangstalkers around me. And that was the last I saw of hime. There were some blonde games goint on; the Large Blonde class member was standing around doing nothing but setry duty where all the rest of them also pose, and a younger blonde in a navy blue outfit was working out in front of the Large Blonde, and then behind her. This is the game where the more attractive blonde seems to confer some kind of "auric goodness" that the Unfavored individual can somehow be compared to a Favored demographic group member as long as they are close to each other or aligned.

The rest of the class somehow slithered into the floor exercise room without me noticing, and without the coordinators telling me, and finished one exercise before I got there. This is the second time this has happened, and it takes coordination and planning to get 15 people in a room without one person noticing. Being the first or the last into the classroom is nearly always arranged and it was similar in my last working environment.

Other freakshow members on display were at least three Caucasian bald males, one negro bald male, various grannies, a walker act, and a fair number or waddling and/or large gutted males with white hair. These are all Unfavored demographics, and they are routinely placed in my vision for me to at least see once, some more often. Another ambulatory gangstalking show was a lead-ahead pair of males wearing identical hoodies, a soft orange yellow color. One had a jacket over his hoodie and one had the hood up. I got this gangstalk show for over twn minutes in a location where there are very few pedestrians. I passed them at the location where there had been street works, and where three MIO's (Men In Orange) were standing having a conversation with a yellow coated dude, pretending to give them instruction by waving his arms around. Here they were at a location where there is recent new asphalt and concrete paving, and where there has been groups up to 15 members all in "pose mode", and there was no vehicle from which they came or even any work to do, as it has all been finished.

At the fuel station rebuild the perps have been sponsoring for the past 4 months they were putting in PVC irrigation lines for the eventual boulevard that they will be rebuilding. Another of their kind was using an electric jackhammer to remove "excess" asphalt from the edge of the paving they did last week. Talk about a useless exercise, and this was ongoing in both directions. Regular readers will know about the perps fixation over concrete and asphalt and my energetic interaction, and that they have been totally relentless in exposing me to these and like projects, which even includes a downtown Seattle office tower that was build next to my building in 2001 through 2003. I put in over 2,000' of irrigation and PVC pipe when I owned this wretched farm in 1999 to 2001, and here the perps are still chasing me down with this material and activity.

At the gym the perps choked off use of the stationary bicycles, the aerobic exercise that they wanted me to use, and I was returned to the treadmill for the first time since June, 2007. But I was only allowed a 7 minute run, and I was obviously placed there to look out the windows in front to see red dressed ambulatory gangstalkers as well as red tail lights of a vehicle that sat on the downhill ramp access to the apartment building opposite. And the perps like to direct strong light at me from below, and they arrange this by having downward sloping ramps at specific locations, and then have the vehicle just sit there for no outward reason.

On the street when walking to the gym and back, they had plenty of red dressed gangstalkers, one who reprised at the same bus stop, when I was headed to the gym, was still there 1.5 hours later when returning. She was dressed in a particular red that I found irksome, and that one of the gym class members wore most of the time. It is fucking bizarre that anyone would stay at the same bus stop for that duration when it was threatening rain and gusting. (Or more like, gusting around me in my customized wind the perps create for me almost anytime I go outside).

And as I write this the overhead pounding has started up, as has someone tinkling glass of some kind. This is the silly hour for the perps, the dusk onset, and hence this renewed noise flurry.

More ceiling pounding and yelling at them didn't help. Time to make dinner.

And making and eating dinner turned out to be another rage-ified jerkaround which extended into doing the dishes, another perp fixation. And while vocalizing my annoyance, the euphemistic term, the perps kept changing my voice. One rage event after the other. Provocations included flicking guacamole around, flicking olive oil on the counter, flicking the cheese around from the new package, one with a green label, from the usual line, flicking soap suds around, brown crumb inundation from the tortillas, cheese crumb placement under my fingers while I was grating it, making the cling wrap not cling, creating a dark olive green color on the partially usued guacamole sealed in its container in the fridge, jumping the cut chicken pieces around when being diced, and a few more that I cannot recall. Anytime I vocalized my complaints the assholes put on clunking noise, overhead pounding, loud mufflered vehicle outside, and a few other noise flurries while I was venting my annoyance at the sick assholes playing these games with my life for over five years now. All they seem to do is escalate the vexation as their one big play. How about the sick idiots showing up, especially when the entire issue of creating the problems they have with remotely reading my bioenergetics was created by the very same asshole organization.

No doubt they haven't finished pissing me off for the day, and the mealtime digestion is also noisestalked as regular readers will know.

And the continuing games with hanging my PC when attempting to get to the Mindcontrol Forums website (caution, it could happen to you too by linking to it) . The perps did this at least five times last night, and really like to put me through this same jerkaround. They are on a sick streak today, especially tonight. I want to add some more stories from this website as links in the template and the assholes won't let me. Which suggests that there must be a reason for this sabotage, perhaps it is too close to the truth.

And while my two hands were busy so I couldn't plug my ears, the perps kept running this loud mufflered vehicle noise, almost serially, as if every vehicle had a performance muffler attached. And the trail-off time (noise decay duration) is increasing of late, running on longer than "usual".

This is an enforced boredom night; I am being made to be doing nothing. I always wondered why there were such lapses of my employers who had nothing for us to do for short spells, up to a week.

Some "getting lost", meaning harassment free like moments in YouTube, even if the headphones make squeaking noise, per imposed regimen. Time to call this day done and blog off, and do battle with the assholes yet again. They can't handle me using soap products as well as shaving; hence the bathroom rage-ification games that go on.

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