Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Face and Head Parts

This looks to be a shut-in Wednesday, as all shopping and errands have been dealt with yesterday, or Monday. This is normal for the perps to impose stay-at-home days where there is little inclination to go anywhere, despite the boredom of it all. And the perps do like to manage for boredom; there has been a long history of time expended in this way, including employer involvement, but with the imposition of financial constraints, it is a whole lot more easier for them to arrange.

Onto the title; that refers to the perps arranging for me to see heads, especially bald ones or facsimilies thereof, and face parts alone in my LCD display when websurfing, in printed material or any other sources. There has been an increase on lips only displaying, a new (01-20-2008) TV advertisement being a recent example. Again, I have no idea why they want me to see head and face parts, or why they also substitute proxies for shiny bald head such as explosive balls of fire, pictures of shiny apples and other emulations. As their forced display games have been increasing of late, I thought I would bring this into the record and have it mentioned. It could be of significance to other harassees as well, and may even be reason for some communication over the basic question; "what is it that the perps want and when will this enforced purgatory ever end?" I know that the perps want 100% mind control, and have either attained it, or are only a few months away, if the noisestalking eruptions can be relied upon as a clue as to an unscripted thought or visual image. But there is considerably more than that to the sick asshole's agenda, and I put the book, "The Dimensional Structure of Consciousness" in the column to the right as a very likely treatise on other perp objectives. I am managed to lack the ability to understand what the author is saying for the most part, though he does mention that there being conscious energy related to aggregation and de-aggregation, giving the example of cutting a pie up into slices. And it "so happens" that I am routinely noisestalked each time I cut up my everday tortillas into quarters, so there must be something significant about this rather prosaic deed that transfixes the perps.

I have been getting faint beeping noises for most of today so far, and other noise is layered on top. The local street dig and the pipe laying job has been the putative source, though most noises are projected, and don't have an authentic source. I have been getting the all-quiets at various times today as well, and not just when eating chocolate. It is always interesting what is happening around me when the perps have me eat brown colored food, or what other food colorsare in my mouth. My brown colored tortillas for lunch have a tapenade that has tomatoes in it, and has an orange colored olive oil that "seeps out". After I had lunch, and sat in my office chair, lo, if there wasn't a flatbed truck outside with some orange stained wood, ostensibly for the digging project. This is not a coincidence of course, even if 150' away. The perps have been having me see and be exposed to strong orange color for the last few weeks, but it seems that they are going to rotate to light avocado green. I say this because they choked down the availibility of the above mentioned line of tapenade, and have made guacamole availible as a base for my tortillas, as of two days ago when I went grocery shopping. (Other tapenade can be a green color; it all depends on the olive combinations and other ingredients).

And I notice in the outside street dig that the section of "loose" pipe that was arranged at a 90 degree offset to the street trench pipe of the same PVC material and color has been partially hid by a pile of soil. (Photo planned for tomorrow). This section of pipe seems to be arranged for my visual exposure, and has been plainly lying on the street surfacefor about a week for no genuine construction project reason. Anyhow, it isn't a big deal, and it will likely play out when they progresss on the street dig. I asked my brother about the purpose of these new sewer lines going in, and he effectively blew me off, saying it was related to the road elevation improvements. I mentioned to him, what I mentioned yesterday, that this two block project is all about putting new pipe in the ground for me to flush my toilet contents into, as I seem to be the only tenant in this building. He demurred, and evaded my "perceptions" (as planted by the perps IMHO), though I cannot think of another reason. Yesterday's post has more details, and the analogy of the petroleum storage tank and fuelling station re-build on my regular walking beat.

I was given a 10 hour sleep againg last night, two hours more than needed; I had at least one awakening to hear the managed noise outside. When it came time to get up, there were two maser balls zinging around in my vision, and I got up to avoid this annoyance. I also got jabbed in the ass twice last night, and it seemed to be arranged for me to vocalize my annoyance, and using the supplied words. There is more conforming of my syntax to specific words and phrases of late, and as always, it fits some plan of the perps. And of course, the perps like to have me vocalize often, also called ranting at the impositions and incursions. This is their most successful play, riling me up and having me speak, now playing for over 5.5 years of this sick minded abuse.

The overhead pounding has started up while I was using AdBlock Plus to eliminate the display of the frenetic ads on my regular web sites. Again, I have no idea why the perps find this fascinating, starting up this noise for the first time today all for the prosaic activity of blocking the visual display they arrange for me to see. And they have also stopped me from doing this for a time, so "I didn't know" to invoke it. They have me screwed over bigtime, and are still hounding the shit of me, literally even. That takes a particular depravity to keep this harassment up after creating all the problems for themselves; past traumatizations and ingested pollutants which both interfere with their remote bioenergetics assay games I have come to know.

A sudden eruption of localized and driving head pain my left side, temple region, the one the perps are most "needing" to access going by their history. At the time, I was reading about the Duplessis Orphans and the assholes decided that was the essential reason to fuck me with head pain and have me scream in rage about it, more than once. And this would be just like treatment of the Duplessis Orphans, served up for nonconsensual human experimentation.

More web troving; the Duplessis Orphans links were interesting, though I cannot even find a book or dedicated website on it. Perhaps my Google searches are being constrained. Then an interesting find called the Indian Lake Project, where a buried box was found with photographs, probably from the 1950's, and the area has some strange abandoned 3 story structures there. I thought it was interesting that the siren noise went off when looking at the photo in this posting of the Indian Lake Project, though I have no recall of such an medical testing device. Regular readers will know that I have a Unfavored view of medical devices and materiel, making the noise coincidence interesting.

I also thought the picture of the buildings in the woods (at the end of this long blog posting) to be of coincidence interest as well; the perps often plant pictures of modern cabins and houses among the trees, but again, I have no recall of any place such as pictured in the Indian Lake Project. Though, given that my every breath is arranged, it would be highly likely that the perps have a specific objective in me "finding" the Indian Lake Project blog. The blog site's author even gets the black helicopter visitations.

Another of my Unfavoreds is uniforms, especially military ones, though to be fair, I don't know if this is from past traumatizations or is something that the perps routinely do for most TI's as it is a widespread tactic, gangstalking with military or LEO personnel . Again, in the above link, there is a picture of a military officer with three boys standing in front of them.

More siren noise after an all-quiet while assembling above paragraph and re-visiting the Indian Lake Project link, above. Perhaps the perps are telling me there is more to this than I am willing to venture. Or, it could be a big diversion game for them, as there is nothing as much fun for the sickos as planting wrong beliefs.

Before I wrap this one up, here is another link, that of whistleblower James Henry Graf, who has been suffering directed harassment and abuse since 1984, some coincidence that. He has much documentation of his efforts to obtain the services of human rights and civil liberties groups, but they all slammed the door on him, and even seemed to be prepared to rebuff him. It is absolutely horrendous what he has experienced, and he articulates this invasion of one's mind in the most direct and lucid prose that I have read among TI's, me included. (Thanks to James Marino for this compelling story, link at the right).

It is time to call this dull day done, and blog off; one shut-in day is plenty enough, but then I don't get to decide that.

No, I edited the above instead, only to have vehicle horns sound off at length when certain letters, words, or phrases changed or spelled correctly. There isn't any relief.

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