Thursday, January 17, 2008

Detuned Yoga

The new yoga instructor started today, and like anywhere, she has a different take on how and what to instruct. Her style is decidedly low-key, more about breathing and relaxing and not nearly as energetic as the past instructor. I reckon this is entirely intentional, as there have been past events of removing more active workouts from my existence, and this is the latest. The perps have foiled or prevented me from street jogging, treadmill jogging, swimming and hiking in varying ways, and the reduction in the level of exertion in the yoga class is entirely consistent with past behavior. I suspect that the more active events dissapate my energy all the more, and when they are constantly irradiating me with something energetic all the time, it is a pain for them to re-energize me to keep me at this absurdly high level of electromagnetic energy state. That is my theory, and I have very little gum tissue and very yellow teeth to show for it, the first mentioned symptom also being one of ionizing radiation, though I think that there is something different the perps are beaming at me.

And more red plasma beams were placed in my vision today while at yoga, which is consistent with the "red assault", which was evident in other situations. When walking back from yoga class the perps had six red colored vehicles in formation; two parked, N. facing, two mobile, N facing, and two mobile S. facing, all packed together for me to see at the closest intersection to my apartment block. I also had plenty of red coated gangstalkers on duty; one pair of grannies had a deep red colored long coat, and the other in deep brown, all to loiter in front of me at a location where there are very few pedestrians. I expect more red color games later when I go out to gym.

The perps also treated me to red coloring the label on my shirt; as I have no clothing that would of caused dye run in the washing machine, it is just more of the blatant games that are going on. I also get plenty of red spots on my chest these days, and that must be part of the current perp campaign to keep me red referenced as I move about. And just to think, all those mysterious red dye runs on my clothing that go back decades were these assholes playing covert color games. I always wondered how this happened, and now I know; an organized group of depraved juveniles covertly plants dye stains when clothes are being laundered. Who ever would ever of thought that having deranged employees was an asset?

I am back at my desk with plenty of time to blog on about how the rest of the day went. I have been to gym class in the afternoon, and suffered the usual harassment in making dinner, e.g. having objects pulled from my grasp, jabbing in my nuts, extra noise often gratuitous, added to many of my actions, planted crumbs from food that hop about and resist me picking them up, and a few other regular stunts to ensure there is reason to vocalize, what the perps really want.

I had my usual 600 to 1,000 vehicles on gangstalking duty, arranged by color and vehicle type. The perps even put on two identical ambulances at the first intersection when leaving the gym. They were both parked on the N. side of the road (Fort St.), one facing W. the other E. (wrong side of road normally), and about 12' apart, the back doors facing each other. As the perps devote much effort to bringing over Japanese RH drive vehicles to pass by me, I will assume that this arranged ambulance pair was all about creating some kind of replicate of this condition of handedness and which side of the road a vehicle is on. Both ambulances had their red and white lights flashing which I am sure enhances the bioelectromagnetic energies in some way so to read me and better assess the energetic interactions.

I got plenty of plasma spots and flashes chasing down where I looked when at the gym floor exercise room. If I look away, the perps will plant the same plasma spot (by size, shape and color) where I next look. Today, they were onto purples and blue plasma games, though elsewhere they got into more variety. I had my freaks at gym class again; the Mr. Ethnic Gut and Mr. New Bald were staying in my peripherial vision or else were seen in the mirror; I did not see either of these freaks who have been assigned to hound me in my central vision, and that is all for the good. Which suggests the entire bioenergetics activity, (aka remote energetics assay) related to seeing Unfavored group members is one of attrition; keeping the freak proximate but unseen or in my peripherial vision only. The Largest Blonde was also there today, and she too kept herself from being seen for any duration of a second or more. Other members of the Unfavored were two negros they put on, one with the fright doll hairdo, and they too stayed out of sight for the most part, and only came in close once to then "perturb me" (read, mind-controlled reaction), to have me move on to do another routine. For the most part, today's gym class, and including all the public members there too, was one of vision avoidance, both them and me.

I also got another "shoe stalker", today; these are ambulatory gangstalkers packing a pair of shoes in their hands, soles facing down, as if to replicate the energetics of a second pair of shoes on the sidewalk. On Monday, when driving into downtown with my mother in the vehicle, the perps had three pairs of shoes dangling by their tied laces from the same overhead wire that crossed the street. This would be another form of "shoe stalking", but without the ambulatory operative. Regular readers will recall that my perp abetting parents routinely mess around with their feet, shoes and socks while I am there, my father using the dementia cover story bullshit that is getting rather tiresome, as he clearly violates what a dementia patient would be capable of. A joke that has gone on for too long.

There were a huge contingent of navy blue gangstalking vehicles on me this afternoon when walking to gym and back; sometimes clusters of five or more, or else the vehicles were arranged at differing points of the intersection, but always in motion. Another vehicle color that featured big today was dark green, starting with a dark green BMW wagon on a white tow truck outside my apartment block when headed for yoga. It too, was parked on the wrong side of the road, backing up to the conventionally parked BMW.

Another regular feature of my walking to gym and back is the prominence of conrete pouring and finishing with related sidewalk maintenance. Two road wide trenches were dug two days ago and the vehicular traffic crossed these by way of thick steel plates over the ditch. But today, the ditches were filled with concrete, and are awaiting a final ashphalt fill-in of some 4". One operative even stood in the trench on the newly poured concrete to give himself a better concrete energetic interaction for him to have when he passed me by. I just don't get it; why all this effort to be covertly and nonconsensually experimenting upon me. There must be a huge payoff for the degree of effort they are devoting to harassing and abusing me, all made problematic by their past fuckups of extreme proportions, mentioned in past blogs.

On a second "concrete job" the perps poured two days ago, they brought the redi-mix truck back to sit in the same location as it was then, all to have me walk by and repeat the experience with the set concrete and probably the same concrete delivery truck as that of two days ago.

One gangstalking accouterment today was a brown cardboard box. At least three gangstalkers independently were carrying a brown box, and in each case, it was within minutes of setting off on my outing. Another gangstalker was packing a brown paper bag and eating a large cookie in this same temporality of beginning my walk back from the gym. This fits the perp's brown color problem, and my best take is that these are used as color references to be displayed in my proximity.

And one of the all time boneheaded driving stunts I have seen was performed today; I was waiting at mid-block crosswalk for the road traffic to clear, and this driver stops in the center of the crosswalk. I have never seen something so utterly boneheaded when he had all the time in the world to stop at the stop line, some 5' back. Totally deranged IMHO, or DWD, Driving While Directed (or should it now mean Deranged?).

More time spent reading about stereo equipment, a topic the perps like to keep me on, though the reasons are likely many. They like me looking at box shapes, the typical electronic gear, and like to noisestalk me when reading the specifications. They also like me looking at copper made or colored objects as part of their fixation with showing me various metals.

My music listening never got really going tonight; the perps had the headphones "creak", the shit ones that are allowed and not my expensive and much superior Grados. The Grados are usually messed with whenever I use them; only one channel will "work", and I am consigned to a garbage pair of Sonys in a silver grey colored plastic, which "somehow" is given acreaking noise at my ears now. Another pastime fucked with.

Anyhow, time to call this day done, and ponder whatever harassment games are lined up for me tonight.

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