Friday, January 18, 2008

Head Pounding Time Again

The perps have begun a new harassment stunt of late; treating me to a low grade full frontal head pressure sensation, immediately relievable by shaking my head, but only for a few seconds, then they are back at it again. And anytime I shake my head, they plant noise, vision impairments, street hollaring and other events, so perhaps their real objective is to have me move my head more often.

Today's big excitement was to walk two blocks to the bank and get four rolls of quarters, needed for the wretched laundry machines in this building, and now over 20 years out of date with the availibility of dollar coins. No matter, it is all about playing games with coins, which seem to be some kind of energetic repository for the perps to test and plant in various locations. Having the four white paper rolled coins is also a big deal, as the ends are orange colored, a color that was flashed in plasma form in front of me as I typed the very words. The last four rolls of coins had solid orange colored ends, and I note that today's four rolls of coins have a hatched orange and white pattern on the bias of the roll's axis. All very complicated and technical, and normally I wouldn't even bother with mentioning this triviality, but it seems to be of significant interest to the perps.

As usual, any outing that I make was gangstalked with the abiding freakshow. My first introduction was a lobby couch sitting male and his same dressed counterpart outside, pacing back and forth for no apparent reason. There were two others beside the mail boxes as well. Then outside on the sidewalk, a bendover operative dressed entirely in olive green was examining their plastic bagged grocery purchases that were placed on the sidewalk. Regular readers will know that the perps make up many reasons to have a bent over operative placed in mid-street, or mid-sidewalk, usually in a sentry-like situation, staying still as I approach for the most part, in some kind of distance dependent stunt.

When I was walking to the bank, I also got my concrete stalking continued from yesterday; the redi-mix truck "happened" to pass by as I was about to leave my apartment (observed through safety glass of the sliding glass door) , then it showed up, or one exactly like it, leaving downtown. And as I was about to leave the bank, the perps put on a blue colored concrete pumping truck, observed first through the safety glass of the bank's storefront, and then directly on the street. And knowing the routing of traffic in this city, and the concrete jobs in this vicinity, there is no reason that I know of to have these vehicles coming into downtown and then outbound. Today's "concrete stalking" games follow on from yesterday's two like events, where a concrete delivery truck was dispatched to park at the location where it poured concrete two days beforehand, but was only faking it, as no new concrete had been poured at this site yesterday.

An overhead thwack with a simultaneous small zapping got me pissed off, or more like, I was made to react in this way. The curiousity is when these happen; I was reading the word "vinyl" and then I got it. I know the perps like to have their operatives pack LP's in my proximity, and that they also like to postion PVC (polyvinyl chloride)objects (e.g. irrigation piping) in my proximity, but getting a thwack and zapped over the very word is totally abusive.

The noise flurries have been amped up before, while preparing dinner, eating it and then doing dishes and now afterward. Even the ridiculous 2 cycle motorcycle noise, i.e. Harley Davidson motorbike noise, has been put into use more than once in this current noise assault. It is as if the perps wish to keep a continuous run of it to cover me over the dinnertime period. They know I cannot stand this noise, even from a distance, and like to put it on when they really want it to count. Even the hot-rod car muffler noise is sometimes modified to sound like a Harley Davidson. Meanwhile, the clunking is going on for whatever reason, none related to "neighbors", as there doesn't appear to be any on this floor.

I am getting red plasma flashes off LCD display, 12 to 24" away, and often aligned with the edges of another object. The red sensitivity games again; just to think, I had two medical tests where they flash red lights at one with electrodes on my head in 2000 to 2003 (normal response), and here the assholes are still at it, five years later, furtively flashing me with plasma exposures. If I don't like red lights, why am I being constantly assaulted with them, once with a laser beam pointed at me?

It will be a long time before I will know the answer to that, if ever. I suspect that the perps are 18 to 24 months away from concluding this nonconsensual human experimentation, and they won't stop anytime soon, not if they have 4 months of street construction work underway (so far) to lay down new PVC pipe in the street to have me, and me alone, shit in them for their analysis games. The pipe material is part of the problem they have made for themselves by allowing me to become polluted with residual amounts which confuses their remote bioelectric monitoring. I always wondered why two neighbors at two consecutive residence locations both burned some disgusting smelling plastic in their incinerators. It was at the perps' behest, testing me out on ingestion of vinyl pollutants into my lungs for a new round of remote bioenergetics assay.

Another round with the perps on how much noise the headphones should be making at my ears. Because headphones do not intrinsically make noise, I expect that they won't be creaking and clicking, and the perps think otherwise. Another standoff with the assholes who have fucked with two other pairs, one being the quality Grados they don't like. (One channel gets knocked out).

The creaking headphones "settled down" for a while for me to listen to more YouTubes music, but later started up again to join me at the precise moments of mouse clicking, select, copy and paste Windows functions, the cut to a new scene in the video and other minutae that is totally consistent with outside noises "happening" at these same junctures. Funny how that is, all these noises from so many sources tracking me at the same functional moments, no matter how trivial.

Time to call this one done, and savor the next day of enforced boredom.

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