Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Overhead Pounding

This is the post-mealtime harassment window, and lo, if the perps didn't pound the concrete ceiling/floor overhead and then have me yell about it. This might of been the first time in over four years the assholes didn't add a coincident zapping with overhead pounding. Not that they will stop zapping me, as I am sure there are some child developmental traumatization associations with this fucking infernal torture method, and the perps are constantly trying to invoke them. I fucking hate getting zapped, and I have had plenty of this deranged abuse since they went overt on me in 04-2002.

The entire harassment spectrum has been slowly shifting to more intricate games; the color combinations of gangstalking operatives and vehicles has got more complex, as has the planted themes of the day. In the latter case they had me read about a cyclist outfitting himself for over $2,000 of clothing, and lo, if there wasn't a plethora of cyclists when I was out as a passenger with my brother in his van; all nine of them at various locations in identical yellow jackets. No doubt the cyclist theme hasn't run its full course yet, and there will be some more "featuring" of this theme, though it has very little to do with me as I don't own a bicycle, and my only "contact" with them is some asshole pulling a bicycle wheelie in my face and the loathing of the hordes of sidewalk cyclists who rstrangely efuse to use the ample cycling lanes in this city. Recent past themes have been East Indians, India Pakistan, and also Georgia, USSR, both of which have been in recent news.

There are other planted themes of course, what many TI's call "trigger words", but invariably it seems to be about a topic, though can sometimes be all about a specific word, likely one that is repeated unneccessarily over the day, and perhaps in this blog if my editing abilities are overwritten by the perp mind-fuck games, a constant source of intermittent jerkarounds. I once kept track of the theme/noisestalked words of the day, but the perps must be screwing me out of doing this as it hasn't "happened" for close to a year now. Another forced "forget", and there has been way too many of these to even keep track of in any given day.

After yesterday's "excitement" of two outings, today appears to be a shut-in day; the effortfullness of doing anything has gone up, and will likely stay like this for the remainder of the day. If I undertake any errand runs and shopping, it is most likely in the morning, a mutally agreed upon time as they put on less ambulatory gangstalkers as a rule. Additionally, they can get the street cleaner by earlier to clean, or partially clean, my walking route right to the curb where they prefer. The perps will often put on a gangstalker either walking or skateboarding down the street through the parking stalls next to the curb, all to look extra stupid, as this is not a constraint on their public behavior anymore.

The overhead pounding has started up, this time with more clunking with it, the perrenial wrestling with the large storage cabinet on bare lino over concrete floors, not what these apartments are finished in. The overhead neighbors have had a "custom" non-carpeted flooring for at least three apartments in the past six years, where my apartment below is carpeted. And as I type with the overhead thumping has started up some more, and now glass bottle bashing noise has started up from outside. Time to end this posting.

I had my teabreak with chocolate, likely a big perp moment as there was a preceding all-quiet order in effect. I note that one of my gangstalkers yesterday was eating a (brown) Mars bar as they were coming toward me, which suggests more brown color referencing with respect to his, and possibly mine, mouth contents. This is another example of more complexity in associated with the perp's stunts, color object arrangements and planted themes. I get many more planted associated "thoughts" when I see, hear or read something that has potential memory associations; never before have I recalled so much useless thoughts, that while associated, were of minimal or no relevance to what is in mind. I couldn't call this either improved, or these thoughts coming from my recall as they are way too obscure and too ready.

I typed up a second letter to access my medical records back to 1960 to determine if I was a "patient" under some kind of strange care, as these planted games that have hospital references are getting silly, if not bizarre. Yesterday my brother starts telling me about a specific doctor that recently passed away when the individual was of no relevance to me whatsoever. Then some 15 minutes later he is telling my mother about this individual and again, it was of no relevance to her as she retired from the hospital 18 years ago. She did get into the topic of another doctor and his personal oddities, but this was of no relevance to my brother. Basically, they acted like a tag team telling disparate stories all to include clinical references for my benefit I assume.

Back at reading about UFO's and Stanton Friedman. Just now the perps created a fart and rammed the smell up my nose, and lo, if the overhead pounding and tapping didn't start up at the same time. Now the vision hacking is being applied to me, degrading my vision in one eye which can be countered by shaking my head. A fantastic "coincidence" all this, and truly suggests diabolical harassment of unconventional means. This confluence of neurological testing games (IMHO) occured when I was reading a paragraph on nuclear energy, as Friedman was a nuclear physicist before his UFO speaking career . And I know pretty much nothing about this topic, so what is the deal?

More serial loud mufflered vehicle noise from outside for the past two hours, making for placing my fingers over my ears to block the peturbing noise. And it would appear that my normal tolerance for noise such as this has been stripped from me, and the perps have me over-reacting to all their planted noise. I reckon that the real goal is that I am placing my fingers to my head, determinable from how often the sick asshole operatives are scratching their heads, putting their fingers to the side of their noses etc.

I intended to post this last night, but the usual mind-fuck games changed that plan, nothing new to regular readers.

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