Friday, January 04, 2008

Nightime Foot Cramps

This has to be the most bizarre concoction of unrelated "facts", as in telepathically planted notions. I was awakened twice in the night with a sustained cramp in my foot, something that never happened pre-overt harassment days of course. Normally, I flex the foot to relieve the cramp, but this time it would not work, and it kept coming back. A new affront to be sure. Then the perps drop the notion in my mind that this is akin to having one's foot caught in a leghold trap. What?, this is nuts, as I have never, ever had this kind of experience before, let alone thought to make any kind of association with a planted cramp that is being managed by sick minded assholes who woke me up for the event. Later in the night, they pulled this stunt again, as if I was to somehow generate empathy for all the animals caught is such an unfortuneate situation. More absurdity, on top of what they has already laid on me. Anyhow, I got the "standard" 10 hour sleep, and that was the only stunts I could recall this morning.

The post-teatime sleepies are coming on, just like yesterday. This is where I get hammered with some irradiation to make be sleepy enough to have my head roll to my chest. I am sure this offers many harassment poibitiies, including dealting the the intense sabotage as I write this.

This is but one example of how the perps continue to impose associations in my mind, as nothing ever so utterly fucking stupid and illogical has ever crossed my mind in all the myriad leg and foot cramps I get. And I even get them while swearing at the assholes for typo sabotage when they prevent me from typing a three letter word at least four times in succession.

There is continued perp interest in having me "find" various sites that have human flesh on display, or even having these images "happen" on the usual pages I websurf. And this also extends to the written and spoken word, should I somehow encounter such content. And I do find it interesting today when I was eating a kiwifruit and the perps arranged for my proximate finger to somehow be "percieved" as green, which I found offensive and put the finger behind another. This is similar to an event of some three weeks ago when they had a lead-ahead gangstalker with a greenish plastic prothesis for his left hand, and the instant I saw what it really was, a vehicle horn went off. Given the perp's interest in having me read about aliens and their various forms, it does cause me to wonder what is their interest in me seeing, or through perceptual fuckery, green colored skin? Or going back to the first thread of this paragraph, what is their interest in them having me see human body forms, especially the private areas. There was also a crush of changing males in the men's changeroom yesterday the gym, a first, and I could not get out of there fast enough. Call it the pornographic imperative, though I don't know where the green colored skin fits in all that. Perhaps it is alien porn, something I never even concieved, never mind looking up. Anyhow, this is just an example from the perps' current theme of ensuring that I am treated to human nudity, sexuality and whatever else goes with that substantial topic. I don't normally check porn sites, and find it offensive for the most part.

More blog reading while dullified, this time stripper's blogs, continuing with the perp theme over flesh, nudism and sexuality. Again, I don't know quite what their angle is, but the odd disgusting picture, usually of some freakish body part, sends me onto another website very quickly.

The year end Quicken wrap up, entering the financial figures for December 2007 was a litany of perp invoked provocations with immediate enragement "reactions". At one point in between flipping between my web financial account statement and Quicken, I was sent to the wrong tab or site three times in succession. I never made any of these kinds of errors before, and now it is all the time. I was noisestalked all the time, per usual, and there were a number of localized spasms in my leg or my torso area. As this is a once per year event, the perps decided to go all out on the harassment games.

While working on my finances, the perps gradually brought on more abient light dimness, so by the end of it I could not read the keys on the keyboard, something they keep working at for whatever reason. There was a least one siren cascade while doing my accounting. The perps even arranged for the balance to change each time I visited the page, screwing me around when I was attempting to balance it. In one instance, I had to insert an adjustment transaction to balance Quicken, as I could not find where it was wrong anywhere. Just another loathsome event, made worse by blatant fuckery at every turn.

The forced sleepies again; making me sleep upright in my chair and then having me do nothing about it. This is to precede the dreaded knee torquing torture which is currently unfolding as I type. They take the lower part of my leg and twist it to then create knee pain as some kind of deep neural test. That creates plenty of enragement as they don't quit, and I get at least 30 minutes of this at a time.

These are the planned doldrum days, the enforced social isolation. The email drought is still ongoing, save spammers of course. Today is a shut-in day, where they don't allow me to go out, and invariably, all the shopping that was needed to be done was completed yesterday. The clunkings have also started up, just to have some kind of audible sound while my knee is being twisted.

Now I am getting jabbings in my foot; some kind of pain they can send down the length of my foot.

More knee torquing torturings while I am listening to radio broadcasts, mainly voice.

Now a siren cascade while I have the headphones on, the knee torquing in continuing, and listening to JFK assassination research on internet radio. Even the headphones are making popping noises all by themselves.

The headphone popping got so bad, I had to stop listening to the internet radio fee. Just another imposition for the perps and their games in constraining everything I do.

Time to blog off for another dull day. I got plenty of loud buzzes and audio "interference" while I was listening to Sibel Edmonds on YouTube. The perps just love to juxtapose what I am listening to, with foul sounds and jerkarounds. I cannot count the number of nonstandard Windows navigation anomalies tonight for them to re-introduce the images they want.

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