Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hissing and Rumbling

The simultaneous hissing and rumbling noises are from the recycling garbage truck that arrived below, some 20 minutes after having lunch. I am now allowed to eat fruit again, and picked up a small bag of local kiwi fruit. This added "dimension" might be what all the post-mealtime digestion period noise is all about. The perps have had me off fruit since 01-2007 or so, and have only supplied it judiciously when I have visited family. They tell me there are reverse electron spins on the fructose molecules, and I have no idea if this is true or not. I was a regular kiwi fruit eater for all of 2003 to mid 2006 when I switched grocery stores when I gave up my vehicle. I even owned a farm for two years or so which had an acre in a mature kiwi plantation. Still it wasn't enough for the sadists running and ruining me, as they have experimented with taking me off fruit altogether, and are only allowing selective introductions. I was allowed to purchase kiwi fruit about three weeks ago, and then they shut it down until yesterday.

The perps had about 20 gangstalkers in the produce section when I picked up a small bag of local kiwi fruit. Immediately before that, they had some four gangstalkers around me when picking up goat's milk, about the usual number for that latter food item. One gangstalker was in a horrendous yellow jacket, and given the games that go on with that color, it wasn't a big surprise. They have likely done red gangstalkers when I pick up the goat's milk, and will likely script a brown dressed gangstalker next. All these Favored and Unfavored demographic groups (aka freakshow) are also connected in some way to the colors and patterns that I loathe, which I find out about from the "reaction" the perps plant, or else governed down my more reasonable adaptations since their possible traumatization asssociations in my developmental years. Another "who knows" supposition, as it has come from the very assholes who harass me.

More forced yawning with noise add-ons from the hallway (right side) and outside heavy duty vehicles (left side). I also get plenty of noisestalking when flossing and rubber tipping my teeth (mouth is open). On this theme of remote assay of my mouth's energetics (because it is next door to part of the brain that is behind one's forehead), the perps dried out my mouth plenty often when doing the 40 minute phone interview two days ago. They like to schedule a sustained mouth dry-out every so often, and to do this, they need to divert my attention from me and have me open my mouth. In mid-December I gave a 1 hour rundown of my helping to a newly hired paid staff member as a "brain dump" to convey what I had learned about the Excel scheduling activity I undertook. Funny how they don't ask me back anymore, even if I was an exemplary volunteer IMHO. Perhaps the perps are still evaluating my furniture interaction energetics and don't want it crossed up with me coming back too soon.

I noticed that the carpet sale helping was also modified in a similar way; for unloading the carpets the owner parked the van at the front doors that were closest to the display room, and when packing the carpets back into his van, he parked further away at the front doors some 12' distant which made no logistical sense at all. But it aided the perps to look at each activity, loading and unloading at separate, but parallel locations. The local library strike might be all about some "de-energizing break" so these sites can be remotely assayed for bioelectromagnetic interactions while dormant, and not get crossed up with continual ongoing interactions. Hence some significant road closures in the past 12 months; a ramp entrance collapsed in Oakland, and the main I-5 corridor was closed in S. California as two examples in this W. North America region. The recent snows in Vancouver could be another perp enforced respite in concrete and asphalt surface use. They have some major problems with these two substances and are totally squirrely over getting me exposed, yesterday's dumbshit jackhammering of 1 week old asphalt with a concrete curb on it was an example.

Here is what the perps did to my pillows; they dyed them some way, and this has occured progressively since I bouth them three years ago. They are basic $10 polyester fill pillows, and this seeming inert color has gradually accumulated on them. This is happening at my head, and isn't what it might look like, and doesn't smell either, nor does it wash out.

Taken 01-23-2008, 10:34:17, a week ago from my apartment and is zoomed in some. At the bottom of the photo are one white colored van, two white pickup trucks and a white SUV, all lined up together, one facing N. (bottom most vehicle, the van), and three facing S. The top two white vehicles of this cluster are parked on grass and not the parking lot, even if there is no actual access to the grassy area, and no tracks in the grass either. Simply amazing how two vehicles "arrived" on a wet grassy inaccessible surface to pair up with the regular two that frequent this small parking lot for some mysterious reason. (No tradesmen accessing them or "looking busy").

On the street portion, viewable if zoomed in, the closest side (N.), are a file of five silver grey parked vehicles with one black colored vehicle in the file, second from last. The front most vehicle of this file has the rear hatchback open with a red colored object sitting in the cargo area. On the opposite side of the one-way street is one parked white colored vehicle, and a red parked vehicle ahead and through the tree branches. One same red vehicle is proceeding on the E. bound street. And one red coated gangstalker next to a burgundy red sign is in the photo next to the last mentioned white vehicle. Another red and pink dressed gangstalker is visible through the tree branches on the upper left corner of the street. How can any of this be construed as random and normal public vehicular activity?

Taken 01-23-2008, 10:34:46, same scene as above, with a slightly different angle, revealing another white color parked car on the far side of the street, this time with a mobile white colored vehicle passing between the street parked vehicles. Did I mention that white and red colors are commonly used in association? In all, four vehicle colors; white, silver grey, black (one) and red of parked 13 vehicles total. And one one of the silver grey vehicles, in some kind of partial blend of the colors, has a large red object or blanketed object in the rear open hatchback. The only two "pedestrians" are predominantly dressed in red colors. What will my new shrink think of this, and what will be the denial script?

Taken 01-30-2008:12:01:09 (today) of the same view above. The closest street parked (N. Fort); from right to left, two black vehicles, one mid gray colored vehicle, one black vehicle and one white vehicle. On the S. side, parked vehicles from right to left and partially obscured by transiting sewage services truck and school bus are; navy blue (partially obsured by the blue-white truck), red, black and a silver grey vehicle partially obscured by the tree, left most parked vehicle. In this case, the transiting vehicles are a yellow school bus and a septic services vehicle (truck). Is there a familiar pattern, here? Read on about the PVC sewer line installation below. One white pickup truck is following the sewer services truck.

Taken 01-30-2008:12:01:16 (today). Now that the S. side street side parking is visible, there is an additional white and silver grey vehicle parked. In transit, a red pickup truck and two blued colored vehicles. For all parked vehicles there are five black colored vehicles, three white colored vehicles, and one of silver grey, mid-grey and navy blue. The transiting vehicles, apart from the two trucks, are white, red and navy blue. Funny how that works out, the transiting vehicle colors are drawn from the same colors as those of the parked vehicles, large vehicles excepted again.

Taken 01-30-2008:12:01:19 (today). A final photo from this same vantage point series; a mid-grey vehicle is transiting between the parked vehicles.

Taken 01-23-2008: 10:17:56 A general progress photo of the View St. rip up job, moving toward me from a block away and putting in new septic sewer lines, two parallel 30" buried PVC green pipe. The smaller section of 12" green PVC pipe poking out from behind the sand pile seems to be left out and turned 90 degrees from the sand buried pipe; Turning objects or facsimilies thereof orthogonally is a long noticed perp practice. Placing the sand pile partially in front of the visible pipe also emulates the buried pipe conditions. The two runs of 30" PVC green pipe are buried in the imported sand, connected to the concrete caission, under the surface of the trench (foreground, closest sunlit area). My suspicious mind, or possibly by planted thought, tells me that the perps are going to connect this pipe up to my apartment building and be the sole first user so to speak, to continue with the perps' quest of incrementally attempting to understand how brown colored things (you guess) interact with green colored things (PVC).

Taken 01-28-2008: 1425h:52 another generalized street shot of the View St. rip up, this time with the green PVC broken up and moved down street some. A wood crate has been added beside the excavator for the usual reasons the perp like to "woodstalk" me everywhere I go. Sometimes they put on a pallete carrying truck to pass by. The temporary wood retaining wall has begun to take shape in the far end of the ditch, where the recently installed 30" green PVC pipe has been installed and burried. I figure the small diameter broken PVC is a non-buried surrogate for the buried pipe. There are four seeming gangstalkers on the sidewalk, a sudden cluster IMHO.

Taken 01-30-2008, 1206h 53s. The excavator has been turned around, and the plywood retaining wall has been extended. They don't appear to be doing anything today, except put on a 5 tonne delivery truck in mid-street to "gangstalk" the adjacent excavator for 30 minutes or so until it dissapeared. I cannot think of any reason why a delivery truck with its tailgate lowered to the road surface "needs" to stop by a dormant excavator. (The excavator has been dormant for the remainder of today).

I check out MySpace for the first time, without linking from somewhere else. I look up musicians and find a favorite, Jan Arden, and the perps have greyed out her webpage there, or at least the one that I am allowed to see. Just looking up a web page of a known performer is cause enough for the absurd sabotage that keeps going on. It is no doubt their method of gradually introducing the webpage, a greyed down image because, in their depraved estimation, seeing a full color picture all at once is too much for them to cope with. Not my problem; why am I being screwed over as to what I see, and why can't you get your sick asses in front of me and explain this fucking nonconsensual human experimentation?

And that got answered with the squeak noise I routinely get from outside, and then some throat clearing from the hallway. This must be a big moment after my tea and chocolate. And it is, the manager has made his first trip up today as I write this, putting on the cellphone and voiceover from the hallway. This is the third day in succession he has made at least one "voiceover" show. So, no, that standard phrase I use to berate the perps with was typed out, and for them, that is an exciting moment.

Then I use the mouse to insert a new word into the above paragraph, and then the perps have this Blogspot application flip to a new page view, all to have me swear out loud to them, and a simultaneous smacking noise goes off inside my mouth, not related to any jaw discomfort as I don't have any. It never ends, this senseless merrygoround of being antagonized merely for their deranged notions of sport. As in fuck the victim again, as 5.5 years isn't long enough.

I just got a mild thud overhead and a simultaneous zapping at the very moment of a web page change, where there was an alien picture scrolling by. What is the perp's problem that they need to keep zapping me, as they can tell better than I can as to how much I loathe this particular form of abuse.

The hallway sneezing has started up at this post-mealtime juncture; at least four spaced about a minute apart. I had the cheese flicking again when making dinner tonight; this is the first block of cheddar that is 3 year old, as I was "forced" to buy it when there was a "shortage" of the one year old cheddar, cheaper by far. I have also suffered "shortages" to end up buying the five year old cheddar cheese, all in the same line, which I am not allowed to know at the moment. There was a time when I knew precisely the manufacturers of all my grocery products and price of every item. That capability got purged from me long ago, keeping me in the clueless court has always been a perp objective. And I am sure the colored label is also important for them too; so far, black (one year), green (three year) and navy blue (five year old) cheddar cheese. And for the perps, that is exciting stuff, having arranged these cheeses and the packaging a few years ago in readiness for my harassment visitation, still going on. As they are so obsessed over cheese, and me eating it, surely they could also drop the price of it by half, and save me money to afford the chocolate they make me purchase every month. Bizarre, and not of my doing.

A forced scratch my nose and then a loud mufflered vehicle noise followed. I am still under the microscope, and made sure that I know it. I was reading an article about "milabs", (pdf file) or military abducted individuals who are often trained in military exercises and survival training. I am not one of those, and that might be a better existence that to be constantly riled up all the time. Who knows how all this covert activity fits together at the upper reaches; there has to be more than one faction it seems, though no one has guarded me all these years like they did with Thomas Townsend Brown.

I see the above book in progress on TT Brown has advanced since I last read it, and it is fascinating. And it does point to a mysterious hidden big picture that TT Brown was aware of, and it also being outside his regular duties. And so it is time to blog off for the day, as one who is also involved in a bigger picture, but is not in any way informed as to what is going on and why am I being dragged into someone else's problem without my consent.

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