Saturday, January 05, 2008

Another Dingey Day

So far, a shut-in today, and that seems to be a big deal over the holidays. A 11 hour "sleep" before that, some 3 hours longer than normal, and even an extra hour more than the current imposed "normal'. Fortuneatley, no strange dreams or awakenings in the night, or at least, none that are permitted to be recalled. That is for the good, as it seems that the dream state is yet another playground for the perps to introduce real-like events, and even modifying my perception as to where I am. I would always awake if the dreams got too weird, but as of this week, that is no longer an option; the perps can keep me in the dream against my will, all to throw other freaky things at me.

The usual provocations today, and I am sure that this will continue. So much for the New Year's Day event where they backed off, and only pissed me off in the last 20 minutes while finishing up in the bathroom. All day long they kept planting the notion that this would be different, but given my history wtih the assholes, it couldn't be believed. Sure enough, the provocations were back to normal Jan. 02, 2008, and still are. Invariably some added "mouth noise" occurs at the precise moments of swearing at the assholes in response to incursions like flicking olive oil about, faked touches, extra noise to go with every action (including this keyboard), rattling objects that don't ordinarily rattle and the rest of the extra-conventional gravitic games that "happen". Presently, a siren cascade is in progress, the second such for this blogging session. The plasma beams are flitting across this LCD display as I type, right underneath this typed line.

The mid-afternoon dingey games are coming on; yesterday they scheduled my 2007 and 2008 Quicken updates then, along with enraging me with typo sabotage and altering the display and deleting my recall to create more display navigation events. I created new accounts for 2008, and this was a big noisestalk moment for the perps. These once-per-year events get more perp interest owing to the relative infrequency. Which is also consistent with the week long jerkaround over getting my anti-virus software licence upgraded, detailed in recent blogs. It is odd that they let me go with a two year upgrade as this option had not "occured to me" before, as they get more mileage out of me when forcing the event to occur more frequently. And make no mistake, the perps plan these details out years in advance and know all what they want to get out it.

And that includes jabbing me in the ass while I am typing this, and then putting on a hallway cough burst while I typed the very word, "ass". This is one that gets used in swearing at the perps, and no doubt it is also chosen for its many different definitions. And as that was written, the overhead rumbling noise started up, as have the typo sabotage and some red plasma flashes. Time to go.

A car alram goes off as I start this entry, as did some hallway coughing outside my apartment door. Now a burst of joviality has erupted from the same direction. I am getting a yellow line on the left side of my glasses, from the back of the lens for it to be consistenly placed to track me in my peripherial vision.

And what started this entry was the overhead floor pounding, one that is given a beat, as if to music. Before that, the rumbling noise was on for the above blog post session, and it kept playing after I shut the PC down for tea and chocolate. As I vaguely recall, each post-tea and chocolate break has been noise tracked when these substances reach a specific stage of digestion, some 15 minutes afterward it seems. Just another day at the office for the perps. The intake of brown colored foods continues to be a big deal for the perps.

More overhead floor pounding "music". And of course it has moved to exactly overhead, coming from an apartment location that would be carpeted just like mine.

An hour long forced nap before this; totally absurd given the amount of sleep I had last night. There is nothing one can do to resist these "sleepies", where one is totally compelled to lie down. As the perps seem to be testing me more with various colors and clothing combinations, I would not be surprised if the napping "need" stays for a while. They had previously readied me with near sleeps while sitting vertically at this LCD display, so a real nap was an extension of what they had been doing. It is interesting to note the "nap need" has been occuring at the same time of day. The "neighbor" fan noise has been a constant, noisetracking me pre-nap, nap, eating dinner post-nap, and this websurfing session after, and still going.

A screaming siren show has just started up, the second of the past 10 minutes. As always, whenever highly intrusive noises or like events "happen", I look to what I am doing at that moment and determine that whatever it is, it is a perp's high interest moment. In both instances I was bookmarking blogs, and shuffling them about in my Bookmarks blogs directory. The perps are decidedly on a skin theme; ensuring that I see, or "blunder into", sites with plenty of skin exposure or nudity. I have no idea if this fits the traumatization profile or not, as most of them are long deleted from my recall. The perps even had me on a nude sunbathing streak in 2003 for a month at a local lake where this is standard, but the "need" to do this has somehow stopped, even if I had the vehicle for two more years and could of gone anytime in the summer. To me, this is an example of my activities being constrained, as normally I like to go back to positive situations. The telepathic planted notions are suggesting that I am to return to this site in the coming summer, but how that is to happen without a vehicle isn't known. It could well be another spurious planted thought, which I deal with all the time.

Th3 overhead rumbling has suddenly returned along with overhead floor tapping. No conventional activity in the apartment upstairs could account for these strange behaviors.

More overhead pounding, this time with a backbeat to it, as if there was some kind of ancient washing machine upstairs. This occured when I was using to look up a word.

The highly annoying tapping noise in the form of a beat is coming on again. Before that, "micro zappings", a zapping like sensation applied to my left side, just near my arm, also highly annoying. In the latter case, the perps would put on this micro zapping via my chair's armrest, so the "solution" was to remove my arm, and this worked for a few weeks. Now with my arm off the armrest, the pretense has been disposed of, and the assholes keep up this small zapping sensation all the same. The net result is another swearing round, and a few minutes of relief before they start it up again.

A no-answer phone call just now; the phone seems to be a useful intrument for the perps, possibly co-opting the reciever microphone for their purposes, not unlike the plethora of cell phoning gangstalkers in my proximity.

The thumpy "neighbor stereo" has taken over as the annoyance noise for the past while. Some noise I can live with, others, I cannot. Or put it this way; my reactions are controlled, therefore the perps have scripted my likes and dislikes.

Now, more tapping to accompany bookmarking a webpage, and a few squeaks and clunks thrown into the noise mix.

More rumbling from overhead while I had the headphones on. Normally the perps don't script outrageous noise when I am listening to music, so I can only assume the temptation was too much; plastic objects by my head, with magnets too, another perp advantage they often set up.

More music listening, this time without the above accompaniment. Another shut-in day is done, and who knows what the harassment plans are for then (a Sunday).

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