Thursday, January 03, 2008

Unannounced Yoga Class Cancellations, Round Three

For the third consecutive time, the Thursday yoga class has been cancelled without notice. Only this time did they put up a new notice to identify the actual dates of cancellation, the first time that was done. The identical stunt went down last week, with no notice of future cancellation of course, all to repeat this visitation a week later. The usual plethora of freakshow gangstalkers was on duty, in place for the immediate turnaround at the door and a walk back to my apartment. The vagrants, waddling middle aged men in white or grey hair flapping in the breeze , waddling younger men in brown clothing, the wood stick packing geriatric, the brown dog walkers, the two tiered blonde Mohawk male hairdo riding his bicycle ahead of me on the sidewalk, and then again on the return leg, a male skinhead in their shirt in this howling gale, and so it goes. All this was preceded by a rare uneventful forced crap, which is now seeming to be coordinated as a pre-event brown color reference testing.

Even the weather is the same as last week's abortive trip to the yoga classroom; a gale that is likely to persist into the afternoon to accompany me in walking to gym class. After the end of gym class last week the perps put on the threat of rain and had me take the bus back along with my fellow travelling dude who also did Cheersing duty with the bus driver and then got off at the same stop. I stopped in at LD after today's foreshortened yoga class, and there was a little game going on at the RX counter for my benefit; with no one in line, a fugly yellow coated woman comes from the next aisle and gets ahead of me to get the blonde cashier. No big deal, this is normal for me to be scooped at a queue. There was no one behind me so I had the expectation that the yellow jacket's business would be done and I would be served next. But I was not allowed to know the act; a fugly redhaired and ringleted cashier did some pass-bys to be seen for short exposures, but she really wasn't needed for cashier duty as I was the only person in the line. But no, she did open up for me after all, and got my Rx and rung it up. Call it a blonde to redhead substitution, attempting to co-opt blonde aura to compare to that of doing business with a fugly readhaired woman. And lo, if one of the two medications isn't yellow colored. Anyhow, I go my usual troupe of white and grey haired males to accompany me out the door, and all the way back to my place, though they did put on a gargantuan young blonde woman in a brown coat pushing a stroller in front of me, in the typical path crossing pattern with swarming males all about.

There was some way strange vision assaults on the street; the metaphor I have used to describe this, which maybe planted, is that the perps seem to be locking in my vision, attempting to supplant it with their own controlled and full emulation version. Even my head shaking to relieve me from this abusive wretchedness is arranged, as sure enough there is an object planted nearby for me to see when avoiding to look at the bigger picture. And lo, if the object wasn't brown colored, and was once containing a brown substance, being a paper coffee cup placed on top of the refuse container, 3' from the ground, and all to get it closer to my eyes. Regular readers will know that the brown color if of intense interest to the perps, and as I type this they started up a noise flurry.

I also noted that the tire shop was up to its games again, this time rolling a white plastic wrapped black auto tire along from the other side of the street. The perps have a total obsession over rubber objects, their colors and turning and moving them in my presence, which is one reason they like to have their scummy street operatives occasionally pull a bicycle wheelie in my face for no reason whatsoever. (No prior interaction, another "happening to me only" event).

I am back in my slothfull all evening websurfing session. Earlier this afternoon I went to the regular gym class and was dressed in my black fleece tights, fleece on the inside to keep me warm for the wind storm that was still continuing. This was identical to last week's dress, after the same nonevent, the secret yoga class cancellation.

I had my usual street gangstalkers, the unfathomable numbers of waddling males ahead of me, some of them putting on the businessman act, one dude reprising from this morning'g yoga class trip to this afternoon when headed for gym class. And it was the same unfathomable nonstop commute like road traffic conditions, arranged by color, vehicle type. More of the sidewalk cyclists again, even where there is a cycle lane next to the sidewalk. And a profusion of pink bubble gum plastered on the sidewalk for my 30 minute walk. More than the collection of spittle that precedes me everywhere I go.

The gym class was its usual gangstalking charade with the odd freak thrown in, the grannystalker was back again, and they even had me witness her exit with a white cane for chrissakes. I don't know what the white cane stalking is all about, but I have never seen so many obviously vision capable individuals putting on this act. All it can be is some kind of white color reference, white on aluminim metal, like a folding tentpole with a shockcord down the center of the cane. Fucking absurd.

I had my mid-red color shirted dudes hanging around me at the free weights section, three of them. And each time I chose to look in another direction, another arrived just where I was looking. I re-oriented my head to avoid looking at the two of them and then a third fucker came into view, also wearing the same color of red shirt. Later, I had a 6'4" young woman in a salmon colored top parading around me and making sure she was in my view when on specific gear that made her difficult to avoid.

At the gym, the Mr. Ethnic Gut act was also poncing in and out of view, and he combined with another new behavior, this one being a staff member. Ms. L helps the class out and leads the floor exercises, and while easy on the eye, and in top shape, she has never been too engaging or prevalent in the exercise equipment area. No big deal, everyone has their act, and for the most part, save the operatives, that goes with the territory. Today, she was positively gregarious, helpful, even chatty and radiant in her broad smile. She had three differing conversations with me at differing equipment. And lo, if the disgusting Mr. Ethnic Gut didn't siddle in close, around 3' or so, and post himself in the middle of the main aisle and watch TV (in a gym no less) while Ms. L was telling me all about spinning bicycles and even evading "my" question as to how to best work the upright bicycle. Based on past events such as these, where normally the blonde woman is the one who may engage me in conversation or other activity (per above mentioned blonde cashier substitution), it was the raven haired Ms. L, while this odious fuck who keeps hounding me all over the class, moves in, seeming to want to bathe in the "auric goodness vibe". That is my term and theory why so many of the Unfavored, (Mr. Ethnic Gut being a member of the male, brown skin, fat, waddling, shiftless and evasive demographics), habitually "show up" in the proximity of an member of a Favored demographic group.

Anyhow, this little vignette played out only 10 minutes after the new male fag-like class coordinator introduced himself today. He knew my name, and moved in after I had spoken with Ms. L for a few minutes, telling her about the strange yoga class cancellations that were going on, all to no interest to her of course. This new dude has glasses, and I note that "I" (in some mind-controlled jerkaround manner) reacted to them, when I never, ever react to anyone's eyeglasses within reason. Also curious is that all the class members and coordinators, save one, were all without glasses until now. This is a new Unfavored demographic I did not know about until now. Though it stands to reason that if these Unfavored demographics were formed as a result of development aged (to 6 y.o) medical based traumatizations the assholes deleted from my recall, there well may have been some medical examiners/tortureres who wore glasses, hence males wearing eyeglasses is a deep brain region classified Unfavored demographic group member.

Another classmate, whom I sat opposite from at the Christmas luncheon related to this day program that sponsors the gym class, and who didn't say a thing to me at the time or even looked at me, was at gym class today, totally skinheaded,- shaved of all hair and his bald head shined up in some way as they nearly always do. He was also "featuring" himself when I was on the stationary equipment, standing around in the main aisleway for no apparent reason, some 5' away, his back facing me on his cell phone. Later, I seem him staring at me as if I was the weird that got all their hair cut so to look like an alien. He had some "cred" in my book as he was never a overt gangstalker, a minimal degree of "empathetic aura", and then today he was advertising himself as a new freakshow member, possibly to test out my change of perspective, (aura transition from minimal cred to freak). I am sure that is not all of it, but he never did any of this "loitering" or staring before, and today, in conjunction with his new skinhead job, he starts this up. This same dude has a mis-shapen, filled-in, deep green colored star tatoo on the back of his neck, surely of color reference interest to the perps.

Other past traumatization testing seemed was when the floor exercise classroom was "unavailible" and we had to compact ourselves to a smaller space in the full public warm up area. And lo, if I didn't get the new coordinator's ridiculous orange colored runner heels only 12" away from me, and then another gormless male chinless twit, also wearing glasses, was on the other side of me, about the same distance. Two male Unfavored demographic members parked way too close for comfort. Then other gangstalkers and operatives walked around this ersatz class, one was dressed in white shorts and a top, and lo, if there wasn't some primal reaction to this white dressed male fucker in my peripherial vision. Also of note was the fact that the bright pot lamps were lower in this section of the gym, and were directly overhead of where I happened to place my mat, possibly simulating a medical examination situation. It was the white clothed fucker in my peripherial vision I could not stand the most, and lo, if this asshole didn't feature himself later in full central vision form.

The color orange has been a big deal today, and the above mentioned runners with the orange colored heels were only one such event. I have never seen so many Japanese mandarin orange peel skins littered about as this year, but this is the season, and the perps decided to go for it, planting them all over the streets. When walking back from the gym, one mid-aged male goof operative exited a drycleaners with a white plastic lunch bag, inside of which was an orange. What person wants to be publically seen packing a lunch bag at 1540h in the afternoon totally out of any rational context? It wasn't good enough to be seen looking so stupid, (an Unfavored middle aged grey haired male dressed in a red jacket and green ball cap), so he "happened" to creep up on me with the lunch bag in hand and stand some 3' away while I was waiting at the traffic light, some 10' further. Not only is it a ongoing freakshow around me, but the perps want to make sure I see the freaks, and note the logical inconguities in their act.

The perps have also moved the local street ripping as I call it, a storm drain upgrade down the middle of the adjacent block, and lo, if the traffic cones, lane markers, the pump and the 150' of 8" hose and the "workers" weren't all in an orange color, though a different hue from the mandarin orange peel color games. And too, more of the 18" sickly hospital green PVC pipes are in view of my apartment, and of course I walked by the entire construction site on my way to gym class. There have been plenty of orange plasma exposures in my vision, even centrally, to tell me this color is of intense iterest today.

I got sucked into looking a nearby high-end men's store for a bargain on a nice light fabric sweater, and lo, if there wasn't a profusion of fugly orange colored sweaters on the tables. Just when I wanted to escape this bullshit show, the salesman moved on me and treated me to some more fugly colors, flipping around the garments for yet more orange colors. I always wondered how a classy mens store got such fugly clothes for year end sales, and now I am allowed to know these were all arranged, and the perps supplied the garments should the store not have enough fugly colors. All the anomalies of the past are begining to make sense in the harassment and nonconsensual human experimentation model, especially as it relates to their fixation over specific colors and combinations. And all the more so when one adds in the possibility of recall deleted, but still recalled at deep brain levels, associations with medical personnel, their typical clothing colors and that of the hospital decor as they were in the 1950's. Just who were these cast of mysterious criminals and what did they look like? I am getting fragments of the associations, as becoming known to me in the Unfavored demographic group characteristics as well as the arranged colors, stunts and gangstalker appearances of considerable consistency.

Enough pondering, which must be surely a mind-controlled activity, as it happens so often, "mulling over" the same content as telepathically supplied by the most depraved assholes known on earth. Time to blog off and get this posted.

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