Sunday, January 13, 2008

More Rile Me Time

It is a both laundry day and Sunday, an arrangement the perps have worked on for some time, sliding my laundry day of week later and later. This means that the bed is made of freshly laundered sheets which will lie fallow for an additional day as I will be headed off to my perp-abetting parents' place later this afternoon.

The mode of transportation to my parents' place will be by bus, and I expect the usual freakshow with the color referencing games of two weeks ago with broad representation from the Unfavored demographic groups. Two weeks ago, one brown skinned Caucasian dude even had a vinyl LP beside him on his seat, though not too strange except its coincidence with numerous public arrangements of planting PVC pipe near me, (on "irrigation service" vehicles typically).

The bus ride of two weeks ago was also the site of two parties asking me where certain buildings were, and neither of them particularly cared about the outcome as they didn't take any action. One party was on the wrong bus altogether for their intended destination, but were not moved to do anything about it. Fucking bizarre to say the least, never mind this party also being made up of two elderly ladies, one Caucasian and the other a bug-eyed looking East Indian. Just another day at the office for me.

The perps were on an high harassment campaign this morning, foiling my grasp of objects, planting wholly incorrect or incongruous perceptions, faked touchings, blatant noise augmentation to every move I made, stealing quarters from my pocket when needed for the dryer and so it goes. As usual, my reaction is controlled to be instant rage at yet another depraved incursion into my life. As if I haven't been abused enough already. And more to the point, they appear to be re-creating noises, smells, and situations for which there is some kind of deep traumatizations, their abuse when I was in my developmental years if I read their game correctly.

The stunt of taking a quarter out of my pocket when I was to start the dryer has "happened" before; the perps have somehow arranged to steal these needed coins when I was to use them for the locker at gym class at OB Rec. Center. This forces me to put my clothes in the cubbys where no end of people pass by, and makes them eligible items for theft, another perp invoked problem. Sometimes the coins "show up" again after the fact just to piss me off all the more. I cannot understand the mentality of the assholes that keep these stunts going, now for over 5 years.

After putting on the earmuffs to avoid an annoying "neighbor water use" whine noise from the bathroom, the perps put on an overhead pounding noise that somehow managed to penertrate my hearing protection. Just more of the same.

It will be soon that I head off to my parents' place; I call them the First Feral Family because of their involvement and permission they gave to put me in this situation of harassment and total violation of my being. How could they be that sick to hand over their first born into the hands of psychopathic depravees to be constantly messed with? I don't have an answer for that, and everytime I visit them the question "slips" from my mind, even as they are gangstalking me. And because I have such a negative opinion of them, which first arose when they took me to various sites of traumatization (IMHO), they are busy on the gangstalking as a means for the perps to remediate this negativity. Not my problem, I am doing fine without being remediated, and even better when I am left alone.

The noisescape has been busy all afternoon; loud mufflered vehicles in serial, voices from the hallway and the odd pounding of 8" (or more) of concrete overhead.

Time to blog off and call this a posting.

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