Sunday, January 27, 2008

Carpet Day

I did some helping at a carpet auction today. A hour's bus ride out to the rural area to the fairgrounds, and then handling carpets for an auction. There was plenty of coughing and hacking, following, "inadvertent" touching and all the other perp feints, not to mention plasma beams sitting in my vision for a half minute or so. All the carpets were of Persian or Asian origin; I got a quick geography lesson in the hand knotted carpet business; Afganistan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Kurgistan and a few others. My once friends before the overt harassment began went to Turkey twice, and brought home a carpet once. What floored me besides the beauty of the carpets and astonishing craftmanship is how long these carpets take to make. A 6'x9' carpet, with 20 or more colors, would take a master carpet weaver four years to make. There are no synthetic fibres in these carpets, and no chemical dyes. The auction turnout was sad; only 5 bidders after 30 minutes, and it was ended after 60 minutes.

For all the multitudes of gangstalking vehicles out there today, I thought the perps would of stacked the room with the usual detritus of ambulatory gangstalkers. There was one woman I sort-of recognized from the early 1990's, as she was the mother of my daughter's friend. Another gangstalker was big on the UK accent, and curiously, coming some 30 minutes early. Later, in the public seating area, she sat down exactly where I had sat, also scarfing the newspaper I was reading. With all the availible seating, that was a bullseye, and not random action. The same "warm seat stalking" has also been happening at the gym too.

The event was a perp orchestration of huge proportions; not only did I get my bus "traveller" sitting in front of me, and the same operative later moving behind me, but also the bus travelled on the rare concrete roadway in this region. It was an old quarry truck road, and is still used to access the famous Buchart Gardens. It was at this transition that my open mouthed gangstalker in front of me changed seats to sit behind me. There was at least 2,000 vehicles on mobile gangstalking duty; four deep metallic reds clustered together with two white vehicles in front, and another white pair behind as one example of the relentless perp obsession in planting specific colored objects around me. The high incidence of vehicular gangstalking was aided by a 20 minute wait at the bus stop, all so the aforementioned gangstalker could present himself in side, back and front profiles, and also "meeting up" (aka Cheersing) with a long lost buddy to do the chat together stunt. Funny how their chumminess ended once they got on board the bus and split ambulatory gangstalking duties.

The inbound bus was also near full, and I got the sitting backwards seat again, the same as two weeks ago, also with a sleeping Asian girl, also with mouth hanging open. That she had a brown suitcase tucked under her legs wasn't too much of a surprise. The brown behind brown objects and beings has been a perp color stunt for months now, (brown suitcase behind brown skin). Another Asian girl also arrived across the aisle, sitting between my helping buddy and me. The number of pedestrians downtown today, a Sunday, was totally absurd; more than a weekday in tourist season.

And we had a skiff of snow in various locations, which somehow missed the area where the carpet auction was, but hit the area where the inbound bus was travelling through. There are uncountable numbers of microclimates in this area, but with the perps on top of every aspect of my existence, I wonder how many are due to them. Regular readers will know there have been some astonishing coincidences with my activities and the weather, and it only gets more coordinated. The basic rule about the perp ordered weather seems to be creating more temperature differences between me and the road. Or else, sprinkling a little rain as I set off driving my parent's vehicle is at a 50% coincidence rate of late. The perps don't like me to be in billowing rain spray for whatever reason. Other weather games relate to degree of permitted direct sunlight and darkening the clouds to get more grey scale ranges. There were at least two intensely grey cloud banks this morning, one at my place before I set off, and again when I was taking a lunch break outside the building where the carpet auction took place. But no rain, hail or even snow from these clouds today. The snow fell last night, and it was interesting to see all the perp organized parked vehicles that retained snow on them; there were many parked vehicles in public parking lots that seemed to have been left there overnight.

Other perp weirdness was having a city bus disappear as soon as my back was turned. Nothing new there, or the dude who kept on hanging around me at the bus exchange, and even gave me the stare for absolutely no reason. Then he never got on the bus that I took. Other perp annoyances were to re-bleed my healing right thumb knuckle injury they stiffed me with some four days ago; they pulled this twice, having me bleed onto the bedspread when making the bed, and then later when hauling carpets back into the white van the auctioneer had.

The first PC/ web access of today was about 1800h; no morning pre-departure web time was allowed. This was accomplished by the perps setting my clock an hour back in the night, and waking me up at 0830h instead of 0800h of my alarm clock setting. One cannot win in making any arrangement, as it can be compormised in so many ways. Sabotaging my alarm clock goes back to the days of 2002 when they woke me up in the afternoon once. That was to sabotage my flight arrangements and make them for a day later.

I also got screwed over for making the bus this morning; a planted "brain fart"/misperception and then I was scrambling to get going as I thought I had 10 more minutes before heading off. By creating this intensified panic, the perp had me in my coat, attending to getting lunch ready and placed in my pack. There were other routines that were messed with today, and I cannot recall them all. Just another day in the life of being a TI, likely one of the most significant nonconsensual human experimentation assets the perps have; I don't know of anyone who gets this second-by-second battle with the assholes 24x7. I would not be surprised if there were other like treated TI's in this city, as I cannot see that this substantial effort would be devoted to one individual. And one can be sure, in meeting the perp's objectives related to geography, they aren't going to send me anywhere, but instead, have proxies; that is shills who know me well who go to Turkey or the "stans" per above carpet sources.

Time to blog off today, and call it done; with today's major all day outing, the perps will want to give me shut-in time to acclimate again, if I read their machinations correctly.


Kellee said...

Great work.

AJH said...

Thanks for the comment; it is a life of duress to say the least.