Friday, January 11, 2008

Hyperactive Ceiling Pounding & Rumbling

This stunt of somehow pounding and rumbling the overhead ceiling of at least 8" of concrete has begun early today. Normally it is a late afternoon or evening time perp behavior (read, harassment method), but it has gone hyperactive while I am reading science news websites. What appears to set this off is my thoughts related to the news item I am reading and my thought association with the current harassment and mind-control games. It is mildly entertaining to read about the latest quantum energy or human brain research results when the perps have been doing this operationally for years. I am sure that my mind-minders are accutely aware of all this and arrange the stories and their headlines accordingly.

It was a Chicken Run today, meaning the once every two weeks or so that I go to the grocery store and purchase hot cooked chicken. In keeping with the perps interest on left side and right side gangstalking games, there were only half chickens availible. I also thought it interesting that the perps ensured my in-town brother and I each ate one turkey leg from the same bird over Christmas. So there is a good chance that someone in my family is eating the other half of this chicken, or, perhaps the cooked chicken my mother gave me earlier this week is from that same bird. Now that the tapping "neighbor" noise has begun, it is time to end this blogging session and come back later.

Outside clanging and clunking has subsumed the overhead pounding noise. I appears to come from the excavators that are in view, and I will pull some pictures in to show what is up.

I did some more research on the green colored PVC pipe, and indeed, that color seems to be the agreed pipe for sanitary sewers. A rough estimate of 800' of new sewer pipe will have been laid, some 30" in diameter. It covers one entire city block so far, plus a reworked uncontrolled intersection which has been dug up and re-bedded with 12" of concrete over which the gravel is packed. As the perps have a continuing obsession with all things brown colored, and with all things related to excrement, including their toilet games I experience firsthand, I can only assume this new PVC sewer line is all in service to aid them in their research on this odious topic. I have mentioned that they seemingly put up two highrise buildings in Seattle next to my work and residence, so it would not be out of order for them to pull a four to six month sewerline project in my neighborhood. And also, the perps put on a block long excavation at my last residence location, though I cannot recall what service it was for.

This is just for a record of the street digging progress in my neighborhood, more for the following pictures. There is nothing too odd or unusual here, save the vagrant shopping cart act, though he is sitting on the adjacent bicycle in front of the white trades van. It was taken 01-07-2008.

Eight white vehicles in various orientations, plus one silver grey pickup behind the moving truck, a black colored vehicle in front of the moving (truck), and a red and blue sample vehicles at the head of the parked file of four white vehicles on furthest side of the street. That makes it 8/12 white colored vehicles in this picture; just another day of games.

A view from my apartment of the recent digging and new sewer line. The pipes are a turquoise green, and the two truck cabs plus one sedan's roof are the nearly same color as the PVC pipe. If one zooms into the location of the closest group of PVC pipe, one will find the perennial shopping cart vagrant act, something that dogs me nearly every time I go outside. This was taken 01-09-2006.

This is today's (01-11-2008) diggings; the lights from the excavators are on, and I don't think they need them except to direct light at me, something that goes on with parked vehicles all the time. Also note the proverbial shopping cart vagrant act on the sidewalk at the left.

Three pictures on three different days, and a vagrant shopping cart act in each one. I never knew I could be so consistent in getting such a feature to "show up" and demonstrate its ubiquity everywhere I go or even look.

And continuing noise parade has been going on for the last 30 minutes; loud mufflered vehicles, "performance" mufflers, faked buses (unconvincing noise and frequency) and loud motorcycles. This has been happening while I read about abductee's complaints to the US government getting nowhere, and the authorship of an email to the TI group. Now a siren show has started up.

Back into my retreat of listening to music; which maybe the culmination of the preceding noisestalking, getting me "ready" for placing headphones on, magnets at my ears. And the perps do value close-in magnetic energies being placed around me, hence the constant masers and plasma beams.

The headphones alternately creak, left side then right side, anytime I am forced to scratch my ears, cheek or eye due to imposed itches.

Screwed again; I had every intention to post this last night but an imposed (forced) "forget" was applied.


being stalked said...

the people harassing me are actually in my ceiling!! I have a two story, one-bedroom apartment and there is like a one-foot high crawlspace between the floors.

I was wondering how they were doing it - they're actually in there and harass me just about 24 hours a day - from the floor when I'm upstairs, the ceiling when I'm downstairs. Weird - its been going on for over a year. You'd think they'd be sick of it by now.

AJH said...

I would be very surprised if there was anyone in the ceiling space. But what they do is project sound from a control center and have it occur somewhere else, usually so you can hear it.

I get all manner of noise from sources that make no sense whatsoever; the wrong time of day, the physical impossibility of someone pounding on 12" of concrete from above, etc. It can be vehicle sounds, clicks nearby as if it was a arm or elbow joint; there are no end of games they do with noise to make one think the source is close at hand.

I figure that they need certain qualities of noise at differing times; long trail off, transient, persistent etc.

Take Care,