Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Typical Saturday

I was given a 10.5 hour sleep last night, getting up at 0930h, a full 2.5 hours extra over what I would normally need. There were no major games in the night that I can recall, so presumably it was all sleep time. But given the perps' 2007 accomplishments, they can now delete recall at a fundamental level without concern as to later recall "bleeding" which happens to the many abduction victims. That is, the use of hypnosis is no longer effective to retrieve these memories as the perps can delete them entirely, even the brain regions they could not reach until last year.

I ended up getting a refill of the eyeglass cleaning solution today, as they are getting scuzzed up every day now, sometimes overnight, though typically in an adjunctive role when I read online. There was a little screwaround as to how much to pay, as the price effectively doubled for the donation option. I was also word constrained; using a stilted and indirect syntax instead of my own vocabulary being accessible. This is the third such event in the past two weeks where a "bad vibe" is created out of planted confusion or plain weirdness of the other party. It is another perp stunt, and I have had many of those in my life and don't need anymore.

I got the usual ambulatory lead-ahead gangstalker contingent of some 8 gangstalkers for the one block walk to the opticians. The perps put them on in parallel, either side of the street, all walking the same direction, staying ahead of me. Then outside the optician there was a red vehicle, and lo, if the perps didn't have it packed full of glass bottles and have their operatives banging and clanging them. I frequently comment on how often glass bottle bashing and handling noises erupt in the hallway and proximate outside locations, and this was just another more portable extension of that game. It would seem that the vibration and noise of glass is something the perps covet as this activity has been arranged around me for the past 4 years. Even my perp-abetting parents get in on the action, flinging their crockery about. It is too consistent to be anything but organized and coordinated.

The noistalking started up as I read an obituary; I don't know what it is about this topic that interests the perps so much, but it has been consistent for over five years now. From their perspective, it is all the better if I have not heard of the person before, or know very little about them.

I was allowed to buy a newspaper and read it today, something that I usually do every Saturday, reading the Globe and Mail. For "whatever" reason, it has been "forgotten" on a Saturday shopping or else the newpaper was removed from view. Today, it was extra strange in that I went to the convenience store whose roof I overlook. This was a first time event, and they had two gangstalking assholes loitering around in the store, one of them giving me the stare when he had finished purchasing his goods. The woman in front of me was with the steel hamper tote patrol, pulling this behind her instead of the more absurd luggage totes. And of course it was placed exactly where I was to stand after she had finished at the checkout.

It appeared that the Globe and Mail wasn't at this store, so I bought the National Post instead. Somehow, the perps changing it, while it was in my hand to be the Globe and Mail. This is not the first time these product switches have happened. Or, it could of been the work of their newfound (in 2007) vision and perception fucking; having me read "Globe and Mail" and yet transmuting it to "National Post" in my mind. I have experienced plenty of these latter games of late to be now suspicious of everything I see as it could be faked with the application of perception transmutations.

The noise flurries have been on today, and there have also been many "all-quiets", the latter while eating brown colored food. This replicates what they were obviously doing in 2005 and 2006, when at my last apartment residence, only a block away. These all-quiets are usually accompanied by a selective noise, usually muted, as if it is to faintly detectable.

Other noises get applied when I get a scripted sneezing, have mouth noises going on, or when I get zapped. There is no end to the combinations and permutations of mixing noise with other sensory phenonmenon, which would include vision hacking, something that has been prevalent today with the smudging of my eyeglasses, left lens usually.

I am getting increased numbers of plasma placed in my peripherial vision, or else brief flashes in central vision. The perps have taken to this to get more "color sampling" and doubtless referencing when and where exactly they want. The colors of interest to them are red, brown and yellow; this is consistent with the plasma games that "happen" outside as well. They often will replicate a color in plasma that I have just seen beforehand, possibly to widen the scope of the color exposure or create a temporal series.

All brown colored clothes that I once had are tossed out as they "ripped" or became unusable. One pair of brown pants mysteriously had green dye on them, and there was no known source of it. For now at least, they will have to do with creating plasma surrogates, popping them into my vision as/when needed. And sometimes they will overlay the brown plasma over the very words on this LCD display that I have just typed. I notice that the brown dressed gangstalkers are often further away; some 130' or so this morning when on my short outing.

I am gettig the "usual" noise flurries, many reaching annoyance levels for which I press my fingers to my ears. Which is likely what the perps really want. And plenty of vision impairments from some kind of bright emanations from this LCD display. But to annoy me all the more, the perps started to jiggle the image I was viewing, making it move in "my" perception. The only way to deal with that is to bail out and go onto something else.

A news flurry over rumors of Microsoft taking over Logictech. I love the Logictech Trackball mouse, and nothing comes close. This all could be perp instignation as they like to have go on an interest blitz; in this case, searching for this same model of mouse from suppliers with the notion that I would purchase at least two more in reserve. I went through this for keyboards as regular readers will recall.

No matter how much of online music gets buffered, the perps keep stopping and starting YouTube feeds, making for a disrupted listening experience. They do the same with telephone and conference calls, causing it to crash and then everyone has to phone in again, and they do the same with some television shows as well, dithering the signal at first. It is as if my visual and listening activity is too much bioenergetics data for them to process at once, so they pull these same re-start stunts in an attempt to unravel the experience of initiating a new activity. This stunt is widely known to all TI's.

Time to blog off for the day, and ponder what games they have lined up for me tomorrow. The typo sabotage is getting too much to continue.

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