Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Downtown Gangstalk

It was another major gangstalk event; I was with my mother one of her visits to get tea at a discount at a particular store. I could write pages on all the fuckery and feints, but suffice to say, the perps were more aggressive about gangstaking and setting up stunts to walk between us. And, almost without exception, they kept up with sidewalk obstructions of having their fuckers walking three and four abreast, and the usual consequent dances of avoiding ambulatory collisions.

It was the leather jackets day, a more predominant article of clothing of late, most often in black, but occasionally brown, and the odd red, navy blue or green. And I saw the most absurd leather coat; a classy three quarter length black leather coat, with a leather hoodie on top! And the operative had his hoodie up, and was hiding behind it. They put plenty of hoodie wearing gangstalkers on me in any given day, but having a leather hoodie was an all-time first.

And we went to the department store downtown for her to get Easter items to take on her upcomiong trip to visit my brother, wife and daughter. This involved going to the fifth floor to look at bicuits and chocolate, and there was plenty of the latter, the perp's main focus for me to eat a brown colored food item. Past readers will note that the perps have an abiding fixation on the color brown, and after removing most of it from my proximity, they are slowing introducing this color in the form of gangstalker garments and vehicles.

And it so "happened" the saleswoman who came by to "help" us, while two others only 8' away were "busy" on stocktaking (dressed in black and white), was the same woman who was the sales assistant in clothing store only 4 months ago, when my mother was looking for children's clothes. The sale assistant seems to be of Persian heritage, having an olive skin color and black hair, and speaks English well and is genuinely helpful. My mother says she didn't notice this "repeat" person, but that has to be a crock, as I never forget a face as long as my recall hasn't been fucked with, and she is the same.

We ate at the cafeteria at this department store, and lo, if the person in front of us didn't have three transaction "problems", and then "lose" her change, which was another crock of shit, as I saw her put it away. A full five minutes of waiting for all this bullshit to end. Then there was a parade of gangstalkers going by at the checkout only 6' away from our table, and they got busy on red dressed fuckers, then latterly, ones sampling various greens all at once; lime green, olive green, and blue green, dressed fuckers were all there at once. Then an asshole with a burgundy umbrella came to go through the adjacent checkout, then 20 minutes later he comes by just to stand there, and put on the sentry act. No rain, or hint of rain today either.

The final act of the cafeteria charade was to move the 4'w x 5'h x 2'd chocolate display some 10' closer toward our table, and then spinning it around, all for no intelligible reason, save those related to the perp's fixation on brown colored food items and that they seem to have some (auric?) leverage with chocolate. Anyhow, it was disgusting to see all those geriatric porkers wandering around, grey or white haired with a large protruding gut in the main. (And I just got noisestalked for writing this up).

The perps have me on a "later shift" tonight, eating at 1900h or so, as there was still plenty of daylight. I got the mid metallic blue pickup truck under my window to accompany me, and a spectrum of silver grey, mid red, navy blue and black in the W. side (35' away) of the parking lot that I see outside my window. It would seem that all these colors are being tested by the perps for dusk onset conditions. They seem to have a particular obsession with mid red colors at this time of day.

While I was driving to, and in, the downtown parkade in my mother's light metallic tan Ford Escape, at least 25% of the vehicles (six floors of a parkade) were red in color; the deep metallic red or a mid crimson red. They interspersed these with whites, silver greys, mid greys and black colored vehicles, with a few navy blues and greens in the mix. It is plain fucking nuts as to the degree of color arrangement the perps go through every day I go out.

Then when leaving, an aggressive Asian woman gangstalker walked between me and my mother only 4' away, and gets into her Volvo beside the Ford Escape, and takes off from the passenger side, where my mother was still getting in. Past readers will know that Volvos are favored gangstalk vehicles because I owned them for over two decades, and only gave it up last year to my daughter. I also think there is something about the chassis and body steel that if particularly favorable to the perps, as they also plant Saabs around me as well.

And so, when it came time to depart the parkade in the Escape, a same colored Ford Taurus "happened" to back out in front of us, and lead me down the six story helical exit ramp, and to the cashier. Fords have been family vehicles in the long past, and of course currently, the Escape.

There is no way with this degree of rabidity as to organizing colored objects around me, and the rest of the sick minded harassment and legions of gangstalkers, are the perps going to let me out of their electronic prison until they get all of what they want. (See my blogs on other, non-mind control, objectives, part 1, and part 2). I say this for my own benefit mostly, as I am getting bombarded with notions that they are going to cease hostilities soon. They have done this about three times a year for the past five years, and so I expend huge amounts of mental effort to refute this bullshit that they keep feeding me.

Anyhow, I have got the usual iterations of noise flurries tonight, and currently there is an all-quiet order out, as this putative rooming house is eerily silent.

Today's big afternoon activity was to check out an apartment block that is the one of "last resort" I am told. It comes with linoleum covered floors, and while I haven't submitted an application yet, it does have some vacancies. And given that my current (and putative) rooming house has an extra roll of carpet that "happens" to be sitting in the hallway for a day now, next to the 5 gallon pail of brown colored paint, I would surmise that the perps are having serious problems with figuring out the energetics of carpets and like floor coverings owing to my bioaccumulated pollutants, one prominent one being PBDE's. (These are fire retardants, polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) ). The perps also placed a roll of carpet downtown for me and my mother to walk by, this one 4' away in a loading bay. So this rather desolate lino-on-concrete "social housing" tower just might be my next stop as my residence. And I have noticed that the perps like to utilize concrete buildings that are least 15 years old, as the steel takes a magnetic set from the Earth's magnetic field by then. And this place qualifies. This too shall pass one day, but not anytime soon; when the Iraq war ends, so shall this harassment in my estimation (see associated logic in above part 1 objectives link, and here).

Tonight's dinner was the same old tortillas again; the perps got me rage-ified again over cheese slicing, and the tortilla ingredients assembly at each stage. They simply will not let me place the cheese slices where I want, and with a minimum of effort. They flip cheese slices around, end over end, lateral spins and back flips, then have them fall apart in my hand, and then spread cheese crumbs about in locations where there was no cheese.

A rare quiet period over the past two hours, though the assholes kept up the vision impairment fuckery while I was attempting to read about alien abductions and the like.

Anyhow, enough to post, and blog off.

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