Saturday, April 21, 2007

Herding Operatives

It is the serial herd on the move; every minute or two, one tromps through this putative rooming house, slams the front door, and that serves as the cover story for causing this room to be rattled. Never mind that there is four intervening rooms and the front door is 20' distant, no one complains. And, the operatives, if witnessed, will emerge from differing rooms in a rotation of assignment, and seemingly very little to do with authentic occupancy. And there is a background of renewed coughing and hacking, and the fucker came in close to the next door bathroom to then give me more of it with greater loudness. Nothing new in all of that for regular readers.

After I blogged off last night, there was a crowd of at least 12 youthful noisestalkers, ranting, hooting, coughing and keeping up the voice noise from my right side. The minute they departed after midnight, the noises in this putative rooming house (left side) started up again for ten minutes or so. Very curious.

And I read that there is another hostage taking and unfortuneate shooting in Houston, Texas at the NASA complex. A follow-on from the grisly events at Virginia Tech this week. And as I read the name of the gunman in the former instance, I got noisestalked with an overhead clunk. It is amazing how often the perps crank up the noise, plasma, maser and body perturbations (muscle spasming) when there is one of these stories in the news. Not a coincidence by any means, not in a TI's life.

More coughstalking while I read the news, especially if it is "deep read", where I am allowed to be focussed and actually take in information (cognition). And I am also getting overhead clunking to go with this too, sometimes two noises at once. The pattern is not hard to figure out; first they control me to skip-read, not allowing me to delve into any story deeply, and over the course of an hour or so, they relax this level of incursion, put on more thoughtful stories, and by this time an all-quiet order has gone out, save the above mentioned exceptions which are like a bolt from the blue. Even any emotional reactions, even if transitory for a second or two, are noisestalked with a coughing or a clunking.

Meanwhile, they also lay on the forehead numbing torture, which makes it feel as if one's prefrontal cortex, the part behind the forehead, has been numbed out. So much for the brain tissue not feeling sensations. This fuckery is relievable for a minute or two by rubbing my forehead. Then the forehead numbing starts up again. It is fucking sick that I cannot be left alone to read what I want without a contingent of sickos looking over my shoulder and fucking with my cognition at a cellular level.

A continuing all-quiet with the odd selectively introduced noise, along with room shaking. The assholes are also running some kind of extra force pressure on my forefeet, which is also what they do when my shoes are on. Either way, it doesn't add up, and doesn't have a cover story, but in this case, that doesn't matter. I also get selective spasm-ing during the all-quiets; eyelids, shoulder, calves, and thighs. And to make matters more disruptive, they add in skin jabbing, as if a needle were poking me. This morning at breakfast, a jabbing erupted on the outside of my left calf just as I was pouring coffee into my mug. Every detail is under the microscope, and in case the assholes don't get it, I cannot fucking stand living like this. Get the fuck out, my life has been trashed enough. And with that rejoinder, the will continue as the Sickos of the Supremely Thankless Order. Something like that, it needs a better speech cadence.

A communal vehicle door slamming cascade is going on; this is the post-lunch noise flurries, and the flavor today is to have the outside parking lot serve as the source of this standardized noise. Yes, the vehicles are all different models and makes, but the noise that issues forth is standardized, all pretty much the same volume and pitch. How 10 vehicle owners can combine their efforts to close their doors in succession with the same high high level intensity (slamming them) takes serious coordination. We are talking about 30 vehicle door slammings in the last 5 minutes. Go figure; it is all about creating vortex energies from the vibrations and noise IMHO.

And endless procession of noises continues, like a round robin tournament. And of course room shaking goes with it anytime the front door gets slammed. The endless noise continuum, not unlike the omniplasma continuum that T. T. Brown maintained was what we all live in. I read that 50 trillion neutrinos pass through us every second, so if that isn't an ether, or an omniplasma continuum, then I don't know what is. So says this very amateur physicisit (as in Not!), but I have yet to find any real physicists who put this together with ether theories for a new understanding of bridging the disparate worlds of quantum physics and Newtonian (or Einstein's relativity). Anyhow, when one is constant being jerked with by remotely applied forces 24/7, and having items pulled from my grasp and a host of other like incursions, one researches and comes to find that there is a considerable hole in current understandings of physics that no one told me about at my college courses. Water under the bridge to be sure, and this is the ruminations of someone who is witnessing unheard of powers that can be targeted at anyone without their knowlege. A "glitch" or like inopportune technical snafu, especially if it causes all manner of problems downstream, will never again be accorded as random without serious analysis.

There are more interesting determinations as to the Virginia Tech massacre; the police and security authorities were told to "stand down", and not engage in looking for the perpetrator after the first victim was killed. This is very consistent with what happened at the Columbine tragedy, where the SWAT team stayed outside while the shooting was still going on inside. And there a quite a few alternate theories as to how that happened. Here we are again, getting massacres at academic institutions at the beginning or end of the academic year. It is about time someone did some serious research as to the degree of randomness.

Here is the link and quote about the above mentioned Virginia Tech shootings:
Police and EMT workers at Virginia Tech tell us that campus police
were given a federal order to stand down and not pursue killer Cho
Seung-Hui as Monday's bloodshed unfolded.

Though wishing to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, we have
received calls from police and EMT's who tell us that a stand down
order was in place, and this is also confirmed by eyewitness Matt
Kazee, who is a Blacksburg local.

Kazee talked to local EMT's and police who told him the same thing,
that the order was to wait until federal back up arrived before any
action was taken. This explains the complete non-response of the
police in the two hour gap between Cho's first two murders and the
wider rampage [30 more victims] that would follow later that morning.
I got a simultaneous coughstalking and a jab in the nuts as I selected, and pasted the above quote, and at least one noisestalking from the assholes when doing the same for the above link. In light of this, and given that I don't have anything nee to offer, I hope this is my last carping over this topic.

More quiet time with intermittent noisestalking, again, always following a thought that wasn't planted on me.

I just got off the phone with my in-town brother in talking about moving and he put on the pathetic "very busy" routine, when he starts work at 1430h on weekdays. Nothing new there, though no back complaints like he pulled on me one time. Its just that he led me to believe that he would take on the moving, rather than now presenting himself as a bit player.

Then there is his elliptical statements about crashing at his place for a few days, which defies translation as that won't help me move any. As the new apartment is going to be availible on May 01, there is the problematic situation of getting out of one place in April, and then moving to another at least one day later. There is this continual drift to create confusion and contention (angst), and behind it all there is a plan the perps have worked out. Invariably they like items that normally stay together to be split up, and then combined again. The other big joy for the perps is for me to make use of brown boxes, and I have described their total obsession over this color in past blogs, and therefore moving is grand opportunity for them to assay "brown energy", or whatever it is that fascinates them.

One has to decodify what is said, as that is a clue as to the next step. It is just that this upcoming move is constrained by not being able to get the apartment early for moving boxes. Then it is further constrained by my in-town brother welching out on taking a lead role in assisting moving. Nothing new there when I am allowed to recall his past traits, but my recall is now getting so fucked with, its as if I have no cummulative history on certain peoples' behaviors.

Like last night, after I returned from getting a drink of water, the perps increased the intensity of the irradiation coming off my LCD display, almost to the point of not being able to stand it. As if I need sunglasses because it is so bright. Tonight I am almost getting a headache from this intrusion.

Time to call this a posting and blog off, as I am not fit to undertake much editing tonight.

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