Monday, April 30, 2007

Moving House Tomorrow

A note to day that I won't be posting for a few days until I get connected again, hopefully on May 02.

I am back after another stayover at my parents; there was the usual coordinated movement of their limbs and particularly my mother's feet would close in on the TV screen. My father also did his bit for standing immediately in front of the TV, putting on the Alzeimer's act again, though he is full measure for pulling gangstalking moves. Another of his stunts was obstruction; a "sudden" urge to take a pee came over me, and there he was blocking egress to the downstairs toilet, my usual habit as there is less people traffic downstairs. And lo, if he didn't leave a pile of shit in it when I went to use it this morning. More family shit games; it never ends.

It looks like I am getting a new fridge in my new apartment, the second time in three locations. I suspect fridge storage of foods gives the perps problems in their remote energy assay games, as they have an inordinant interest in fucking with food as it goes in or out. I am getting a new stove as it turns out, so it seems that the perps are in this for another long haul, a year or more. The lease is for a year, and I don't expect the fuckers will have solved their brown color problem and the rest of the substantial agenda they are pursuing in less than that.

Yesterday I was picked up to go to my parents by the ex. I expected it would be the ex and our daughter and we would proceed from here to my parent's place for dinner. No, it was back to her place, have some white wine, and wait for 30 minutes until our daughter returned from work at the nearly cinema center. Then we proceeded together in the same vehicle. It was totally unneccessary for the return to the ex's place as our daughter has her own vehicle, my old 1982 Volvo 245. After sipping the wine in the garden and listening to this constant noise barrage of 2 cycle motorcycle engines (think Harley Davidson) in the near distance, I was more than ready to go. There were plasma goings-on and at least one 6' x 4" vertical orange beam against the green backdrop. It seemed to me it was a gangstalk to have me remotely assayed there with the help of the abundant noisestalking. Anyhow, funny how all these plans change and I am the last to go.

That wasn't the only change in plan; my in-town brother was to come for dinner, my mother was talking him up as if he was, but got vague on why he phoned later in the day. As it "happened" he was too toasted from moving his sort-of-girlfriend (native Indian) to her new place. Not that it was a big deal, I had the expectation (or it was more likely a planted notion) that I would be able to finalize the moving plans with him and convey these to the new apartment manager, and the manager of this place who is letting me stay on May 01 for moving then.

I took the bus into town to get back to my place. The perps had lightened up on the freak show element some, and the bus was populated at more expectable levels. I got my East Indian gangstalker with the cane act again, this time not at the bus stop pacing back and forth as before, but walking up this adjacent hill, as I was walking down. The perps like to play elevational difference games as often as they can, and this was no exception. Given that this is her second time around on gangstalk duty, and that she is able to walk so much with this cane, she may well be a morphover of my out-of-town brother's wife, who is East Indian. More of all things brown and beautiful.

I got three women in front of me at one interval in the bus ride; there was an East Indian woman with a white hat sitting in front of me for the first 10 minutes. She departed (possibly "too much brown"), then a Caucasian woman with a pink and burgundy jacket on sat in place of the East Indian woman. She had wiry dark brown hair that she liked to tease and twist. Next came an Asian woman who sat beside her, with black hair and bronze highlights. Then an East Indian woman arrive later and was put on sentry duty in the stairwell in front of the seat in front of me with her back toward us. She was spatially arranged exactly between the two women in front of me with her long black train of hair on the outside of her jacket, and part of later flopped in front of the blue formica panel that separated the seat are from the rear exit area. I got this triple hair show/racial color testing for about 10 minutes of bus travel time until they decided to break it up. This seemed to be a hair color and race (skin color) based combination test. I suspect the hair and head touching of last week's Tuesday yoga class feeds into this game, but that doesn't explain much. And they did have a member of that yoga class on the bus as it "so happened", though she wasn't close by to exchange any greeting.

I did get blonded on the bus from 8' away where a young woman was placed for me to see when I came on board, and within a few minutes she leaned forward to allow her hair to drape and I "happened" to see it just then. Regular readers will know that I consider my attention totally controllable by remote means, and I cannot rely on the fact that this is my own curiousity. This explains this new behaviour (since BOH) of looking at things that have no consequence to what I am currently engaged in. And usually these "things" are litter and other introduced debris that have been arranged outside my window. And note, that the operatives and shills step over them, or around them, so they remain in place for weeks.

I had a wondrous gangstalked afternoon at the new apartment; countless elevator games, "come with me" (to check on a fridge), a 30 minute by myself "wait" in the new apartment, ostensibly for evaluating its condition as the manager was "called away", and a few more (faux threatening) hiccups like; "if I didn't get the subsidy money then I cannot give you the keys", and a few other feints that are common. The jist of these is that the perps want a small amount of exposure time to a new item; domicile, person, new location/store/activity, new papers to fill out, etc at first. Then the assholes build up longer exposures to these new items, by changing the circumstances, reshuffling the persons present, having the victim be alone with the new item/place/etc. and then iteratively adding in the gangstalkers, shills and props. Call it a progressively metered exposure approach. This way they can assay the players independently and together in permutations that maximize the energetics interactions they are looking for. That is my theory, and it is best served by the links that I have put on the blog template page.

The perps also do this progressive exposure approach with my vocabulary; some words will "drop out" (read mind-fucked vocabulary constriction) of use for a few weeks, and then "suddenly" be recalled for regular use again. Perhaps this trait is evident over past blogs and I haven't seen them. When I read old paper journals I am impressed at the differing vocabulary of the day, and wonder why I don't have it now. (As I typed that I got three ass jabbings and the coincident loud mufflered vehicle noise, the "performance" mufflers).

And it was an almighty gangstalker nightmare when I departed the new apartment to come back to this putative rooming house; the Coffee Corps were on me first thing (the operatives walking with a coffee mug or cup in front of them in the brown color comparison games they do), there were 6 way gangstalkers confluences at the traffic control (way too many "pedestrians" for this town and that location), and the coordinated and color arranged vehicles engaging in a commute level traffic volume in mid afternoon in four directions (way too many vehicles for this town at that time and only one direction might have been busy).

When I stepped out of my building to go to the new apartment there were 15 red vehicles postioned around me. Some were parked, some were mobile although travelling slowly. They put a two tone brown dressed ambulatory gangstalker ahead of me, and then she paralleled me on my 7 minute walk on Cook St. It was the same when walking back on the same street; a two tone brown dressed gangstalker leading ahead of me. And they had the coffee cup held in front as another brown reference object.

As the federal tax office is on my beat, the perps created major ambulatory traffic around the building, and even went so far as to have a native Indian woman filling out her blue colored tax forms on the benches outside the building. She even brought her husband and children with her. And it should be noted that native Indians do not pay income tax if they live on the reserve, and most keep a reserve address just for this very purpose even if they don't live there full time. Just another brown occurence as I see it, this time it is skin tone instead of coffee or whatever else the assholes are chasing me with.

I got zinger masers (greyish fuzzy balls flipping around) in my vision most of the way back, and even some plasma flashes. I got a blue flash from the underneath of a 5 tonne commercial truck that was passing my in front of me as I was waiting at the traffic control, and lo, within one second, a male gangstalker shows up 6' from me, creeping into my right peripherial vision dressed in two tones of blue!

It is time to call this a posting for the day, and save this blog from more of the evening dreck of being utterly bored with the trivia I have been fucked into dealing with. The rationale is that I should be packing up this room tonight to expedite tommorow's moving.

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