Friday, April 13, 2007

Opportunistic Muscle Cramps and Other Incursions

There are getting to be more of this body related incursions/physical coincidences of late, taking over where noisestalking was once commonplace. Regular readers will know that there are perp orchestrated noises, as well as maser and plasma events that are coincident with mouse clicking, Windows select, cut, & paste actions, new web page displays (usually with color changes), changes to the page text size, and a myriad of other PC and web based activities. One such is deleting the spam I get from Yahoo, as there is a separate Spam identification button. Now, the perps have added more bodily "function" activity that is coincident with these actions, the latest being spam removal. Coincident with identifying and deleting spam was a muscle spasm in my right leg, and there have been many more of these of late, and especially at yoga yesterday for no reason except generalized fuckery, and whatever other benefits accrue to the sickos.

In this growing list of bodily coincident functions are farts (a regular for years now), runny noses, vision impairments, ass jabbings, pinprick leg jabbings, smells, muscle spasms, chin spasms, transient head pain whacks, extremely excessive and imposed swallowing noises and other no known cause internal head noise, reading misalignments, often forced by on-screen plasma color games, itchy ears that must be scratched, itchy eyes that "need" me to reach a finger behind my glasses (another perp impositon of over 35 years), sudden arrivals of phlegm in my throat that need to be cleared, pressure upon the tops of my bare feet, accelerated cool air passage over my exposed skin on my feet and arms and a few more that don't come to mind.

Currently an iteration of the noise activity is in full mode; the front door slamming with "coincident" room shaking, overhead clunking and squeaking, hallway bantering, hallway tromping, and a few others that make up the noisescape in all its varied mixes.

It was a blogging schlepping day yesterday, likely by mind-fuck imposition again, as I was on the PC for most of the day, had plenty of detail to convey, and "somehow", it did not happen.

Another demographic that the perps like to plant on me which I don't believe has got a mention is the curly hair contingent. I was reminded yesterday of this at the LD drug store and the loathsome head of curly red ringlets on the pharmacy tech who handled my order. Then they planted a 8 year old school kid who "somehow" got out early to hang about in my path in the middle of the sidewalk with a full head of black curls. Then the next block they backed off with a pouffy black haired woman who was walking in parallel with a grey-blonde woman and they oncoming, and arranged themselves for me to pass between them on the crosswalk. The pouffy hair job was W. bound and changed her route to be then S. bound in parallel with the other gangstalker woman. The pouffy hair job also "decided" to walk on the strip of median grass between the sidewalk and the curb before waiting for the traffic light to cross with the other. The perps have more of the strangest behaviors coming from those least likely to be doing these strange departures.

Another demographic I was reminded of not giving a mention was also given plenty of exposure yesterday; this was the stooped shoulders crowd, where the head sits over the chest, and even on it in one case. (Though this could be a feint to have a differing head orientation, something the perps constantly work at through the frequent size variance of their ambulatory gangstalkers). Some of head hanging acts are so contrived to be absurd, but there they are, towing the ambulatory gangstalker accouterment of first resort, a steel meshed hamper behind them, and somehow, they have this enormous spinal support "problem". And for making that observation, I got a coincident outburst of glass bashing noise from the hallway. The ever able bottle collecting act has struck again, and somehow "he" can recover enough bottles to have some for all the day, and even into the night when they wake me up for the noise and attendant vibration.

The perps put on at least four stoop shouldered fuckers inside of 10 minutes, one who was outside the LD store on "stand there" duty put in a perfect side profile imitation of my father's profile, which maybe why all this game started. There is no question they like to emulate his body size, gait, general appearance, UK accent, clothing style and color etc. in selectively presented ambulatory gangstalkers. One stoop shouldered granny ahead of me at the Rx counter "slipped outside" of the store while I was attending to my order, and then arrived at the end of the checkout bringing in a plant from the outside display (a flowered one), and placed it in the topmost blue plastic basket while giving me the stare while I was attending to my transaction at the checkout. She had returned from the entrance, and was walking in parallel with another gangstalker who was coming in the exit, for whom the door somehow "magically" opened. And when I left at the exit, the fuckers stopped the automatic door, mind-fucked me into "thinking" it was the wrong door, and then fucked me into leaving via the entrance. I never get any dedicated store's entrances and exits wrong, nor confused, so if that isn't opportunistic mind fuckery, then I don't know what is. As it "so happened", I exited the same door the granny-with-flowering-plant gangstalker asshole had entered only 15 seconds earlier.

And I get some pissed when I am publically fucked with, and this is no exception; the fucker show should his face and explain why I need to be fucked with as to what door I take to exit a building. The sheer number of entrance and exit gangtalking and ambulatory confluences that go on everywhere I go is enough of a fuckover. As always, the thankless jerks who won't leave me alone, have come up with another stunt to occupy their juvenile minds.

The good news it that I get to move out of this shithole (putative) rooming house into a concrete building for the first of the next month. After three days of playing dumb, then casually forgetful, the manager of the building finally told me that I am confirmed, though strangely, hasn't asked for a lease signing until I am to move in, May 01, 2007. A $150/month subsidy makes all the difference, as I can go upscale and have a self contained bachelor's suite again, the most I am going to get. This is a six story apartment, and I will certainly be freed up from hallway noise, room shaking, and the outside parade of gangstalkers talking or hiking up the stairs. I suspect the traffic noise will be increased as it is closer downtown, and that the overhead clunking with coincident zapping will be reduced, but not eliminated if the last concrete building is anything to go by. This will be the 10th location in 8 years of harassment, counting from my Everett and Seattle residences of 1999. And this will be a re-amalgamation of my belongings from three locations, that will also be of considerable perp interest as well, going from past experiences.

The perps forced a one hour 10 minute nap after lunch, and I assume the reason was that they wanted me in this state while I was digesting my new food item, the tapenade (ground olives) with the sundried tomatoes in it, which made for a strong orange colored olive oil that dripped out of my tortillas and on my fingers. This stunt was to ensure the orange olive oil was brought closer to my head while eating. And then afterward, the assholes splattered some on the wood table I was using, and I had made sure none of it leaked anywhere else.

After my nap, they sent cell phoning gangstalker under my window, who was there while I was putting the dishes away, and was gone when I got the camera out. And they also put on an orange blanket bearing regular gangstalker on the street some 60' away when I first looked out through my window after getting up. This is the same asshole who hangs around outside my window 12' away, and may well be a morphover of my ex-wife, if the theory of the perps re-using well known past players is correct.

Anyhow, only in this state of being jerked around am I cognizant of what color my food is, and all the "coincidences" that follow from that. As I make that observation, a round of front door slamming and room shaking erupted.

The yellow color games persisted until yesterday, as the "roofing operation" outside the yoga class involved two large truck sized dumpsters that the 100' crane handled. For the most part, the perps had the crane operator sitting in the visible cab from the yoga class, with the crane inoperative. This fucker just sat there enclosed in a green tinted glass cab for at least 60 minutes before firing up the crane outside the building where the yoga class was.

And I also note that the perps are having this one other male yoga class member moved closer to me, such that he is now beside me. And the fucker arranged his mat so his head is closer still. As all the mats are arranged before I get there, I can only assume that my position has been well worked out in advance, and if past practice is any guide, it is to the last millimeter. As before, white and brown crumbs "arrived" on my mat to accompany me in doing yoga, just as it does at the other class I take.

The one woman who makes sure to hang around me talking to the instructor at class end was "featured" before the class yesterda, entering the building 10' ahead of me, and coming from the opposite direction, and ducking under the yellow plastic flagging tape the crane and roofing operation had placed, even if across a sidewalk and bounding a major entrance. Then she took her position on the opposite of her usual side, which too, was left open for her to utlize before I got there. Anyhow, it seems that the perps have it arranged that the yoga class members are rotating around me, while I get stuck in the same location under the low beam, (brown color painted, note) and the hugely faceted lighting fixture next to it.

The color red is getting a lot of exposure these days, the perps are utilizing vehicles, more clothing, and of late, blood spattered news photos and their counterparts in film. It is another "it just so happens" events, that are of increasing interest in the perps having me see this color and many of its common placements in the news. And I wpn't speculate as to whether the news item was created or not, as there really isn't any need to, for the world's hotspots offer too much already. But what I will stand by, is that the perps appear to have an inordinant interest in associating me to these infernal Iraq and Afganistan conflicts, and there is constant noisestalking all the time when see or read related stories. As of this writing, the current Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, has tightened down the soldier's tour duties, and I can only assume there is another year of perp harassment going on for whatever association there is that they are looking for between my body and mind energetics, and these bloody conflicts that have been arranged over bogus terrorist attacks on US soil, the events of 9/11. When one views Pres. G. W. Bush's accomplishments and demeanor, the entire 9/11 events are a perfect entre to his presidency and the following ineptitude and wanton chaos that has followed. And if the 9/11 attacks took at least two years of planning, then it does suggest the election might of been fixed too. Just pondering the oddities and how they seem to reinforce each other at critical junctures, all from the perpective of a harassment victim that finds the perps have inordinant amounts of interest in how I percieve what is going on in the news, and these issues that took many years to thier current state of usefulness in the harassment game.

I am troving through Eva Cassidy sites again, starting here, and then "chanced upon" another performer I follow with great interest, Allison Crowe. All seeming innocuous but of significant interest to the perps who have been arranging room shakings from below (no residents down there), and without the usual significant noise, and then the loud mufflered vehicles continually transiting or else parking close by, sirens and a few othersa from the noise repetoire the fuckers keep creating. As before, the assholes were cranking me into a near teary emo-case when reading about Eva Cassidy, and her abilities to create emotion in music, as she died at age 33, before she was widely known. I have made past allusions as to perp interference with her life, but beyond the blonde angle, and their general propensity to meddle in the lives of musicians, there is no angle that I have that they decided to snuff her.

Off the morbid topics again, not that I have any choices, but it is time to blog off, having had some rare uninterupted peace to read more about Eva Cassidy.

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