Wednesday, April 11, 2007

More Hallway Chemtrails

Another hallway spraying of the suposed "air freshener" erupted, and it somehow got through my closed door inside of two seconds, prompting me to open the window, and then a round of car door thumping started up, to create the standardized noise cacaphony that it usually is. Prior to that, there was the usual front door slamming and room shaking (mine) as well as the sniffling and snorting games from the next door bathroom.

This latter event, to bring this kind of noise in closer began before I got up, when some 14 separate snortings and nose/sinus passage noise events erupted, and then the obligatory toilet flush to end it. I began to wonder if this wasn't yet another projected noise job, as this particular routine is getting too consistent for words, never mind that it is now five months long, and no health improvement yet. Instead, we will bring it in closer says the perp operations manager.

And it was laundry day at the laundromat again, which translated means. freak show. Indeed it was, and the "regular" pickup man with the bright yellow bags managed to arrive while I was at the washing machines, and it got more yellow from there. First, an apparent non-connected threesome arrived one after the other, and at least two of them came back for some kind of bullshit instruction.

Then the leather jacketed, and leather ballcapped hyperactive case came to do his laundry, and proceeded to buzz around me, then outside behind me to then chat on his cell phone. There was two iterations of this, and then he was cell phoning from 10' away behind a brown wood latticework, to keep this act going. Then I noticed he had two wool sweaters on under his black leather jacket, in the same style I mentioned yesterday, the longest was first on, then the second longest was next, and then, the leather jacket was shortest of all. This allows the individual color and energetics component of each garment to be assessed, as well as the additive combinations.

Then while I was attending to my laundry to put it in the dryers, a yellow coated, white shoulder haired male "arrived" in my physical absence so he could hang over my empty chair with the yellow colored magazine I was reading beside it, and then he continued to loiter when I got back, and then took off, making sure to pass close by, leaving the laundromat with a magazine, and perhaps, one that I had read. The attendant, Goth Girl was outside sucking on a cigarette, and she did not seem too moved that a vagrant arrived inside, was left to his own devices (with no apparent laundry) inside, and then fucked off with a magazine from the laundromat, right past her.

Other black and white dressed males "arrived", one with vertical stripes, and from nowhere (the back of the laundromat which should of been locked), another arrived with black and silver stripes on the bias.

And the final kicker was to have a Land Rover SUV in bright yellow outside the laundromat, which was behind me, in profile for the most possible yellow color exposure. And I should note that the parking lot vehicles are very carefully arranged and managed behind me, as they start with silver grey colors, blacks, whites and then move onto navy blue, dark green and then they slowly introduce the reds. For the first time, they went with a yellow vehicle parked outside, some 15' away, visible through the windows.

The reading selection is getting grim, and it so happened that the only new magazine that was readable, was stashed outside the magazine rack on the window sill, and pressed up against the glass. That being the yellow colored cover one mentioned above, augmented by the yellow coated vagrant act/operative fucker's arrival.

I take a lot of interest in what the perps display on web sites, magazine covers etc. and find that they do have these streaks where they want me to look at fat women, blonde women, angular faces, round faces etc., not to mention the colors of the clothes, and often, the hue of the skin tones. And yes, there are many of them of late with yellow tones, often beside ones with reddish or violet tones, these being the same racial makeup, and the difference being the color rendition selection. So today, owing the paucity of new reading material, I was looking at the women's magazines, and the rest of the typical content related to fashion, makeup, celebrity interests, and the typical short lenght stories. There are readable sections, and typically they are interviews with celebrities that at least exact some depth about their personalities that is at least informative. With all the males that end up in the laundromat, why are there so many women's magazines? Who knows, as this is one highly constrained existence I live, and I am the last to know.

And while the above was typed up, the coughing corps, the "neighbors" in this putative rooming house put on a show as the background noise while being assaulted with typo fuckery again, and all the repairs that go with it. They even add in extra keystrokes, and defeat others I have come to learn, so it isn't all brain and finger dithering.

The perps pulled another shit attack last night, after I blogged off; they leaked some shit out onto my underwear, and who knows how long ago it was. "I" (in the mind fucked sense) could of been sitting in it for hours, and as usual, I am the last to know. In conjunction, it was another shit, but no excuses of "digestion trouble" like they pulled on Easter weekend. I have lost count, but this is at least the fifth shit attack this week, and they now have me shitting once per day, and unheard of frequency when it was only twice a week before the shit assault began. This was augmented by the "arrival" of shit colored brown paint on the vertical portion of the toilet cistern, presumably as some kind of color reference in a different plane than usual.

And while showering to clean up the mess they made post crap, the fuckers then assaulted my vision in the shower by creating a stinging eye sensation that came from nowhere, and was not the soap, as it wasn't anywhere near there. I assume this represents the optimum of vision fucking, in a location where they seem to have difficulties in assaying my energetics, going by other games that have long gone on. And they also did pull sucessive wobbling of me, forcing me to lean on the wall and scream at them as they would not let me stand up "unaided". This is consistent with the other wobblings they are fucking me with, anytime I am on one leg, be it changing my pants, or at yoga where they continue to fuck me around with this technique.

I am a day behind here, having "suddenly remembered" I am to pick up my parents at the airport before long, and getting to their place via bus to then get their vehicle.

Soo..., I will call this a blog posting, as the fuckery has erupted for another day, though nothing substantial thankfully, and I will attempt to keep these blogs on a daily basis.

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